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Test drive for graduates

Test drive for graduates

More than a hundred students from Gubakha, Gremyachinsk, Kizel and Yayva have participated in the general Open Day at the Ural Chemical Technology College (UCTC).

On April 20, 9th grade graduates and their parents got acquainted with the majors and specialties in which the college educates, learned about the possibilities of the federal project "Proffesionalitet", in which UCTC participates, and even "tried on" professions for themselves. At the opening of the event, students were welcomed by the director of UCTC Alexey Nazarov and Konstantin Anufriev, Director for Organizational and HR policy at Metafrax Chemicals, a long-term partner and main employer of the college.

"UCTC is our main source of personnel. Coming to our enterprises after college, you will also continue to improve your knowledge and professional skills. I hope that you will be interested in continuing the development of your education by this path. Today, the country is in dire need of specialists in working and technical professions. I am sure that you will make the right professional choice, and we will be glad to see you as ready-made specialists in our company," Konstantin Anufriev noted in his speech.

On this day, all the doors of the college were literally open for students. With the tour, the children visited laboratories and workshops, took part in professional tests. Together with the teacher Lyudmila Parshakova and the students of UCTC, the students tried to determine the quantitative sugar content in juice using a refractometric method. Natalia Belova, a teacher, told the students everything about the major "Installation, maintenance, operation and repair of industrial equipment". And the students held master classes for the children, clearly showing the purpose and operation of various mechanisms and tools.

The children were also able to get acquainted with several laboratory installations at once and learn how they work. Students of the college generously shared their college-acquired skills, talking about new training stands, equipment and opportunities.

As a matter of fact, the students also managed to see the actual operation of chemical production on this day. All participants of the Open Day visited the Metafrax Chemicals site, visited the laboratory, the central control room of methanol production, and took a test drive on a CCR operator simulator.

"The opportunity to visit such a large-scale enterprise at the stage of choosing a profession and immerse yourself in various professions helps a lot. The tour was interesting, and working on the simulator showed that the operator must know and be able to do a lot of things," the children admitted. " We did not regret participation in the Open Day at the Ural Chemical Technology College."