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​The results exceeded expectations

​The results exceeded expectations

In July the results of the implementation of the educational project "Women in art",that was supported by Metafrax Group for the sixth year, were summed up. The events were held in Perm at the largest music forum in Russia – the Diaghilev Festival.

During the 11 eventful days of the festival, theparticipants of the program attended dozens of events with leading Russian specialists. The "Women in art" master classes included theworkshop for violinists and cellists,workshop on baroque singing, master class for vocalists,master class and workshop on continuo and counterpoint, master classes for flutists and instrumentalists on working in an ensemble. Also, within the framework of the program, a seminar with psychologist Tamara Tretyakova and the"Laboratory of the Future" round table with Alexander Karmanov were held to summarize new knowledge and exchange experience between teachers from different cities.

In 2023, 32 students participated in the educational program, 24 of them were girls, whose arrival was possible thanks to the "Women in art" program.

The educational program of the festival included 3 directions: historically informed performance, the RE laboratory for composers and musicologists and the “Beginning” program for music school teachers. The focus of theprogramin 2023 was the ability to be in contact with your body, the ability to "play" on it and live through the music.

— The festival program annually inspires the creation of new formats, new educational initiatives. This year it is a Laboratory of Historically informed Performance, in which we focus on the joint creative immersion of students in the specifics of early music. As in the previous years, our main task is to remind the participants of the Educational Program during the 10 days of the festival that the path to art lies not only through exams and reporting concerts, but first of all throughthe love for what you do, and the main thing here is to find like–minded people. The Diaghilev Festival is the best place in the world for this," shared Anna Fefelova, curator of the Educational Program.

Inframework of the"Women in art" project, violinists and clarinetists – graduates of the program of thelast year – presented to the public an instrumental and choreographic performance " In Circles", in which musicians are looking for new formats of dialogue with the audience and conversation on eternal topics. The performance was noted in the leading Russian culturalpublication"Musical Review".

Along with the "In Circles" performance andin addition to the quota of places for girls to participate in the program, support was provided in 3 more directions. Female graduatesof the program performed concerts in the Perm Region – Okhansk, Ocher and Gubakha. In addition, master classes for children were held in the music schools of the region.

Thanks to the"Women in art" project, female composers from Moscow and Novosibirsk participated in the RE laboratory for composers: they wrote music under the direction of Alexei Retinsky and performed at a concert with written works.

Piano teachers from different cities of Russia were also invited to participate in the Diaghilev Festival this year. 6 additional places were allocated under the "Women in art" program for teachers from Gremyachinsk.

According to Maria Konovalova, Director of Strategic Communications at Metafrax Group, the uniqueness of the "Women in Art" program is that it is focused on women of rare professions in art. And the results of the program, that the audience saw, exceeded expectations.

The participants of the festival are continuously developing and every next year they show higher and higher results. For example, the director Elizaveta Korneeva attended the program in 2021 as a student,participating in the program, in 2022 she demonstrated a performance concert with her orchestra "Euphoria", presented as a graduate project, and in 2023 the performance of the orchestra "Euphoria" with the "experimental open-air opera" was included in the main program of the festival.


The organizer of the Diaghilev Festival — 2023 is the Diaghilev Fund for the Support of Cultural Initiatives. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Perm Region. The artistic director of the festival is Teodor Currentzis. In 2023, the Diaghilev Festival became one of the flagship events of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Perm.