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Обратная связь
“Metafrax” is one of the top five companies of Perm Krai upon the profit performance

PJSC “Metafrax” is one of the top five most profitable and top twenty largest industrial companies of Perm Krai according to Business Class newspaper annual rating. In 2016, the company earned 3 940 116 thousand rubles.

 Based on results of the previous year, PJSC “Metafrax” has showed positive growth of many financial figures.  The Company also is one of the top five companies upon the capital assets amount and one of the top ten companies upon amounts of the capital , reserves, fixed assets and balance-sheet total. In overall rating “Metafrax” has taken the 11th line among 300 largest companies of the region.

Last year the company started a key project, namely construction of a large complex for production of ammonia, urea and melamine (AUM) in Gubakha.  During six months of 2017, amount of 1,8 bln. rubles was invested in the project implementation. The total investments into the project will make about 800 mio.Euro, and payoff period will make about 10 years.

Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PJSC “Metafrax”:

-Construction of AUM Complex is the part of “Metafrax” Group’s development strategy until 2030. A new plant will supply us our own raw materials in order to produce goods, basically, resins, on which sales we desire to be a leader on the market. Construction of the Complex is our investments into the future. At the same time, we don’t freeze our existing investments; continually we are focusing on improvement of our products quality and investment into modernization of the existing plants and infrastructure.  

One more priority growth area is nature protection activities. Total amount environmental control costs for 2016 made 110.4 mio.rubles. A larger amount of investments is associated with operation of biological treatment plants, which are treating, among others, industrial wastes and service-utility and industrial wastes going from Gubakha. The operational costs for biological treatment plants maintenance made more than 100 mio.rubles in 2016.

Vladimir Daut, Director General, PJSC “Metafrax”:

- The key philosophy of our activity is to care about environment protection and reduce negative impact on the environment. And we comply with this concept: on a regularly basis we monitor the state of natural environment, analyze the state of atmospheric air, basins, and check efficiency of the actions carried out. For us, emissions reducing are not only a statistic of the company’s activity, but also the life quality of people. We do all our best in order to ensure safety and comfortable life in Gubakha and its near regions. 

Metafrax is One of the Workforce Productivity Leaders

The annual Russian award “Workforce Productivity: Russian Industry Leaders” results had been summarized. Metafrax took the 11th place in the TOP-80 Workforce Productivity Leaders in Chemical Industry.

The annual audience of the project has already exceeded one thousand industrial manufacture allies. The rating experts process more than five thousands large industrial companies in Russia; their combined profit exceeds 51% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the combined staff is more than 5.5 million people.  The disclosed profit data and the average headcount per annum are used for the productivity calculation, and the companies’ data, their quarter and annual reports had become the rating basis.

The key economics branches leaders, award winners of tens of branch and regional nominations have got into the TOP-500. The results were published in Production Management website and in the special issue of the cognominal almanac, and they will be sent to the president administration, to the Russian government and to the regional authorities.

Vladimir DAUT, PJSC Metafrax General Director:

- For the company, the workforce productivity is not end in itself: we mount and operate the highly automated units of great capacity, they are served by several people. Our company is very advanced, and the term “pecuniary performance per one employee” is more suitable for us. So, in fifteen years, three urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) units, two concentrated formalin and hexamine units have been put in operation, the methanol production capacity has grown to 1 million ton, but the maintenance staff wasn’t increased.

During the pentaerythritol production modernization, the process capacity had been doubled: the output volume had reached 24 thousand ton per year, but the pentaerythritol sector personnel had been insignificantly increased compared to the recent period, when 10 thousand ton of product were produced the shop. Currently, we are putting the natural gas partial oxygenation unit in operation in the methanol shop to increase the product output by 180 thousand ton per year. However, here, the staff remains to be the same.

According to our calculations, after 2020, after putting the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) Complex into operation, the performance per one employee will be visibly increased. Besides the point, growth of the professional level of employees is also a step to the workforce productivity increasing, and in the company, we purposefully and actively work with this important matter.

“Metafrax” increases budget targets

The company summarized the results of the 1st half 2017

During the 1st half 2017, PJSC “Metafrax” produced the products with the overall cost of 9 billion 663 million rubles, that is 642 million rubles, or 7%, more than in the last year.

The finished production realization benefit has reached 9 billion 562 million rubles, that is more than in the last year by 702 million rubles or by 8%. The export share in the turnover was 42.0% against 32.1% according to the 1st half 2016 results.

The company’s social package was 80.3 million rubles.

In the 1st half 2017, the actual methanol production volume remained at the last year level, making 560 thousand ton. The UFC  production was 89 thousand ton. The pentaerythritol production volume was 667 thousand ton, exceeding 12 thousand ton.  The micronized pentaerythritol output was 531 ton (+50 ton or +10% by the 1st half 2016). The urotropin production made 28.5 thousand ton (+ 1.1 thousand ton, or +4%). The micronized urotropin output made 371 ton. (+214 ton or 136%). The packaged polyamide production made 410 ton (+43 ton, +12 by 2016). maintaining the last year level.

In the 1st half 2017, the investment volume made 2 billion 664 million rubles (+1 billion 32 million rubles or +102% to the 2016 level.  The company updated its railway park (new railway cisterns were purchased for the ethanol transportation)

The net profit gained by the company in the 1st  half 2017 made 3 billion 604 million rubles that is more than 2016 value by 1599 billion rubles, or by 80%.

Vladimir Daut, PJSC “Metafrax” General Director:

-Due to the product deficit in China in the 1st quarter, the good price environment on export methanol and profitable currency difference occurred. The company successfully finished the methanol production plan and budget targets.

In upcoming months, the market situation will remain extremely competitive. For compliance with sales obligations, we are going to optimize the revamping period of methanol unit.

Speaking about investment plans, a new unit of natural gas partial oxidation on methanol production is supposed to be put into operation in October.

Metadynea Trading joins world rating of top chemical distributors

Metadynea Trading was ranked for the first time by ICIS ТОР-100 Chemical distributors rating.

Ranking is built on annual cost of sales and represents top world chemical distributors, which are active on the global scale.

Ranking evaluates activities of regional chemical distribution leaders in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle East (including Africa), analysing key developments affecting various supply chains.

This year Metadynea Trading SA has reached place 39 in Middle East and Africa, 61 in Europe, 104 in the global ranking and 114 in North America.

“ICIS Top-100 ranking is based on global sales, where geography and cost of sales are analysed”, commented Vasily Mikhaylov, representative of Metadynea Trading. “Ranking grades chemical distribution companies and is published in «ICIS Chemical Business» weekly magazine, covering world chemical markets. Magazine is published by ICIS, chemical analytics and news reporter and the only price reporting agency, currently recognized by methanol market participants”.

As per expert, ICIS is publishing this rating for the 8th year, but Metadynea Trading SA has joined this rating for the first time. Ranking is assisting market participants to navigate through growing world chemical markets.

“Joining this rating mentions recognition of our Group of companies as remarkable market participant in the world chemical distribution”, added Mr. Mikhaylov, “such participation allows to share more information about “Metafrax” group, to attract attention to substantial scale of our business, to increase opportunities of engaging more customers and vendors.

Metadynea Trading SA was established in 2014, headquartered in Geneva, trades export volumes of “Metafrax” – methanol, hexamine and pentaerythritol.

The company project “Red Book of Perm Krai” won in a national competition “Silver threads”

The in-house calendar “Red Book of Perm Krai” received a diploma once again, but this time in the national in-house calendar competition “Silver threads”. The project got the award in the nomination “Best photo in in-house calendar”.

The company’s calendar has been good evaluated by experts of the all-Russian competition “In-house calendar 2017” this year. This time it competed with more than 400 projects.

The basis of calendar is ecology and preservation of biological diversity of Perm Krai. The project is dedicated to the Year of Ecology in Russia along with our beauty and unique region. Perm Krai is reach for wildlife-sanctuaries and specially protected objects that captivate not only their landscape beauty, but also the biodiversity. Unfortunately, the quantity of some region animals and plants decreased to critical values. The preservation of ecological balance is an activity of every resident and guest of Perm Krai. That’s why PJSC “Metafrax” dedicated its in-house calendar to animals and plants from Red Book of Perm Krai.

This year many cities became participants of the competition: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, the Republic of Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Perm Krai, Ivanovo, the Belgorod Region. Some in-house projects were represented by Belorussia. There is a branch diversity: FEC and machine engineering, metallurgy and construction, finances, IT and health care, housing and utility sector, sport.

Apart from main awards, competent experts from “Silver threads” presented their special diplomas for successful solutions in content and design.

20 companies of the Perm region are in Top-100 of the largest exporters

At last year end 20 Perm companies entered Top-100 of the largest exporters of the Urals and West Siberia. The data was provided by the “Expert” rating agency.

At year-end 2016, total export volume of all study participants was made of more than 23 billion dollars. It’s almost 6% lower than in 2015. Only 6 out of 20 Perm companies were able to increase their production sales volume for foreign partners.

The export leader in Perm Krai is PJSC “Uralkali”. The company cooperates with more than 60 countries. At year-end 2016, the company export volume fell by almost 30%. Analytics connect the export decline with last year global market stagnation of potassium fertilizers.

The second biggest Perm company in the rating is JSC “Solikamskbumprom”. Within a year the company increased by 5 positions and took the 13th position. The export volume dynamic is minus 5,5%. The 16th position takes PJSC “Metafrax”. The company also shows negative parameters, minus 2 positions in the rating and the export decline is more than 3%.

A rating newcomer is LLC “Electrotyazhmashprivod”, the 43th position. The company increased the export volume for almost 12 times. LLC “Soda-Chlorat” showed the biggest increase in the rating within 2016, by 48 positions. The export volume in 2016 was equal to almost 11.000 dollars. PNPPK was on the verge of leaving Top-100, decrease by 31 position and the export volume declined by more than 70%.

According to the PSU dean of Economics Faculty Tatyana Mirolyubova the appearance of new companies in the rating of exporters means their high competitiveness.

-Competition within a country is one thing, but competition on the global market is completely another level,- she said.

Analytics of RBK Perm add that no dramatic changes of export segment in 2017 are expected. Import and export volumes of Perm companies will depend not only on market conjuncture, but also on national currency.

General Director of PJSC “Metafrax” became a laureate of the “Stroganov Award”

In the Pipe Organ Hall of the Krai Philarmonic in Perm, the annual ceremony of the “Stroganov Award” was held. For the 12th time Perm Krai' enthusiasts, politicians and public representatives congratulated the best people of our region, who achieved great results in professional sphere and glorified the region through their activity.  

Delegation members of the Perm community from Moscow, deputies, Perm government officials, businessmen etc. came to this event. At year-end 2016, 55 candidates were nominated, but a copper statuette that looks like the founder of the Stroganov dynasty Anika Stroganov, award badges and testimonials were given only to 6 famous people of Krai.

The winners of the prestigious award were congratulated by the Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov and also by the Perm community Chairman of the Board Andrey Kuzyaev and deputies of the State Duma Dmitriy Skrivanov and Igor Shubin.

 Since the XVI century, the name of Great Perm is inextricably connected with the Stroganov dynasty. In 1913 three Perm students of Moscow State University established the Perm community. In 2003, it was restored and now there are 2510 natives of Perm living in Moscow. In 2005, the Stroganov Award was established. Their winners for great achievements became 74 natives of Perm.

-I personally was in the community and I know how the committee selects nominees for the award. I should point out that the selection is being done very carefully, personal candidate achievements are being strictly weighted and estimated. It’s clear, because from the dozens of well-deserved it’s necessary to choose the best community representative. I would like to welcome you and wish you good health and success,- said Mr. Reshetnikov.

The Governor’s speech was supported by Andrey Kuzyaev, he added that the award is given to people who serve with their heart and soul for Perm Krai. “I’m glad that our region is rich for true talents and we have a lot of nominees for the award”.

Nominees were surprised at concert acts, clips and performances. At the ceremony beginning, the presenter Andrey Akudinov proposed to pay respect to Valeriy Ananyev, leader of the search team “Otechestvo” (“Homeland”). This man didn’t live, study or work in the Perm region, but in the Moscow region he found burial places of Perm natives, who died fighting with fascists, and helped their inconsolable relatives to know victim names.

-We learned about our hero from a letter of Vladimir Konev, who lived in Osa. He was a great grandson of Aleksander Rybin, who died defending Moscow. Due to the search team, our countrymen know burial places of their relatives,- said the presenter.

Children, grandsons and great grandsons of capital defenders Alexander Rybin and Mikhail Korekov, The Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov, the Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Gennadiy Zaytsev came on stage with flowers.

-It’s impossible to assess your work within the Stroganov Award. But understanding the significance of your work for next generations of Perm natives, you were solicited for the high award, the badge “Perm Krai’s coat of arms, - said Mr. Ananyev to the General.

Event participants were giving a standing ovation and welcoming Valeriy Ananyev, while Mr.Reshetnikov was giving the award.

For giving the award in the nomination “For great achievements in sport”, the presenter invited on stage the 1st class pilot, the Red Banner of Labour recipient Galina Smagina and the government member of the community, Colonel General Valeriy Fedorov. In this nomination 5 candidates were nominated, but the winner was the President of the sport regional public organization “Perm Krai federation of airsports” Vladimir Kotelnikov. After opening speech, the pilot was given a commemorative token, a diploma, and the statuette. The song “Smuglyanka” was as a gift for the pilot.  

Tatyana Margolina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor and Evgeniy Sapiro, PSU Professor, Doctor of Economics came on stage to award in the nomination “For great achievements in public life”. 7 candidates were nominated, but the community decided to honor PSU Professor of philology Nina Vasilyeva, the author and editor of university scientist works that were published for the 100-years anniversary of the university. Intriguing variations of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” have sounded in her honor.

Aleksandr Inozemtsev, Doctor of Engineering, the representative of “UEC- Aviadvigatel” chief constructor and Vladimir Malanin, Doctor of Engineering, the PSU President awarded in the nomination “For great achievements in science and technology”. 6 candidates were nominated, but the winner was the “Promobot” Board of Directors Chairman Alexey Yuzhakov. He and his brainchild were welcomed by applause, the robot was accompanying a Yuzhakov’s daughter Elizaveta.

Igor Shubin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board, the community chief, the State Duma official and Alexey Andreev, Candidate of Economic Sciences, General Director of PNPPK awarded in the nomination “For great achievements in economics and management”. 9 candidates were nominated, but the community decided to honor Candidate of Engineering, PJSC “Metafrax” General Director Vladimir Daut. A song from the popular film “Spring on Zarechnaya Street” was sung for his honor.

Galina Kokoulina, Perm Krai Minister of culture and  Valeriy Platonov, Chief conductor of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation awarded in the nomination “For great achievements in culture and art”. In this category many candidates are nominated every year: this year they are 14. But the winner was Nadezhda Pavlova, who made a great opera performance for the role of Violet in Giuseppe Verdi’s “Traviata”. The performance was put up by Robert Wilson and Teodor Currentzis in the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. After singing of touching solo, Nadezhda Pavlova bursted into tears when her 1st grade son Stepan, who studies in Vladimir, came on stage with flowers. Later ballerina’s parents Olga Nikolaevna and Anatoliy Pavlovich came on stage and shared the triumph with their daughter.

For the special award category that is given for the whole life activity of candidates, in the nomination “For honor and dignity” Andrey Akudinov invited on stage Mefodiy, metropolitan of Perm and Kungur and Andrey Kuzyaev. The metropolitan named a candidate, who was near to God. It was the USSR pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Savinykh. The laureate spent more than 250 days in space at a great cost of life and started up a lost station together with his colleague Vladimir Kovalenok.

After the ceremony, participants raised glasses to health of laureates and received the latest issue of the “Perm community” magazine along with a special one, dedicated to award winners.

PJSC “Metafrax” investments in the 1st quarter increased by 4 times

During the 1st quarter 2017, the finished production realization benefit of the company has reached 4 billion 853 million rubles, that is more than in the last year by 200 million rubles or by 4%. The export share in the turnover was 43.2% against 30.9% according to the 1st half 2016 results.

The company’s social package was 35 million rubles.

In the 1st half 2017, the actual methanol production volume remained at the last year level, making 280 thousand ton. The formaldehyde production has almost reached 90 thousand ton. The UFC  production was 45 thousand ton. The pentaerythritol production volume increased by 379 thousand ton to 6.1 thousand ton.  The micronized pentaerythritol output was 531 ton (+50 ton or +10% by the 1st half 2016). The urotropin production exceeded 8 thousand ton (+ 12% by the 1st quarter 2016). The micronized pentaerythritol and urotropin output increased by +2% and +42% respectively, making more than 330 thousand tons totally. The packaged polyamide production made 208 ton (+24).

The investment volume from January to March 2017 made 2 billion 105 million rubles (+1 billion 570 million rubles or exceeding the 2016 level by 4 times.

The company is concentrated on the 2nd revamping stage of methanol unit completion that will increase the methanol production capacity up to 1 million 230 thousand rubles per year. The company continues updating its railway park (56 new railway cisterns were purchased in the 1st quarter)

Armen Garslyan, PJSC “Metafrax” Board of Directors Chairman:

-Certainly, unstable methanol market conjuncture influences the company’s functioning. After sharp drop in the year-end 2016, the market started to grow in the year beginning. Besides, the negative currency difference has an impact.

Although, the company works with high capacities.  The conjuncture doesn’t change our investment program, we have the obligation to all company’s group. 

Main hockey trophies of Russia came to Perm

The 2nd regional hockey prize tournament of the world champion Evgeniy Ketov was held on the 14th May in Perm. The player, who was a trainee in Gubakha, held the tournament and brought main hockey trophies of Russia: the Gagarin Cup and the Russian Cup.

4 teams of young hockey players born in 2005 took part in the tournament: “Molot-1”, “Molot -2”, “Oktan” and the Perm Krai team.

“Molot-1” was the winner and even 2 girls were in the team. The main sponsor PJSC “Metafrax” gave a sweet Gagarin Cup and the sport equipment to the winners. Evgeniy Ketov presented cups and medals for all participants.

During the tournament, they were photo and autograph sessions with the famous hockey player. Those who wanted could touch main trophies of Russia: the Gagarin Cup and the Russian Cup. On the 15th of May, Evgeniy brought cups to Gubakha.

Evgeniy Ketov, Russian and world champion, two times winner of the Gagarin Cup for SKA:

-I’m very happy to be at such sport event and to encourage young hockey players. I envy them a little bit, because in my childhood there was no case to invite a team from Gubakha or Solikamsk to the regional tournament and show good results. I hope that somebody from these young hockey players will win the Olympic medal and bring it in the Perm region.

Rashid Shakirov, PJSC “Metafrax” Deputy General Director for Personnel And Social Issues:

-The company actively supports the sport development, especially minor hockey. It’s very good to see that famous countrymen don’t forget their small motherland and the project of ice arena in Gubakha is developed due to the Evgeniy’s initiative. Three-party co-financing agreement was signed between the Timchenko’s foundation, Perm Krai and the municipal administration. The construction should be finished within this year.

“Metafrax” is “Best energy-efficient company of the West Urals-2016”

The West Ural power engineers association along with the regional ministry of construction, housing and utilities infrastructure summarized the results of traditional competition “Best power-efficient company of the West Urals-2016”.

The main criteria for selection of nominees were the reduction of GDP energy intensity and product competitive growth along with energy-efficient technologies implementation and energy saving policy. Following the performance results in 2016, PJSC “Metafrax” won in the nomination “Best power-efficient company of the West Urals” in person of Board of Directors Chairman Armen Garslyan.

Aleksandr Semin, PJSC “Metafrax” Chief power engineer

-In a letter to us, Danir Zakirov, General Director of the West Ural power engineers association, pointed out, that “Metafrax” contribution to production efficiency development in Perm Krai can hardly be overestimated: the company became one of the Russian leaders in energy intensity reduction of production and is recognized twice as the best energy efficient company and it’s true. For the last years we completely changed the old power equipment and became the energy-packed company with systems of distribution, conversion and consumption. Thousands of new electric machinery units are used in workshops and production sites. The quantity of power units connected with company’s plans for construction and revamping of plants increases each year.

The chief power engineer added that electric power fiscal metering system works well. It was certified for wholesale market requirements of electric power and capacity and that gave an opportunity to reduce costs for energy resources sufficiently. Nowadays “Metafrax” is one of small group of companies that purchase power on the wholesale market.

The Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov visited “Metafrax”

On the 24th of April the Governor of Perm Krai Maxim Reshetnikov visited towns of former Kizel coal basin: Gremyachinsk, Kizel and Gubakha. The Governor also visited an industrial site of  PJSC “Metafrax”, one of the biggest chemical plants in Krai.

The Governor got acquainted with the company through a film devoted to construction of modern AUM (ammonia-urea-melamine) complex in Gubakha. After sharing opinions with “Metafrax” Board of Directors Chairman Armen Garslyan and with the General Director Vladimir Daut about branch development and social tasks of the company, guests went to the control room of one of the leading plant branches, methanol production. The head of methanol production Sergey Sitnikov made an excursion and mentioned peculiarities of methanol production. Mr. Reshetnikov was very interested in technological process and plant history due to the workshop museum.

During his business trip, Mr. Reshetnikov also studied ways to increase the access and quality of medical services for the population. Main medical facility problems in 3 towns are in lack of specialists along with old facilities and resources. During a meeting in Gubakha devoted to health protection problems and medical assistance modernization the Minister of Health Vadim Plotnikov proposed to take reasonable measures. It’s particularly important to make reconstruction of medical facilities in all three towns, to construct rural health posts in settlements, to increase the amount of brigades, to renew medical care vehicles and to raise the amount of specialists.

The Governor pointed out that all decisions would be made in order to increase a people satisfaction level of medical care quality. He gave a task to the Ministry of Health and health care specialists in Gremyachinsk, Gubakha and Kizel to perform it immediately, developing a plan with indication of realization date and scope of financing.

The Deputy of the regional parliament Armen Garslyan thanked the Governor for support and attention to the territory.

-There is a more than one month of work behind this decision. We support this project together with residents and ask not to put it aside. Health care problems for the Kizel coil basin territory are more than important and should be solved immediately,- he said.

The Governor also visited Ugleuaralsky settlement: the sport-leisure complex “Gubahinskiy”, where he met with junior hockey player team and its coach Vladimir Kolesnikov. Mr.Reshetnikov informed about construction of covered ice arena in Gubakha as part of the agreement between the Charity Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, Perm Krai and Gubakha authorities together with a hockey player Evgeniy Ketov, who was a trainee of local sport school. The foundation will allocate 150 million rubles, additional 38 million rubles will be spent for equipment purchase from Krai budget. The administration will pay 2 million rubles for ground and communication erection.  The new sports facility will be ready this year.

Petroleum Chemistry Market – Growth Against Backdoor Sales

State Company Metafrax position can be considered as stable, taking in account the duration of the partner relations with its clients and increasing wholesale trades efficiency.

On the April, 5-6, Oleg Mamaev, General Director of Trading House Metafrax, visited the annual industrial conference Petroleum Chemistry In Russia And CIS. During the event, the big methanol, ammonia and urea production projects in Russia review and the latest chemical methane containing natural gas processing technologies were presented.

Representatives of the largest petroleum chemistry companies took part in this conference. Some of them were State Company Metafrax partners – Sibur, Lukoil, EuroHim, State Company Titan, etc.

Oleg Mamaev considers this event format as effective:

- It is a good site for communication with the industrial community representatives. It allows to get a foretaste of the situation and tendencies in the market and to communicate with the key industry players.

Regarding the general Russian petroleum chemistry market state, the manager thinks that this situation is not advantageous. He indicates the general instability, direct correlation between the markets and the oil price, as well as the reduced demand against the new facilities construction

- Now, in the methanol market, we can see the internal and export price speculative tendencies. Increased Russian market is in proficit state now. However, Metafrax position can be considered as stable; from the one hand, the company has contracts for the main kinds of its production. From the other hand, according to the Price Committee decisions, some of the production is on sale in terms of spot transactions. With the long-term rent of the tank farm in the Baltics (Finland) it is possible to transfer the methanol directly to the European users.

Moreover, one of the main Metafrax production users, Nizhnekamskneftehim (NKNH), the biggest Russian synthetic rubber and plastics, is expanding its capacity. According to Rupec, as the modernization result, the company isoprene rubber СКИ-3 production capacity shall increase from 280 thousand tons to 330 thousand tons. Also, NKNH is planning to finish the butyl rubber plant capacity increasing project.  This revamping shall allow to increase the production outlet values up to 220 thousand tons to implement the contracts with the world tire vendors, particularly, with Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone.

- That means that in 2018, just for isoprene, we will need 330 thousand tons of the methanol, plus we need it for the methyl tertiary butyl ether production. – Added Oleg Mamaev. – Despite the difficult economic situation, with these factors we can face the near-term outlook with confidence.

Metafrax is One of the National Corporate Calendar Contest 2017 Winners

Company Metafrax is now an owner of the III grade certificate of the X Anniversary National Corporate Calendar Contest 2017. The company has got this award in the Informative Calendar category.

During the ten years period, the Corporate Calendar Contest that was founded by Perm Filial of Russian Human Relation Association transformed into the real art project. It’s got the permanent participants, reliable partners and loyal fans. Every year, the participants geography increases, the Anniversary Contest involved 57 companies from the different parts of the country – from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar and Ufa to Noviy Urengoi, Nahodka and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 11 companies from Perm, Gubakha and Solikamsk were the participants from Perm Region.

70 calendars were presented by the companies during the contest. The most of them can be undoubtedly called creative artworks made using the different techniques; folk and ethnic calendars printed on fabric, embroided, decorated with  wood and damascening, nano-calendars decorated with the glowing in the dark paint, calendars with the modern technologies (with thermometer), et cetera.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the contest, this year, the expert board and the steering committee established five more award categories. Metafrax Corporative Calendar that won the Informative Calendar category certificate is traditionally dedicated to the beauty and uniqueness of Perm Region, there is information about the Region Red Book flora and fauna.

For the first time, the Open Corporate Calendar Contest took place in 2008, in Perm. During its many years holding, 237 companies form 47 Russian cities took part in the contest. 80 of 476 contest calendars became laureates and more than 100 of them became diploma winners. In the framework of the contest, there is Art Lab where you can listen to lectures of the lead human relation specialists and get the unique opportunity to exchange your experience with the brightest representatives of corporate communications field.

Metafrax Disclosed a Recipe for Success

A Right Strategy Is a Basis of Success

According to the results of 2016, for the first time, company Metafrax produced the commodity output for the value more than 17 billion Rubles, it is 512 million Rubles more than in 2015. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country and the export methanol price drop, our specialists achieved very high results.

– The previous year tested us out, it made us work in the low production cost condition. We even had to protect our personnel by changing the labour payment conditions and guarantying the well-deserved income. Since 2003, we had been annually passed our budget; this is our production activity law.  But after the 2008 crisis, we had to adjust it taking in account the reality of the market and the geopolitics difficulties. It helped us to implement our scheduled plans and shore up our position at the market. – Said Viktor Mayer, First Deputy General Director of company Metafrax.

In the last year, the finished product realization volume dynamics has got a positive trend.  For the first time, this value was 17 billion 423 million rubles, which was 1.15 billion rubles higher than in 2015. More than third of the production of the company had been sent to export.

- Recently, the steady export methanol cost growth dynamics came into view against revival of the Russian and foreign market and the ruble strengthening. Today, we state that we have the contracts for our main production kinds. Besides, in Russia, we can outdo anyone when it comes to the methanol conversion rate:   in Gubakha, we can process 340 thousand tons of the product, it is a third of our production volume. Therefore, we can stand the crisis and increase our presence in the market due to our proper development strategy. At its very core, there is the main product conversion rate and adaptation of new developments to produce the high-margin products. – Vladimir Daut, General Director, cleared up the basis of success of the company.

People are the Main Assets of Company

In the company, the special attention is given to the social, personnel and youth policy. In the framework of the Five-Year Personnel Training Program, the company sends dozens of young specialists to the universities annually. Being one of the dual education system founders in the Perm Region, Metafrax has been training the workers in the Gubakha Chemical Engineering College for more than ten years.

In 2016, company social expenses had reached their record value of 184 million Rubles. The money was transferred for the social objects development, privileges, allowances, medical insurance and personnel training. More than 19 million rubles had been spent to acquire the resort tickets for the company workers and their children.

In the framework of the Housing Program, the three-floored building had been constructed on Lenin Street, Gubakha, and the two nine-floored buildings construction has begun.  The employees redeem the flats by instalment or rent them with the following redeem.

– According to the Collective Labour Agreement, Metafrax pays 80% of the resort tickets cost and the company dispensary pays 90% of the health and recreation resort to the employees. – Added Rashid Shakirov, Deputy General Director for Personnel And Social Issues.

Air And River Became Cleaner

– Nature protection is our priority. We check the environmental situation, carry-out the air and water state analysis, define the nature protection actions effect. In 2016, we transferred 15 million Rubles for the treatment units modernization. The decreasing of the effluents is not the company work statistics; it is the people life quality in our land. – Said Vladimir Daut.

Investments are Milestone in the History

In the last year, the company increased its investment program realization pace. This program can become the important milestone in the history in the company technical development. The key event was start of construction of the chemical complex “Ammonia-Urea-Melamine” at the company site in Gubakha.

- We estimate the realization of the project based on the unique Casale Group (Switzerland) technology for 700 million Euros. By the way, in 2016, the investment program was different in terms of great accession rate: comparing to 2015, the investing rate increased for more than quarter, it reached 3.6 billion Rubles. – Said Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board of Directors Chairman.

In the framework of the investment program, the company updated its transport park by acquiring more than 130 innovative railway cisterns. Besides, the second stage of the methanol unit technical upgrading has begun to increase its capacity up to 3375 tons per day. The successful construction finishing of the second concentrated formalin production unit with capacity up to 90 thousand tons per day became the important milestone in the technical development.  The amount of 770 million Rubles was sent to the project realization. In 2016, the first stage of the water and sanitation facility revamping finished.

This year, Gubakha chemistry specialists are going to solve a lot of tasks. In the framework of the investment package, the natural gas partial oxidation unit and nitrogen and oxygen unit will be started-up. The water and sanitation facility revamping is going to go on, the cistern processing facility is going to be reequipped, the company will produce the production dipentaerythritol after the existing pentaerythritol production reequipping.


The Group of Companies Metafrax (Gubakha, Perm Region) includes Metadinea Ltd. (Orekhovo-Zuevo and Gubakha), the formaldehyde and artificial resin production company Metadynea-Austria (Krems, Austria). The production sales geography is about 50 countries all over the World. According to the media, the company is managed by Seyfeddin Roustamov.