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"Green" results

Metafrax Chemicals shared the results of environmental activities in 2023.

According to Elena Chistyakova, Head of the Environmental Protection Directorate of JSC Metafrax Chemicals, following the principles of sustainable development, Metafrax Chemicals pays special attention to environmental conservation issues. Significant funds are allocated annually for ongoing environmental protection activities and for the modernization of specialized equipment.

This way, in 2023, the total cost of environmental protection amounted to 155.8 million rubles. The operating costs for the operation of wastewater treatment plants exceeded 95 million rubles, 23.5 million rubles were allocated for the protection of atmospheric air. 16 million rubles have been invested in the modernization of treatment facilities equipment.

"One of the company's priorities is to take care of environmental protection. "Metafrax strictly complies with the requirements of environmental legislation," Elena Chistyakova noted, "In 2023 we successfully completed a number of environmentally significant projects that we have been working on for the last 5 years.

As part of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex, a CO2 extraction unit from flue gases has been put into operation. This made it possible to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and direct the released carbon monoxide to produce a marketable product – urea. The total amount of capital investments is more than 6 billion rubles.

As part of the technical revamping of the additional pentaerythritol processing line, a tertiary mother cell processing unit was put into operation by extraction using waste-free technology.

"As a result, we have improved the quality of wastewater and reduced the load on wastewater treatment plants. The total amount of capital expenditures is more than 1 billion rubles," stressed the Head of the Environmental Protection Directorate.

The technical revamping of the thermal wastewater treatment plant has been completed. The new plant burns up to 5 tons of industrial wastewater per hour. As a result of fire neutralization, the pollutants included in the wastewater are completely converted into carbon monoxide, elemental nitrogen and water. The cost of new construction amounted to about 600 million rubles.

In 2023, a wastewater treatment plant was commissioned as part of the AUM complex. These are biological treatment plants with a full cycle of wastewater treatment from new industries – ammonia, urea and melamine. Plant costs exceeded 2 billion rubles.