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Обратная связь
The Investment Project of Metafrax was Called the Breakthrough of the Year.

According to 2016 results, the company was granted with the Press Choice award in nomination Breakthrough of the Year for development and start of realization of the AUM (Ammonia-Urea-Melamine) complex project that costs about 700 million euro.

The throne-shaped statues decorated with ink pens were granted on March 21st in the Organ Room of the Perm Krai Philharmonia in presence of Maksim Reshetnikov, Head of Kama region.

Form the media point of view, the most significant events, persons and companies of the Perm krai were granted with the award. The ones whose activities had been actively discussed in the regional medias got in the number of 12 prize winners.

According to the organizers, the winners selection had been carried out based on the decision of heads of Perm publishing houses, that became the award sponsors. 23 medias became one of them. The Public Chamber of the Perm krai and the Krai Journalists Union became the award organizers.

Aside from Metafrax, company Evrokhim became the winner for the first Federal Spacial Investment Contract concluded and company RobotControlTechnologies for the unique project “Robot Language”. Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, had also become the prize winner for the Perm industry support on the federal level.

Some of the award organizers are: “AiF Prikamye”, “Argumenty Nedeli”, “Business-class”, “Delovoy Interes”, “Zvezda”, “Kommersant.Prikamye”, “MK in Perm”, “Noviy Kompanyon”, “Pyatnitsa”, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Perm”, STRBC “Perm”, “Rifey-Perm”, VETTA, “UralInform TV”, “RBC. Perm”,,,,,, radio “Ekho Permi”, “Kompanyon magazine”.

Metafrax Spent More Than 110 Million Roubles for the Environment Protection In 2016

PJSC Metafrax published its environmental activity report for 2016. In this year, the current general expenses of the company for the environment protection made 110.4 million roubles.

 Metafrax defines the environment protection activities as the priority in the company’s development. In the last year, the company carried out its activities in three directions: atmospheric air protection, water consumption and waste management.

8554 ton of contaminants were neutralized at twenty gas treatment and dust separation facilities. Warnings about expected adverse weather conditions from Perm Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring Center had also allowed to decrease the contaminants emissions by 22.8 ton. In the end, the atmospheric emissions made 45% of the permitted annual value.

Besides, the company controlled the atmospheric air state in the nearest residential areas – Severny settlement and the city of Gubakha. In both of these locations, during this year, the specialists took 2809 samples and did not find any of the statutory limits exceedances.

Metafrax is an aid-man of the Kosva river that uses its own treatment units to treat all utility fluids and the most of industrial fluids in the city of Gubakha. In 2016, 4.95 million cubical meters of fluids had been treated.

In the last year, the quantity of emissions made 2360 tons. 230.8 tons of which had been used by the company, 213 tons had been given to the third party companies for using and decontamination, 502 tons of unhazardous and low-hazardous emissions had been buried.

Vladimir Daut, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

The environment protection is the overriding priority of Metafrax activities. We carry-out the monitoring to track the ecological situation, analyse the atmospheric air and water objects state and define the performed activities efficiency on a regular basis.  Also, we continue to invest into the equipment modernisation. In the last year, we channelled more than 15 million roubles for the treatment units modernization; the units are used by our company and by whole Gubakha. For us, the decreasing of effluents is not just the company activities statistics, but the life quality of the area people. We try to do everything we can to provide safe and comfortable live for the district people.


Absolute priorities of PJSC Metafrax activity.

Metafrax Summarized Its Production and Financial Activities in 2016 Under the RAS

According to the preliminary reports data under the accounting standards, in 2016, profit of PJSC Metafrax from the finished production realization made 17 billion 423 million roubles that is higher than the same value of the last year by 1.150 million roubles, or 7%.

The produced production value made 17 billion 139 million roubles, that is more than in the last year by 512 million roubles, or 3.1%. The export share in the turnover was 33.2% against 38.7% according the 2014 results.

The company’s social package was 184 million roubles.

In this year, the actual methanol production volume has reached 1.058 thousand ton that is more than in the last year by 129 thousand tons, or by 12%.

The formalin outlet made 367 thousand ton (+15 thousand ton, or 4%, to 2015). The UFC production increased by 11.7 thousand ton making 194 thousand ton. The pentaerythritol production volume was 22.8 thousand ton (+526 ton, or 2%). The micronized pentaerythritol output was 892 ton. The urotropin production made 28.4 thousand ton (the same as in the last year). The micronized urotropin output made 325 ton. The packaged polyamide production made 766 ton, (+66 ton, or +8.6% to 2015 level).

In 2016, the investment volume made 3 billion 629 million roubles (+ 954 million roubles, or 26%, to 2015 level).

In this accounting period, the company updated its railway park (methanol and formalin tanks were bought). The second stage of the methanol unit revamping is under realization, once it’s finished, the unit capacity will increase by 10% up to 3 375 tons per day. The second low-methanol concentrated formalin unit construction was finished. The one section three-floored house was put in commission.

Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman:

  • In 2016, we had been witnessing the significant methanol prices decreasing in the world market. Although the production capacity of the company had the maximum loading, the pricing environment affected the financial and economic activity results.

With this, Metafrax saved the sales balance between the Russian and the external markets. And today we can state that in 2017, the company has contracts for the main kinds of production.

To the beginning of the year, the worldwide methanol prices had been significantly increased. The Russian market had also grown by 10%, but it remains to be in proficit with the existing volume of capacities and with putting the new ones into operation.

Even taking into account the colossal investment obligation of the company, in 2017, the annual PJSC Metafrax budget provides the growth in relation of the last year values.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

  • The record methanol production I consider as the achievement of the year. This border has become the largest in the product output history since the production start in September 1984.

Despite the difficulties in the national economics and the methanol prices decreasing in the export deliveries, the company finished this year worthily.

Recently, the stable dynamics of the methanol export prices has become evident, as the internal and external markets are recovered and the rouble is strengthened. No Russian company has the same methanol treatment depth as we are: only in Gubakha, we can treat 340 thousands ton of the methanol per year, or almost 30%. Therefore, we will not only stand the crisis, but also will grow our presence in the market up.

TikhvinChemMash has delivered new generation tank cars of Tpr dimension to Metafrax

CJSC “TikhvinChemMash” (part of RPC “United Wagon Company”) has shipped the first batch of new generation Tpr dimension tank cars to PJSC Metafrax for methanol transportation.

Tank car for methanol of model 15-6880-01 is the second model in the product line of the railway holding UWC with increased body space thanks to Tpr dimension. In terms of dimension, its design is similar to the design of tank car for ammonia.

Tank car of Tpr dimension will significantly improve the efficiency of methanol transportation. Payload capacity of the new model is 71.7 t. Tank car tank volume has been increased (compared to a standard freight car) by 8.5 m3 to 94 m3, that provides for the increase by 4.5 t in loading into the car.

Igor Chukreev, Chief of Transport Department of Metafrax, has given his comments: “These are freight cars of the future, to which there are no counterparts neither in Russia nor in the entire post-Soviet space. We will be the first company to load them, dispatch and evaluate, and this work is of great interest to us”.

Alexey Sokolov, First Deputy CEO for Strategy and Product at RPC “United Wagon Company”, noted: “Rolling stock dimensions increase within the current parameters of the railway infrastructure is a logical and effective method to increase volumes of freight traffic. Specialists of RZD have conducted check-studies which have shown that freight cars of Tpr dimension can be operated on public tracks practically without restrictions”.

According to the market experts, there will be a great demand for this type of rolling stock within the next five years: the predicted write-off will amount to 1.4 thousand units, i.e. about a third of the current fleet of methanol tank cars on the network.

United Wagon Company and Metafrax Expand Cooperation

PJSC “Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm gauge area, submits 20 tank cars for formalin to PJSC “Metafrax”, the largest Russian producer and exporter of chemical freights. A servicing center is opened on the territory of chemical production for freight cars servicing.  

Under the contract, the manufacturing-plant TikhvinChemMash (part of United Wagon Company) has already submitted the first batch of tank cars of model 15-6900-01. Tank cars, which tanks are made of corrosion-proof steel, provide for the transportation of a wide range of chemical freights. Metafrax plans to use tank cars for loading of formalin in its manufacturing plants.

Thanks to technical characteristics tank cars leave existing counterparts far behind. Tank car’s being equipped with bogie with increased axle load ensures increased payload capacity of 76.5 t. The construction design of the tank car with a broken axis allows achieving maximum draining of the tank car. Increased terms of between-repairs runs, which provide for the reduction by more than 3 times of the tankcar life cycle costs are a considerable competitive advantage of the car of model 15-6900-01. Tank car service life is 32 years.

In order to arrange for warranty and post-warranty servicing of UWC rolling stock the Parties also agreed to open a servicing center of the 3rd category on the territory of production site of the company Metafrax. The center is authorized for the performance of current repairs and storage of spare parts of Barber bogie, as well as wheel sets with 23.5 and 25 tf.

Igor Chukreev, Chief of Transport Department at Metafrax:

Metafrax possesses considerable experience of dealing with UWC innovative freight cars. 134 innovative tank cars for methanol were accepted for operational use in the plant in 2016. This year 20 tank cars for formalin loading are submitted to the company under the contract. The programme of the plant’s railway infrastructure development provides for 900 new tank cars for the fleet update until 2019. We are sure that the operational use of new and tailored to our needs tank cars for formalin will be the most economical and safe. Moreover, the creation of our own servicing center based on our production capacities will further strengthen the transport infrastructure.

The Metafrax Collective Labour Agreement Validity was Prolonged for Two Years

The Collective Labour Agreement Prolongation Agreement until December 31, 2018, was signed by Vladimir Daut, PJSC Metafrax General Director, and Lyudmila Krasnykh, Metafrax Labour Union Chairman.

The company’s Collective Labour Agreement concluded in 2011, was prolonged for two years period in the existing revision taking into account all changes, accepted from the moment of its conclusion. All the social guaranties of employees are saved as they are. The Collective Labour Agreement, in particular, supposes health resort treatment and healing of employees, resort for children, non-recurring payments for marriage, for delivery of a child, for retirement, work with young people and veterans of the company.

Rashid SHAKIROV, Deputy General Director for Personnel And Social Issues:

- Today, at the unstable economics time, the social stability in collective is one of the main tasks of the company management. Full sine die prolongation of the Collective Labour Agreement and keeping of all social guaranties of employees is the most effective way to strengthen such stability and confidence in our business, production and life.

Lyudmila KRASNYKH, Metafrax Labour  Union Chairman:

  • It’s pleasant that in such uneasy financial period for the company, we could prolong the Collective Labour Agreement validity until December 31, 2018 by combined efforts and save the previously issued social package.

According to the labor legislation, the Collective Labour Agreement prolongation term should not be longer than three years, but at the same time, it can be prolonged for unlimited amount of times.

The Company’s Special Project – 3D Video for AUM – was Recognized as the Winner of the National Contest ‘Silver Threads’

The Metafrax’s video project – 3D video that presents the largest investment project of the company, Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex construction – was recognized as the winner of the corporate media resources national contest Silver Threads.

Only in general nominations, about 90 applications for participation from 24 Russian regions and 10 industrial spheres had been sent to the contest Organizing Committee. Corporate medias and projects from Moscow, Saint-Petersburgh, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg, Great Novgorod, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen Regions and Perm Krai had got in the short list. On the 9th of December, during the XI National Conference, PJSC Metafrax became the federal winner in the nomination “The Best Company Presentation”.

The video was prepared for presentation of the new company’s investment project in framework of the Public Hearings and had been shown at the III Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum. Honored experts in the environment assessment and the higher technical education, as well as non-governmental organizations, leaders took part in the taping. You can see the video in the AUM public reception office, where the environment impact assessment of the project are kept, and the direct connection with the city community is built.

In the different years, the company’s website had been the Silver Threads award winner, and the company’s newspaper “the Limitless Chemistry” was recognized “For Active Position in the Infosphere”.

Maria Konovalova, PR Advisor of PJSC Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman:

The industry goes deeper and deeper to the digital communications. The communications are concentrated in the social media and blogs, new developments in the 3D modelling, augmented and virtual reality, interactive web versions of traditional print media with their audience. When possible, we try to follow these trends.

Metafrax Summarized Its Work in 9 Months of 2016

PJSC Metafrax summarized its work in January-September of 2016.

In January-September of this year, the methanol outlet made 782.5 thousand ton that is higher than the same index of the last year by 137 ton, or by 21%. Also, the production of the following products was also increased: by 278.9 thousand ton for formalin (grew by 2.7%), by 142.8 thousand ton for UFC (+7.4%), by 17.5 thousand ton for pentaerythritol (+0.8%), by 253 ton for micronized urotropine (+9%), by 263 ton for packaged polyamide (+7%).

The urotropine production made 21.7 ton (-3%). The micronized pentaerythritol outlet decreased by 25%, making 750 ton, comparing to the 2015 value.

During this period, PJSC Metafrax produced commercial output for a value of 12 billion 783 million roubles that is higher than the same index of the last year by 1 billion 27 million roubles, or 9%. The realization profit made 13.1 billion roubles that is higher than the same value of 2015 by 10.2%.

The export share in the turnover was 30% (against 34.1% according January-September of 2015 results). The gross profit made 6.4 billion roubles that is higher than the same value of 2015 by 3.07%.

According to the nine months period, the company’s investment budget reached the record value of 2.5 billion roubles (+38.5% to 2015 value).

The company’s social package of this year made 122 million roubles.

  • Current export conditions are described by the general methanol prices decreasing in the global markets. With this, we notice the stable operation of the company with the maximum effective production load. The company compensates its export prices with the sales growth.

Our financial and economic predictions assume the smooth of the company values until the end of 2016. We will continue to grow the investments volume according to the agreed Technical Development Program. -  Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman commented the company’s work results.

Company Metafrax Signed a Memorandum With the Krai Government

On the November, 10th, during the Third International Industrial Engineering Forum, PJSC Metafrax and the krai government signed a Memorandum of Understanding in terms of the special investment contract concluding. According to the confirmed investment project, Metafrax will build the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex in Gubakha. As the result, 400 well-payed workplaces will appear. The document was signed by Vladimir Daut, General Director of the company, and Victor Basargin, Governor of the Perm Krai.

In the framework of the forum, Metafrax presented for the science and engineering community judging its investment project for the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex construction based on the unique Casale Group technology, with the overall cost of 700 million euro, equipping its informative exposition with new demonstration technology elements.

Victor BASARGIN, Governor of the Perm Krai:

  • Metafrax is one of the actively developed companies in the Kama Region that realizes the large-scale innovational project with the overall investment volume of more than 50 billion roubles. The company will implement modern technologies and prepare new specialists, so it actively started to solve those important tasks. Today, the Memorandum signing is a great example of how companies and government should interact: the project realization will help to solve important social problems of the krai and the production units location area including the housing problems. I’d like to express my gratitude to Metafrax and wish a success to the company.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

  • The Memorandum signing is an important milestone on the way of the company capacity development. There are two parties who took the responsibilities: we – the investors – create a modern complex with 400 workplaces with the modern working conditions, and the krai will get the tax payments to maintain the social sphere. Taking this into the account, the government gave us an easy taxation load, so we could successfully bring our plan to life. As the result of this two-sided interest, Gubakha and the region will intensively develop, and the company will be carry out its social politics, if the AUM project will be finished fully and in time.

The Memorandum signing demonstrates seriousness of the company’s investment intentions and the region’s readiness to support those intentions. For Gubakha, this document brings guaranty of successful life for the following years.

- Metafrax makes its investments because, as business, it feels secured in the Perm Region, the law allows us to predict and make significant profitable investment decisions, also for the region, for a long time ahead, thus, we give a signal to the other investors. – Noted Armen GARSLYAN, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman.

Metafrax Strengthened Its Positions in the Strongest Twenty

In the annual TOP 300 Largest Companies of the Perm Krai 2015 rating, prepared by Business Class magazine, company Metafrax took the 13th place increasing its position by 5 points.

Traditionally, the key factor that became a basis for the rating is a profit from goods, production, work and service realization. Also, the companies rating was made according to such financial and economic factors as profit before taxation, total balance, working and fixed assets, capital and reserves.

According to the experts estimation, 2015 had demonstrated some TOP 300 companies total turnover decreasing (-1% or 14.8 billion roubles). In the end, according to the 2015 results, the total sales profit amount made 1 trillion 543.5 billion roubles.

The profit growth decreasing tendency can be noticed in the TOP 20 largest representatives of the rating. After 2014 growth (+7%, or 105 billion roubles), in 2015, the profit had decreased (by 2%, or 17.7 billion roubles) and, according to the year results, made 994.2 billion roubles. The share of the Twenty in the general rating remained almost unchanged – 64.4%.

The industrial membership of the TOP 300 Largest Companies of the Perm Krai has been unchanged for several years. The leader is the process industry (116 companies), companies of this industry have a half of the overall TOP 300 profit. The next is the wholesale and retail business (80 companies) and the construction (23 companies).

Compared to 2014, in 2015, Metafrax demonstrated the profit growth by 23%. The company had risen to the 13th place with the value of 16 billion 643 million roubles.

Unlike the two previous years, in 2015, the joint financial result decreasing had stopped. During this year, the summarized profit of the TOP 300 Largest Companies of the Perm Krai had increased by 57% (+ 69.8 billion roubles). Metafrax had also demonstrated the value growth increasing the profit by 52.6%, or 2.95 billion roubles, comparing to 2014, and remained to be on the fifth position in the TOP 20 in terms of the profit before taxation.

In 2015, the general sales profitability of the TOP 300 increased by 2% and made 12.5% according to the year results. From all of the rating members, only four companies managed to get in the rating with their profitability, and Metafrax had become one of them. The company took the fourth place with the index of 51.5%.

As for the rest financial factors, in 2015, the company had also demonstrated positive dynamics. Metafrax took the 5th place total balance factor was 29 billion 14 million roubles; it also took the 5th place for the fixed assets of 14 billion 19 million roubles; the 6th place for the working assets of 994 million roubles; 4th place for the capital and reserves of 24 billion 845 million roubles.

Engineering Forum Presents the Largest Investors in the Perm Krai and Unique Projects

On November, 10-11, in the framework of the third Perm Engineering and industrial forum business program, chemical holding Metafrax will present the biggest investment project of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex construction under the unique technology of Casale Group that costs about 700 million euro.

The AUM complex is intended to be mounted in 40 months at the company’s industrial site in Gubakha, Perm Region. . The feasibility study was prepared by English company Jacobs Consultancy. The project licensor and the basic engineering design developer is Casale (Switzerland). The Project investment volume makes about 700 million euro.

The new units are intended to produce 562 thousand ton of the urea, 293 thousand ton of the ammonia and 40 thousand ton of the melamine per year. Part of the production will be transferred to the internal consumption of the group. The urea is used to produce the urea-formaldehyde concentrate that is made by the company and together with the melamine, it is an element of the synthetic resins that are produced by the daughter company Metadynea, Ltd. The production is also intended to be delivered to the internal and external markets.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

  • The entire investment policy of the company is realized in the framework of the Company Technical Reinforcement Program until 2030; the purpose of the Program is not the production growth, but the maximum environmental impact mitigation, implementation of the modern energy and resource efficient technologies. The AUP project can be considered as unique in Russia: there are no technological analogues in the country.
Metafrax Went Up by 60 Points In the Largest Russian Companies Rating

Company Metafrax raised on 231 place in the TOP 500 Largest Russian Companies rating prepared by RBC magazine.

The main criteria of the Russian business rating is the net profit factor of companies in 2015. In this respect, the lowest point to pass in the rating has got higher from 15 to 16.2 billion roubles, and the joint profit of the RBC 500 participants increased by 13.6% up to 63.7 trillion roubles. In 2015, the GDP factor decreased by 3.7%, up to 80 trillion roubles. – Noted the magazine.

Besides, according to the 2015 results, 84 new companies had joined the rating. There are several reasons for them to get into the rating. From the one hand, it is growth, merge and acquisition of some companies. From the other hand, it’s a changing of the philosophy, in particular, now the rating takes into account non-state pension funds.

There are the ones who developed their business from zero and made it to get into the list. However, the most of them, - Said Valeria Igumenova, RBC Chief Editor, - are honest eager beavers who had spent a lot of years to get into the business leaders list, they grew organically, narrowed their competitors, took places of those who left the competition.

Probably, Metafrax can be classified as one of those. During one year, the company had raised significantly: by 60 points of the rating taking the 231st place according to the results. According to IFRS, in 2015, the Metafrax Group of Companies profit increased by 35% to 42 billion roubles.

The chemical industry takes the worthy part of the rating. According to RBC information, the Russian chemical complex had been standing against the crisis better than the other industries for two years. Even now, the relative growth is evident, according to the results of January-June of 2016, the chemical industry production index made 105.2%. Some of the reasons are the chosen import substitution course and the export chemical production volume growth. With this, the industry feels the construction and automaking industries demand lowering. Experts consider the export profit growth because of the ruble devaluation as the temporary measure.

The chemical complex development is possible due to development, creation and transfer of new technologies, development of the existing ones by realization of the full circle of the future considerations, mainly the national innovational chemical technologies. – said Victor Ivanov, President of Russian Chemistry Workers Union.

The AUM Complex Construction at the Metafrax Site was Discussed in Gubakha

On September, 23rd, the public discussion of the biggest investment project of PJSC Metafrax: the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex construction. The complex will provide the company production with its own raw materials.

The company intends to construct the utility facility that meets the process, environmental and industrial safety requirements, within 40 months. The feasibility study was prepared by English company Jacobs Consultancy. The project licensor and the basic engineering design developer is Casale (Switzerland).  In the near future, all the subcontractors for the work performance will be defined.

The new units are intended to produce 562 thousand ton of the urea, 293 thousand ton of the ammonia and 40 thousand ton of the melamine per year. The production will be transferred to the internal treatment for the UFC and synthetic resins production, and to the internal and external markets. The project cost is estimated to be more than 500 million euro.

NIIK prepared the environmental impact assessment of the project. The international assessment was prepared by the experts of Italian company D`Appolonia.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

This project is unique, and for Gubakha it is grand-scale, therefore the company is discussing its details not only with its business partners, but also with the community. Today, Metafrax is permitted to emit up to 2850 ton of pollutants into the air, but the actual emissions are less than 1840 ton. The project emissions meet the licensor’s newest technologies norms and will be decreased by the carbon dioxide recovery from the reformers flue gas to use it as the raw material at the urea unit outlet in the volume of 1100 tons per day. The auxiliary waste water treatment unit construction is foreseen to decrease the biological treatment units load. The remained waste will be decontaminated or transferred to the specialized structures for burying.

Faculty of Economics Held a Seminar For Metafrax Specialists

PJSC Metafrax specialists took part in seminar “Actual Business Accounting, Taxation and Audit Issues” organized by the Faculty of Economics of PSU and Perm Chamber of Commerce.

The company co-operates with the oldest Kama Region university for many years. And this co-operation is not limited only by teaching of the future specialists for Metafrax. The last years, the university scientists and the company specialists co-operation aiming the experience exchange, increasing the knowledge and professionalism level has become actual.

This time, representatives of the accounting, economic, finance and legal departments became the seminar participants with Subdepartment Head, Mikhail Gorodilov, Doctor of Economics, Director of Economic, Finance and Accounting Expertizes of Perm Chamber of Commerce, and Tatyana Paschenko, Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Economic Sciences; the participants discussed the actual issues and perspectives of the accounting and reports, audit and taxation development in the modern business at the national and international levels.

The different approaches to the Russian accounting and audit regulating and philosophy development according to IFRS and ISA, business tax control tendencies, were discussed. As well as how companies can get prepared to moot cases solving with taxation bodies. With the participants initiative, the lecturers discussed the calculation points of the EBITDA analytical factor that is presented in financial reports.

Metafrax Summarized the Half-year Period

Metafrax had preliminarily summarized the company work in the 1st six months of 2016. During this period, the production with overall cost of 9 billion 21 million roubles had been produced, that is less than the same value of the last year by 206 million roubles, or 2.2%.

The finished production sales have reached 8 billion 731 million roubles that is higher than the same value of the last year by 181 million roubles, or 2.1%. The export share in the turnover was 32.1% against 37.1% according the 1st six months of 2015 results. Compared to the 1 half of year of 2015, the company’s net profit decreased by 34%.

The company’s social package was 77.3 million roubles.

According to the 1st six months of 2016 results, the internal methanol consumption reached 560 thousand ton that is higher than in the 1st six months of 2015 by 22 thousand tons (or by 4%). The UFC production increased by 282 ton (or by 0.3%). The formalin production increased by 1076 ton (0.6%). The urotropin production made 14.9 thousand ton (+ 100 ton, or +0.6%). Compared to the 1st six months of 2015, the micronized urotropin output decreased by 8 ton, making 157 ton. The pentaerythritol production volume was 11.6 thousand ton (-3%). The micronized pentaerythritol output decreased by 231 ton (32%) making 481 ton. The packaged polyamide production increased by 17 ton (4.8%) making 367 ton.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

  • The economic crisis phenomena found its reflection in the company’s operating results. The price of the production unloaded to the internal and external markets has shown its effect: 2016 is the year of buyers, but not the year of sellers. The administration has to address to the Board of Directors to correct the budget for the 2nd half of year.

Therewith, the company’s investment budget remains the same; according to the year results, it will make 5.7 billion roubles. Large investment projects are realized in the framework of the Technical Development Program of the Company until 2020. The formalin unit construction had been finished, the unit works in the commissioning mode. The preparation to the second stage of the methanol unit revamping has begun, and during this process the air separation unit and the partial oxidation unit will be mounted. According to the revamping results, in the 1st quarter of 2017, the unit capacity will increase to 3375 ton of the methanol per day.

We have also started the pentaerythritol unit revamping: the project was done, we need to acquire the new equipment. We will finish the railway park updating program for the methanol and formalin units up to 2019.