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Joy for Сhildren

Joy for Сhildren

On June 1, Metafrax Chemicals volunteers visited the Rudnichny orphanage.

The reason for the trip was a holiday, International Children's Day, on which Metafrax representatives congratulated children of the care home.

Together with the youth of the enterprise, the children were having fun, playing and dancing. A small entertainment show was brought by Danil Kermasov, presenter of the Energetik Palace of Culture. There were also sweet gifts.

Anastasia Zhuikova, legal adviser of the legal department at Metafrax Chemicals, shared her impressions:

“I went to the folks for the first time. The trip left only positive emotions. We were playing together, walking, dancing, hugging, and talking in secrets. Their glowing eyes and sincere smiles will be in my memory forever. Everything went so well and wonderful that we didn't want to leave, and the folks didn't want to let us go. The children are happy, and this is the most important thing! I’ll return to them more than once!”

Since 2019, Metafrax Chemicals and the Dedmorozim Charity Foundation have been implementing the project "Return the Future". Thanks to it, orphans with disabilities have a chance to develop their social skills so that each of them can grow up as independent as possible. Metafrax volunteers organize trips to the Rudnichny settlement or beyond for various events.