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Protecting the environment

To decrease negative impact on the environment and create the conditions for stable long-term development we constantly improve our production and implement the most advanced and effectives ways to decrease the quantity of the exhausts and wastes. Understanding the impact of the chemical production on environment we follow the principles of the ecological safety.

Using the monitoring system, we check the ecological situation, analyze trends of the conditions change of the atmospheric air and water facilities, define effectiveness of our environmental measures, forecast, immediately identify and eliminate the incidents on the facilities.

We follow the highest standards and regularly conduct the events, the purpose of which is:

  • ensure ecological safety: during operation of our production facilities, during wastes management and water utilization
  • prevent violations of the ecological and sanitary norms ensuring constant readiness to eliminate their consequences

We work hard to minimize all the risks on the steps of production, distribution, transportation, storage and utilization of our products.

Data on ecology of Metafrax Chemicals in 2022

176 mln rub

111 mln rub

5 mln m3


Expenses on the environment

Costs for the operation of sewage treatment plants

Waste waters treated

Emissions in the atmosphere from the allowed quantity