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Our history

January 1986

Gubakha methanol was qualified with the Quality sign

6 September 1986

On Methanol-750 production was received one million ton of output. It happened one month earlier than the expected time

1985 – 1986

Graphite-reinforced caprolon output started

6 May 1989

Minister order was endorsed for production of the mineral fertilizers in USSR regarding conversion of Gubakha chemical enterprise in Gubakha production union “Methanol”

28 January 1991

In the state register of the USSR trade marks officially registered the trade mark and Metafrax logo. In the new name encrypted names of the main types of the products produced by the company: methanol, formaldehyde, amins, UF-resins

July 1992

Despite difficult economy conditions an overhaul is performed with replacement of the tubes and catalyst on the reformer No.2

17 August 1992

Received 5-million ton of methanol on the plant “Methanol-750”

9 July 1993

Officially registered a open joint stock company type “Methanol”

11 October 1993

On the first general meeting of the shareholders was chosen the board of directors and the general director. The company name “Methanol” changed to Metafrax


Reconstruction of methanol synthesis reactors is performed. Started production of granulated polyamide, started production of the products from it on automatic molding machine


Thorough repair of the reformer was performed, synthesis gas compressor has been revamped with increase of its capacity. Implemented a project of the unit for sodium formate recovery. For the first time in Russia mastered the production of the stabilized hexamine. Implemented in production the process of the resin UG-MT15 using wasteless technology. Organized production of the low toxic resin UF-P-Е1


One of the most difficult in the enterprise history. Methanol production было was stopped because of products sales absence. Nevertheless, this year was implemented in production the new grade of UFC resin dedicated for urea treatment, the enterprise started production of isolating items for gas lines, polyamide rods with diameter 125 mm, grids for vacuum filters, ejection nozzles

November 1997

Technical Diagnostic Center was created on the enterprise


Ruble fall as a result of the default substantially worsened financial situation of the joint stock company. Methanol production plant had to be stopped again. Metafrax management decided: quickly search for the new markets for methanol sale inside the country not focusing only on export. Despite all the difficulties, this year was started production of the new resins grades: Polycon, Forcon-S, UF-MM, UF-90. Mastered production of the graphite-reinforced rods, started for production the unit for small-dimensions items of different shape and centrifugal machine for fabrication of the glands with diameter 1000 mm


Production capacities of JSC Metafrax again were loaded fully. The focus on the Russian customer proved to be right, demand for the enterprise products inside the country increased. In active recovery was external economical communications. Commissioned its own steam boiler. High pressure gas line constructed