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Обратная связь
Metafrax is Building New Houses For Its Employees

In the framework of the long-term development strategy and the production need for qualified personnel, Metafrax intends to build six nine-floored multifamily houses in Gubakha in the nearest future.

According the carried-out housing design/build tender results, the winner was Termodom-Stroy. In June, 2018, the general contractor intends to put up two multi-floor buildings, and four more in the following years. To build two nine-floored multifamily houses, Metafrax will channel about 300 million roubles.

In the framework of the housebuilding, the gas heating boiler station construction is planned. According to the tender results, this work will be performed by Perm company Amicon-Project-Stroy. More than 23 million roubles are to be given for this purpose. 10 months is given by the project to build the 6 MW boiler station.

This year, the company will start the design and survey work for the buildings, the boiler station, the gas-line construction and the underground phase for the two houses and the boiler station.

Rashid SHAKIROV, Deputy General Director for Personnel And Social Issues:

  • In the nearest years, Metafrax shall employ about 400 new workers to different positions and workplaces. It is expected that the most of them are young people with families who are interested in acquiring of flats and improvement of their living conditions. And we’ll provide them with this opportunity on easy terms in exchange for their conscientious and long service for our company.
Metafrax Held the Annual General Shareholder Meeting - Attention Was Focused On the Production Development Investments

On the 9th of June, during the annual meeting, the JSC Metafrax shareholders decided not to pay the company regular stocks dividends according to the 2015 results and leave the last year net profit of 7 212 billion roubles under the company control.

The shareholders connect it with the necessity of financing of the greatest investment program in the company’s history:

  • This year, the company’s investment program is estimated to be 5.7 billion dollars that is twice higher than in the last year. – Said Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman.

The shareholders elected the company’s Board of Directors. Oleg Gordienko, Vyacheslav Grachyov, Vladimir Daut, Dmitriy Kravchek, Viktor Mayer and Natalia Startseva saved their positions in the Board. The Board Chairman position was preserved for Armen Garslyan.

The shareholders meeting agreed the Annual Report and the Accounting Records, as well as the deals of interest.

In 2016, Ukey Audit, Ltd. (inspection of the financial and economic activities of the company) and JSC KPMG (inspection of the financial reports prepared in accordance with IFRS) are confirmed to be the company’s auditors.

In the new revision, the shareholders also confirmed the statute, the provision of the Board of Directors, the administration and the revision commission. Particularly, the company is changing its name to Public Joint-Stock Company Metafrax.

Nikolay Putintsev, Chief Legal and Corporative Officer, said that in order to meet the provision of the Russian Civil Code and the Federal Law “Of Joint-Stock Companies”, Metafrax is becoming a Public Joint-Stock Company (PJSC). The formal name changing procedure will be finished during a month.

Metafrax Gets in the First Twenty Biggest Exporters of the Urals and the Western Siberia

Group of Companies Metafrax saved its positions in the first twenty of the traditional rating of the biggest exporters in the Urals and the Western Siberia that had been published by magazine Expert-Ural.

In 2015, the company export volume made 228 million dollars, decreasing by 14% comparing to 2014. The number of importer countries decreased as well to 14.

Oleg MAMAEV, General Director of Trade House Metafrax:

Despite of the export prices decreasing to 30% in the first quarter, Metafrax, if necessary, is ready to immediately redistribute the product flows. Moreover, the necessary amount of the annual contracts had been concluded in the end of the last year. As the result, the company is mobile and protected by the long-term partnership.

In the nearest years, the significant changes are not foreseen in the methanol market. We can expect the USA expansion in the five years horizon (taking into account the prime cost of their raw materials). The trade wars, where the winner is one who will have the deepest material treatment, can begin.

The transport flow repartition is also foreseen. Sea shipment becomes more attractive.

The new methanol plants are constructed in Russia, I suppose, in general, they will work for export. That means stronger competition, and the least efficient ones will have to leave the market.

We can also see the tendency for specialization on the narrow market segments. In this respect, Metafrax had time to diversify its product line, achieve the high limit and marginality for some products.

SGS Certified Metafrax for the ISO 9001:2008 compliance

According to the certification audit performed by AGA experts, the Metafrax quality management system (QMS) meets to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The Certificate of Conformity had been issued on the 9th of February, 2016 and is valid for three years, if the compliance audits of the certification authority are successfully passed.


The methanol, formalin, urea-formaldehyde concentrate, urotropin and pentaerythritol (including micronized products), sodium formate, caprolon and granulated polyamide 6 production activities are included into the certification.

Viktor Mayer, Executive Director, First Deputy General Director of JSC Metafrax: “The quality management system is a well-oiled machine of the entire company functioning that provides only the high-quality products manufacturing. As the result of successful QMS implementation, our company has become an owner of the international standard ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity that provides specific advantages in the battle for the sales market and additional force of attraction to foreign and Russian investors”.


Aleksandr Mikhailov, representative of PJSC Metafrax quality management system senior executives: The SGS audit is very valuable as the auditors pointed out the positive moments found during our QMS inspection and prepared their comments for the improvement, and it helped us to define the directions for the further quality system development.


Dmitriy Nikitin, head of the Central Branch of JSC SGS Vostok Limited (SGS Group): “The number of the factors helped Metafrax to pass the certification procedure successfully. First, it was the management’s professional attitude to the QMS and the personnel involvement. The standard requirements had been worked-out in detail and explained to the employees, we involved the resources necessary for the real management system functioning. We also need to point-out the professional work of internal auditors of the company”.

SGS Group is a world leader in the control, expertize, test and certification market. It was founded in 1878 and today it is recognized as the benchmark of quality and business ethics. More than 85 000 employees work for SGS network that has more than 1 800 offices and laboratories all over the world with the headquarter situated in Geneva, Switzerland.


JSC Metafrax is an internationally famous standard-bearer of the Russian organic chemistry market. It is the biggest chemical production exporter that has the overall export share of approximately 40%. The delivery geography of the company includes the head company JSC Metafrax (Gubakha, Perm Region), Metadynea, Ltd. – formaldehyde and synthetic resins production (Perm and Moscow regions), Metadynea Austria - formaldehyde and synthetic resins production (Krems, Austria), JSC Karbolit - synthetic resins and plastic production (Moscow Region). According to IFRS, the joint profit of the Group of Companies Metafrax exceeds 40 billion roubles.


The companies produce methanol, formaline, pentaerythritol and urotropine, urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC), synthetic resins, packaged and granulated polyamide, sodium formate, etc. Company’s annual investments to the production revamping and modernization make more than one and half billion roubles.

Metafrax has purchased large batch of tank cars from UWC

JSC “Metafrax”, the biggest Russian manufacturer and exporter of methanol, has purchased a large batch of tank cars from Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN). The parties have entered into the purchase agreement for 134 new generation methanol tank cars. The rolling stock will be arriving at the chemical enterprise in the course of 2016.

Tank-cars of model 15-6880, clearance 1-Т, for the transportation of methanol and its derivatives will be delivered to Metafrax company. This car is equipped with the bogie arrangement with axle load 25 t/f; it has increased load-carrying capacity (73 t) and boiler volume (88 m3). The shielded enclosure of fittings provides for the convenient operation and integrity of the freight during transportation. The construction design of the boiler with a “broken” axis allows achieving maximum draining of the tank. The service life of tank cars is 32 years.

Tank cars will be manufactured in the new enterprise of UWC — TikhvinChemMash, which launch took place in December last year. Putting into operation of the new fleet will be implemented on a phased basis in the course of 2016.

Vladimir Daut, CEO at Metafrax, commented on the transaction: “Today an active preparation for the implementation of huge investment projects is taking place at Metafrax. We intend to significantly increase the production and sales volumes as part of a strategy of the group of companies’ business development until 2030. A separate line of the investment budget — is the improvement of the infrastructure, the upgrade of railway-fleet on a phased basis. The upgrade programme will be in effect until 2019 and it covers more than 900 units of methanol and formalin tank-cars. It is clear that we are interested in the new generation rolling stock, possessing high degree of reliability, developed in cooperation with UWC Holding”.

Purchasing the new railway fleet into ownership, Metafrax company counts upon the programme of state support in terms of costs backing.

New rule in Orekhovo-Zuyevo: company and city are one

For the first time, Gennadiy Panin, head of the Moscow area city district has had a routine visit to Metadynea, Ltd. site in Orekhovo-Zuyevo; the site is operated at the OJSC Karbolit production areas (both of them are part of Metafrax Group).


Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman, Igor Spasskiy, Metadynea General Director, and Andrey Polovodov, Production Site Director, walked the mayor through the departments drawing his attention to the updated process equipment. The trip started from the new liquid raw materials storage: this year, Metadynea is going to start the storage complex operation; the complex has been built for three years, and 1 billion roubles was spent. Today, it is working in the commissioning mode.


The delegation has visited the production site, got acquainted with work of operators at the synthetic resin, novolac resin and phenolformaldehyde resin reactors and the formalin unit controllers; it has got acquainted with the modern laboratory unit where the resin viscosity, an important quality factor, is defined. The mini-reactor, a unique unit in the Russian territory that demonstrates the resin pulpifying, was put in operation here. The new technology helps to practically test new recipes and get small amounts of product with required properties, and then specialists load the reactors taking in account the experiment data.

  • The product using range is very wide. – Explained Andrey Polovodov, Production Site Director of the Moscow area site, to the head of the district. – It is used to produce construction and abrasive materials, to join diamond instruments; it is used in space and defense industries as well. We work with the foreign and Russian partners, in our city, more than one hundred and half citizens with an average salary of 50 thousand roubles work on the production site in our city.


  • In 2015, Metadynea channelled to the region budget more than 300 million roubles as taxes, a lot of money left in the municipal exchequer. The company intends to increase its participation in the social, economic and cultural programs of the city. – Noted Igor Spasskiy, Metadynea General Director.


  • The company reregistration from the capital to Orekhovo-Zuevo is very important to the municipality. – Noted Gennadiy Panin. – In 2015, our district gained 7 million roubles of TIPI and 700 thousand roubles of tax on land. It is great that the company makes the prestige of our city higher: it had performed and still realizes a number of projects and it is the leader among the resin manufacturers. The advanced technology was implemented here and it offers wider opportunities and stronger infrastructure. We are happy to deal with such reliable partner.


For 11 years, our subsidiary company has been developed its capacities in Orekhovo-Zuevo: we decided to consider the city as the base in the centre of Russia, therefore we brought our tax potential here. – Said Armen Garslyan. – This year, we will invest into the site more than 1 billion roubles. Metafrax accepted the development program until 2030, and we know how will Metadynea be developed step-by-step, increasing its production capacity. 15 years ago we have justified the rule: “Company and city are one” and the same norm will be accepted for Orekhovo-Zuevo. I’m sure that from now on, the city and the company will be developed together, and we will be able to do more than we could do separately.

JSC METAFRAX results in 2015: The record year has formed a basis for the further development

In 2015, JSC Metafrax produced the products with the overall cost of 16 billion 627 million roubles, that is 3 491 million roubles, or 26.6%, more than in the last year.

The finished production realization benefit has reached 278 million roubles, that is more than in the last year by 3 134 million roubles (+23.8% to the last year level). The export share in the turnover was 33.2% against 38.7% according the 2014 results.

The company’s social package was 187 million roubles. Besides, construction of the multifamily house for the company employees in Gubakha has become a social investment object and put in commission in November, 2015.

In 2015, the actual methanol production volume has reached 929 thousand ton, that is less than in 2014 by 42 thousand tons. This insignificant production volume decrease is connected with the unit longstand shutdown maintenance that had been carried-out in August and September. After the first methanol unit revamping stage is finished, its daily capacity increased from 3000 to 3060 ton per day.

According to the 2015 results, the internal methanol consumption was 311.7 thousand ton (34% of the overall production). The UFC production decreased by 18.1 thousand ton making 182.4 thousand ton. The formalin production increased by 5.3 thousand ton, or by 1.5%, reaching 352.4 thousand ton in the end of the year. The urotropin production made 28.5 thousand ton (+ 1.1 thousand ton, or +4%). The micronized urotropin output made 275 ton. The pentaerythritol production volume was 22.3 thousand ton (+2%). The micronized pentaerythritol output was 1 275 ton. The packaged polyamide production made 700 ton, maintaining the last year level.

In 2015, the investment volume made 2 billion 675 million roubles, that was 2.5 times more than in 2014. The company updated its railway park (new railway cisterns were purchased for the ethanol transportation), finished the first stage of the methanol unit revamping, performed the reformer modernization. The second low-methanol concentrated formalin unit construction is performed.

Preliminary figures indicate that the net profit gained by the company in 2015 made 7.1 billion roubles that is more than 2014 value by 2.4 billion roubles, or by 52%.

This achievement of the financial and economic factor level has become a record in the entire company history, the company management connects it with the further biggest investment projects realization.

Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman:

  • According to the 2015 results, the Russian market has shown a sufficient dynamics, the price environment was advantageous. Therewith, the export prices dynamics wasn’t that obvious. Most of our efforts were concentrated on the domestic market. As the result, the ruble profit growth exceeds the foreign currency component.

Taking into account the Russian and European market tendencies, the company budget project of this year allows decreasing of the basic financial and economic values by 8-10% in relation to the 2015 results.

The beginning of the year has shown the demand and contract prices decreasing at the European methanol market. The internal Russian market doesn’t demonstrate the growth as well.

In 2016, we intend to maintain the maximum effective capacity and keep the production and sales volumes at the record level.

The company will continue to increase the investments volume, realize the investment plans that were agreed under the Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Development Program until 2020, step-by-step.

In 2016, the overall Metafrax investments volume will make 5.7 billion roubles that is more than twice more than the 2015 value.

The company intends to finish the construction and installation activities in the framework of the second stage of the methanol unit revamping, bring its capacity to 3375 ton per day and to finish the construction and start the 55 percent formalin unit with capacity of 90 thousand ton per year. Besides, significant amount of money will also be channelled to update the railway-yard of the company.

The New Generation Tank Cars Will Deliver the Methanol to Consumers

Railway holding United Wagon Company and chemical company Metafrax signed an agreement for the new generation tank cars wagons delivery for the methanol transportation.

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC) and the biggest Russian manufacturer and exporter of methanol Metafrax signed an agreement for the transfer of 105 tank cars of increased loading capacity. It is the first agreement concluded by RPC UWC for the delivery of a batch of tank cars manufactured by TikhvinChemMash (it is part of RPC UWC), which launch is scheduled until the end of 2015.

The agreement provides for the transfer of tank cars for the transportation of methanol and its derivatives. The rolling stock has been developed in a close cooperation with the Metafrax company, which defined requirements to features of railcars and to their construction design at the stage of railcars’ design. Putting into operation of the new fleet will be implemented on a phased basis during the year of 2016.

New generation tank cars manufactured by TikhvinChemMash have improved commercial and operational features in comparison with market analogues. The application of bogies with an axle load 25 tf made it possible to increase the loading capacity (67 tons for clearance “1-Т” and 71.5 tons for “Tpr”) and to increase the volume of the boiler (88 m3 for “1-Т” and 94 m3 for “Tpr”). The enclosure of fittings provides for the convenient operation and integrity of freight during transportation. The construction design of the boiler with a “broken” axis allows achieving maximum draining of the tank car. The service life of tank cars is 32 years.

Market experts predict that by 2020 a specified service life will have expired as far as about 40% of tank-cars (about 15, 000 items) for the transportation of chemical freight are concerned, of which about 2, 000 is a rolling stock for the transportation of methanol.

Vladimir Daut, CEO at Metafrax, commented on signing of the agreement: “Today an active preparation for the implementation of huge investment projects is taking place at Metafrax. We intend to significantly increase the production and sales volumes as part of a strategy of the group of companies’ business development until 2030. A separate line of the investment budget – it is the improvement of the infrastructure, the upgrade of railway-fleet on a phased basis. Of course, we are interested in the new generation rolling stock, possessing high degree of reliability. Joint development of a batch of tank cars should become the start of our cooperation with UWC.”

For the time being, the fleet of Metafrax consists of about 900 tank cars for the transportation of methanol. The delivery of a new batch will be the fifth part of the fleet, required to be upgraded. According to Mr. Daut, a possibility of purchase of tank cars of the model 15-6900-01 with the boiler made of stainless steel intended for the transportation of technical formalin is also being considered in the company.

“In association with UWC we have been carrying out the work on the inclusion of technical formalin in the range of chemical products, possible to be transported in this model,” – added CEO at Metafrax.

Alexander Lukyanenko, Deputy CEO for Sales and Development at RPC “United Wagon Company”, noted: “We have just started developing the direction of tank cars. However, even at present we see that that interest, which many companies show towards innovative tank cars, demonstrates the necessity of changes in the tank cars’ segment and the timeliness of our entry into the market. In the coming years a significant part of chemical tank cars’ fleet will be written-off due to the expiration of the service life. We are ready to compensate for such write off of the fleet; for that compensation there will be scheduled and implemented the production of more than 15 models of tank cars and their modifications, possessing improved technical and economic features in terms of loading capacity and the boiler’s volume as well as the suitability for the infrastructure.”

"Metafrax" summed up the results of the company’s work in the first half of 2015

JSC "Metafrax" summed up the results of the company’s work from January to June 2015. During this period Metafrax produced 9 bln 227 mln RUB worth of product, which is 2,243 mln or 32.1% more than last year.
Operating revenue from product sales amounted at 8 bln 550 mln RUB, which is 2001 mln RUB or 30.6% higher than the corresponding result of last year. Exports share was 37.1%, against 42.2% in the I half of 2014.

Social package of the company amounted at 87 mln RUB.

In the I half of 2015 methanol production reached 538 KT, which is 5 KT (or 1%) more than in the I half of 2014. UFC production decreased by 5.9 KT (or 6%), amounting to 89.8 KT. Production of formalin increased by 12.5 KT, or 7%, reaching up to six months 181.3 KT. Hexamine production was 14.8 KT (180 tons, or + 1%), micronized hexamine was 165 tons. Production of pentaerythritol - 12.0 KT (+ 9%), micronized pentaerythritol - 712 tons. Block polyamide production amounted at 350 tons (- 3 tons, or - 1%).

Amount of investment for the I half of 2015 was 1 bln 69 mln RUB. It is higher by 3 times than in the same period in 2014.

According to preliminary data net profit earned by the company in the I half of 2015 amounted at 3.0 bln RUB, which is 1.3 bln RUB or 71% more than in 2014.

Armen Garslyan, the chairman of the Board of Directors observes on the results of JSC "Metafrax":
- The growth is connected with increase of production and sales, as well as with favorable Russian methanol and its derivatives market situation. During this period, the company’s product slate has been expanded by speciality chemicals - micronized hexamine and pentaerythritol.

Today "Metafrax" is actively preparing for the implementation of major investment projects. That’s why our efforts are aimed at improving key financial and performance indicators of the company.

Gubakha helps Donetsk

With the help of JSC "Metafrax" cultural community of Kizel has actively participated in a charity performance, presented in the regional center by Donbass opera singers.

The State Duma deputy Valery Trapeznikov and the Mariinsky Theatre stage director and producer of charity performance Olga Malikova addressed the head of the Board of Directors Armen Garslyan with a suggestion to support the opera singers.

The initiative was supported, and with the help of the company and the local offices of the party "United Russia" about 40 citizens from Gubakha, Kizel and Gremyachinsk visited at a charity performance.
Perm was the beginning of “Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Anatoly Solovyanenko” charity tour. The drama group performed the operetta "Nothing out of the way, or Prince Orlovsky Ball five years later" twice (July 1st and 2d) at the Palace of Culture named after Soldatov.

For cultural institution it was the first time when price on the tickets was not mentioned: the audience set amount of their donations by themselves. It was from hundred rubles to several thousand.

And the first charity performance of Donbass opera singers attracted a full house of spectators. City leaders including the governor of the region Victor Basargin were present.

The deputy of the regional parliament, the head of the Board of Directors "Metafrax" Armen Garslyan:
- Gubakha has very active cultural life with the support of the company.  We also have been actively involved in the organization of the traditional project on Mountain Krestovaya - the musical "Sails in the Sunset". Moreover we supported the project of Donbass opera singers doing our best to reconstruct the destroyed infrastructure of Donetsk.

"Metafrax" and the municipal government of Kizel actively support citizens of Donbass who arrived in the region as refugees. In particular, more than 400 000 rubles for buying necessary goods for Ukrainian migrants were collected due to the charity program "There is no shooting here".