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Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee social package

Our employees are a base of our work, we never forget it and we aim to increase their life quality, and we guarantee stability within the enterprise.


Each Metafrax Chemicals employee is ensured with the police of additional medical insurance (AMI) with assignment to the medical center “Philosophia krasoty i zdorovya” (Perm).

It is in our interest to keep and improve health of the personnel, that’s why we ensure high quality medical service and treatment of the employees:

  • yearly we organize targeted examination of the Metafrax Chemicals employees by the specialists of the regional oncology center and periodical medical examination
  • conclude the contracts with insurance companies for organization and payment of the medical services and medicines for Metafrax Chemicals employees who got a professional disease
  • organize work of the special rooms (physiotherapeutic and health massage) in the medical service of the enterprise;
  • conduct vaccination from flu, tick-borne encephalitis and other diseases


For enterprise employees, special conditions are provided for purchasing or renting of the apartments in the residential buildings constructed by Metafrax Chemicals in Gubakha. Today six apartment blocks are constructed with the total area of more than 20 thousand square meters.

In the nearest future we plan to construct in Gubakha four more nine-story houses, two of which are already under construction. Around third of the apartments in the new houses will be provided to the employees of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex.


We provide the social guarantees for both current and former employees of the enterprise:

  • additional paid vacation in the event of the marriage, child delivery, army farewell, close relatives’ death and etc.
  • general conditions for women when going on pregnancy leave
  • purposeful help of the war veterans in the local wars
  • one-time payments: for the first marriage, due to a baby birth, to the anniversaries, at completion of the work due to retirement


Our employees can pass the rehabilitation-recovery treatment in different medical centers of Russia: Perm region, Kirov and Tymen’ region, Bashkortastan republic, Udmutriya republic, Altay region, Kransodar and Stavropol region and etc.


Early we perform and provide finances for recreation in children medical camps of Perm region and Krasnodar region for children in the age of 7 years till 16 years including. Parents pay no more than 20% of the tour price. For employees children from large and poor families, the tours are paid fully by the enterprise.


We take care of the quality catering organization for our employees.
At the Metafrax Chemicals territory there are three canteens and three snack bars.

For the purposes of the compensation our employees are provided with the dotation for canteens, in amount of 90 rubles for the one work shift. The employees engaged in the works with the hazardous work conditions are ensured with the vouchers for medical nutrition (MN).