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Our history

23 June 1941

Council of People Commissars of USSR made a decision to construct in Gubakha nitrogen-fertilizer plant, based on which shall be created a chemical production of the evacuated enterprises

July 1941

Trains with equipment started to arrive in Gubakha

1942 – 1943

The warehouses, dwellings, communal houses, oxygen-accumulating station, walls of several buildings, the basement for foundations of the boiler house are made. Due turning point of the Great Patriotic War in 1943 the enterprise construction was timely suspended, the employees were shifted to the territory cleaning for Severny: future settlement for chemical specialists

September 1945

The enterprise construction was resumed. It was decided to change the orientation of the enterprise from nitrogen-fertilizer to chemistry. Enterprise equipment was brought from Germany as per the law on reparations. In 1945-1946 at the construction site in Gubakha 1342 trains arrived

14 April 1949

Gubakha chemical enterprise representative has issued an order, which was a start for creation of the auxiliary plants. In this period 159 employees worked on the enterprise


USSR chemical industry ministry made a decision to start-up in Gubakha chemical enterprise of the pilot plant for toluene production

15 July 1952

In official documents of the Gubakha chemical enterprise for the first time appeared the word “methanol”

August 1952

Started for operation the pilot plant for toluene production