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Karbolit updated the navigation

Karbolit updated the navigation

It is planned to implement a project to introduce a modern navigation system within the territory of "Karbolit" JSC (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow region). As part of the project, the territory of the industrial park will be divided into separate sectors similar to city blocks. Each of the sectors will receive a number and additional color designation. Within a sector, buildings will be assigned an independent numbering, where the first digit indicates the sector and the second digit indicates the building number.

All buildings will have new signs - name plates made in colors of their sector. According to the project, it is planned to install about 6 sign posts with two–sided signs within the territory of the industrial park. Their color scheme also matches the colors used on building name plates to preserve the unity of the navigation system. 3 general street information stands with an outline map of the industrial park will be installed within the territory. The map retains cartographic accuracy and you can use it to estimate the distance, building size and position of the cardinal directions. The outline shows a reliable reproduction of the road network, including railway tracks.

The update of the navigation system is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2020. The project is being implemented as part of the new "Metafrax Group" brand introduction process.

- We are constantly working to improve the efficiency of our business processes, we strive to make employees of our resident companies and all industrial park visitors feel as comfortable as possible here. The introduction of a modern navigation system is part of this work. We are creating a general orientation diagram at the site, which is clear and accessible to everyone, - stated Maxim Batuev, General Director of "Karbolit" JSC.

The process of creating a new united "Metafrax Group" brand was handled by the "Electric Brand Consultants" creative agency. The new "Metafrax Group" brand was awarded with Red Dot, the most prestigious international design award, in the "Brands & Communication Design 2020" category in August of 2020.

- Usage guideline was developed for effective implementation of the new brand as well as a communication strategy that will help the company convey its philosophy, mission and values to target audiences. The brand implementation plan will take several years and is being implemented in stages. The brand is planned to be implemented in all media and in navigation systems at the locations of "Metafrax Group"'s subsidiary brands, - noted Maria Konovalova, head of communications at "Metafrax Group".

New websites and landing pages have also been developed for "Metafrax Group" companies and standards for processing internal documents of companies have been introduced. Navigation media have been partially updated and continue to be updated in the offices of "Metadynea Russia", "Metadynea Austria", "Metafrax Trading" and "Metafrax Chemicals". "Metadynea Russia", "Metadynea Austria" and "Karbolit" updated the front view signs on the plant management building and checkpoints. "Metafrax Chemicals" has also started the process of sign replacement.

- We continue to make additions to the brand book as well as develop a standard for the design of buildings and structures of companies. Train cars, vehicles, storage tanks, packaging and many more elements will also gradually receive a new design in accordance with the style of the updated brand”, - noted Maria Konovalova.