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Our history

August 1971

Methanol production switched to natural gas. This allowed to increase the production quality and improve the production economical values


Based on CO2, which previously was discharged to atmosphere, was created production of liquid carbon dioxide


Production of UF-resins provided the first output

17 May 1977

USSR has signed a contract with the English company Devy Power Gas for equipment supply and construction of the two plants for methanol production with capacity of 750 thousand tons a year each. The production was decided to create in Gubakha and in Tomsk

18 February 1979

Construction was started at the site if the future methanol production


Started for operation hexamine production. After 2 years started pentaerythritol production

26 September 1982

Installed the highest facility of the plant: 65 meter flare with weight of more than 80 tons. In 1982 construction of Methanol-750 production in Gubakha was declared as all soviet-union shock-work construction


Training unit was created on the enterprise

22 September 1984

On the new plant Methanol-750 was received first raw methanol. A new way to receive methanol under low pressure used on this unit increased safety of the works, decreased metal quantity for the equipment and utilities expansions, since it’s envisaged heat recovery. Big methanol gave great impulse for the enterprise development, other productions and for all Gubakha. In the town and in Severny settlement were built ten thousands of square meters for dwellings, schools, kindergartens and medical facilities