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Our history


Started for operation the unit for production of the granulated polyamide. The enterprise signed a contract with the Swedish company Perstorp Formox for purchasing of the unit for production of the urea formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) with capacity of 60 thousand tons per year

April 2002

JSC Metafrax board of directors chairmen becomes Armen Garslyan, as the general director appointed Vladimir Daut

December 2002

The first subsidiary company of JSC Metafrax was founded: LLC Metastroy

9 May 2003

12 million tons of methanol received

June 2003

Commissioned first unit for UFC production. In 2004-2005 were constructed two more UFC units, after that the company becomes the biggest producer of the UFC in Russia


JSC Metafrax reached the first place of the rating for investment attractiveness among 150 enterprises of Volga federal district. In company implemented ERP-system Oracle E-business Suite, which allows to plan, control the expenses and manage them, as well as monitor the budget execution

3 March 2004

Created joint Russian-Finnish enterprise for production of synthetic resins CJSC Metadynea

27-28 October 2004

Start-up of the Gubakha branch of CJSC Metadynea, production activity start for the joint enterprise


In the year of Gubakha Chemical plant 50 anniversary was exceeded the value of 5 billion in terms of the commercial output


The plant capacity for methanol production was increased till 1 million tons per year. Started-up the unit for production of the concentrated formaldehyde with capacity of 270 thousand tons per day. Created the subsidiary company of Metafrax: Russian-finish enterprise for production of high quality synthetic resins LLC Carbodin (Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region)


Signed three contracts: for purchasing of the units for production of polyamid, hexamine and gaseous nitrogen. Implemented system of tax accounting using the application Global-ERP integrated with Oracle E-business Suite


Implemented project for construction of the new polyamide production, hexamine production was reconstructed, started construction of the gaseous nitrogen unit


Started reconstruction in the polyamide plant: on the storage building area a unique plant is being installed for production of the marketable products. CJSC Metadynea started new production of the industrial resins for plywood fabrication


Commissioned unique for Russia robotic installation for polyamide production. Design capacity was 1550 tons per year. Thanks to the new technology the output quality was improved, personnel labor conditions improved. New polyamide production was acknowledged as corresponding to all international ecological standards

October 2011

Started plant for hexamine production with capacity of 20 thousand tons per year. With its start-up Metafrax became the biggest manufacturer of this product in Europe

December 2011

JSC Metafrax products (UFC) were praised on the competition “100 best goods of Russia”


JSC Metafrax was included in the Federal register of the base companies of the Russian economy. The companies Metadynea and Carbodin were transformed into a single company LLC Metadynea. With the support of Metafrax for the first time in Gubakha was held the landscape theater festival “Misteries of the Chrestovaya mountain”, which soon became the landmark of the town


JSC Metafrax purchased the company Dynea Austria (Krems, Austria) producing formaldehyde and synthetic resins. The enterprise was named Metadynea-Austria. Company budgeting system was acknowledged as the winner of the first independent competition for the best IT-project of the RF

September 2014

Purchased the second asset in Austria – Krems Chemical Services AG (KCCS). The enterprise became a structural division of the Metadynea – Austria company. Unification of the facilities in Gubakha, Orekhovo-Zuevo and Krems gave a synergetic effect. Their total scope of production in 2014 was 700 thousand tons per year – biggest production in Europe


Opened renovated museum of JSC Metafrax. Started issuance of the corporate newsletter “Borderless chemistry”, which united all Metafrax Group companies in a single information space


In the year of 60 anniversary of the enterprise was perform the first step of the methanol plant reconstruction for increase by 10% of the production capacity (synthesis cycle revamping). Started construction of the unit of the concentrated formaldehyde (CF-2). Released for operation 44-apartment house built at expense of the company in Gubakha for the enterprise employees


At Moscow region facility of Metadynea company started construction of UF-2. In Gubakha commissioned a similar plant for production of formaldehyde with capacity of 90 thousand tons of concentrated product per year. Started construction of nitrogen-oxygen station (NOS). Completed the first step pf the water supply and water disposal system reconstruction. Started the project for construction of the complex for production of ammonia-urea-melamine (AUM): prepared a feasibility study for the project, performed the activities for choosing the construction site, analysis of the project impact on the environment. The project was subject to the international assessment for impact on social environment, which was done by experts of the Italian company D'Appolonia. As per basic design, which was done by the licensor – Swiss company Casale SA – design institute JSC NIIK developed design documentation

July 2017

The project of the AUM complex received a positive opinion from Glavgosexpertiza. In September 2017, the company received a building permit. Contracts for the construction of the facility have been concluded with two Russian companies: JSC Research and Design Institute of Urea and Organic Synthesis Products and LLC Uralenergostroy Management Company. The facility is expected to be commissioned in 2021. Technology developer and equipment supplier is a Swiss company Casale SA


To increase the productivity of the methanol plant to 3375 tons per day, the technical equipment upgrade of the reformer block 02 was performed: a new section for the partial oxidation of natural gas with oxygen was installed in the desulfurization and conversion unit. A nitrogen-oxygen station was put into operation. The second stage of reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage system has been completed. The first stage of the project for the technical equipment upgrade of the processing station for railway tank cars, as well as the first stage of the separation of commercial dipentaerythritol has been implemented

15 February 2018

At the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, a three-side special investment contract (SPIC) was signed on the construction of an industrial complex for the production of ammonia, urea and melamine (AUM). The agreement was concluded between PJSC Metafrax, the government of the Perm region and the administration of Gubakha for a period of 10 years. According to the SPIC, PJSC Metafrax by 2021 will create a new complex for the production of ammonia-urea-melamine based on the purge gas of methanol production. The total volume of investments in the project, including own and borrowed funds, will amount to more than 58 billion rubles excluding VAT. During the implementation of the project, it is planned to create at least 392 new jobs

March 2018

Construction of an ammonia synthesis loop with a capacity of 894 tons per day, a urea plant with a capacity of 1,672 tons and a melamine plant with a capacity of 120 tons per day has begun.