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Houses near Victory Square are being renovated in Gubakha

Houses near Victory Square are being renovated in Gubakha

According to the Gubakha Municipal District administration, the repair of foundations, facades and roofs in houses No. 19 and 25 along Lenin Avenue has been fully completed. In total, in 2024, it is planned to carry out major repairs of eight apartment buildings along Lenin Avenue, Radishchev, Michurin, Tsiolkovsky and Degtyarev streets.

The project of comprehensive reconstruction of the central planning area of Gubakha with the support of Metafrax Chemicals started in January 2020. This document became the first agreement in the Perm Region on the overhaul of houses with the support of a city-forming enterprise. Over the past years, 26 houses on the central streets of Gubakha have already been renovated as part of the project. The second stage of a comprehensive overhaul of houses in the city in a single architectural ensemble is being implemented within the framework of an agreement between the government of the Perm Territory, the Perm Territory Capital Repair Fund, JSC Metafrax Chemicals, JSC Gubakhinsky Coke and the Administration of the Gubakhinsky District.

- The tandem of the city and the enterprise is our main victory. This gives concrete results, allowing us to improve the quality of people's lives. One of these results is the program of overhaul of high–rise buildings in the center of Gubakha, thanks to which the main street of the city, Lenin Avenue, has already been transformed. The support of our initiative from the Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin and his team is of great importance for the implementation of this project," said Armen Garslyan, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory, First Deputy Secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia Party.

Basalt mineral wool panels are used to update the facades of houses. Its advantage is that the service life of such a material is more than 30 years, while the thermal insulation of the walls increases by 30%. In addition, the frameless system does not burn, it is lightweight and does not exert additional load on the wall of the building. The installation of insulation is carried out five times faster than any other hinged system due to the fact that parts of maximum factory readiness are supplied to the facility, specially made according to exact measurements for this particular building. After acceptance of the work, a five-year warranty period is valid for the entire repair.

We will remind that the project of social partnership between Metafrax and Gubakha district in early 2024 was awarded the All-Russian Municipal award "Service", which was first awarded on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.