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Sense of team

Sense of team

The conference of the legal service of Metafrax Chemicals was held in Perm on April 18. It was attended by employees from all the company's legal support offices – lawyers from Gubakha, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow and Perm, as well as colleagues from the corporate legal unit.

Opening the meeting, Simon Vikhnin, Director of Legal Affairs at Metafrax Chemicals, stressed that the event marks the resumption of the tradition of regular conferences of lawyers from all cities of presence in full-time format. At the same time, for the first time such a conference was organized with its almost full complement.

"Regular meetings allow our lawyers to feel like a united team, improve mutual understanding, share practical experience, and be on the same wavelength," said Simon Vikhnin.

At the beginning of the conference, a solemn ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between Metafrax Chemicals, JSC and the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Perm took place (for more information: link).

In the first part of the day, the meeting participants discussed problematic issues in the field of supply of goods, experience in organizing purchases in accordance with Federal Law No. 223-FZ dated 07/18/2011 "On Procurement of Goods, Works, services by certain types of legal entities", organizational and personnel changes.

In the second part of the conference, a panel discussion was held with the participation of invited colleagues from non-legal departments, where issues of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction with the legal service, developing and approving documents, as well as experience and problematic aspects of meetings were discussed.

The final part of the conference was devoted to improving personal effectiveness. Yulia Ershova, a leading expert on sustainable development, offered her colleagues an interactive game, and also talked about some methods of improving efficiency (5S, the Eisenhower Matrix, the Wheel of Life Balance). At the end of the conference, Vyacheslav Osinovskikh, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs, gave a "stand-up" talk about the search for motivation and the power of inspiration in the work of lawyers.

Alexey Popovtsev, Deputy General Director for Corporate and Legal Affairs of the Ruschem Holding, summed up the results of the conference. The Executive Head noted the high level of professionalism of the lawyers of Metafrax Chemicals and expressed confidence in the need to hold such meetings to exchange experience, establish interaction and professional development of lawyers.

- Thank you so much for organizing such an event. Metafrax Chemicals is an important link in the legal support of our holding company. Your involvement, strong expertise and well–established interaction are what ensure reliable legal security of our business," Alexey Popovtsev said.