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Обратная связь
Metafrax ordered 100 reservoir trucks from UWC for methanol transportation

Research and Production Corporation United Wagon Company, in the framework of developing of cooperation with the largest methanol manufacturer PJSC Metafrax, will provide it with 100 new generation 15-6880 reservoir trucks. The entire batch will be provided to the customer by May 2019.

Previously, Metafrax had already acquired reservoirs of this model. Currently, there are more than 400 units of 1-T and Tpr size in the methanol manufacturer's park. The railway equipment has proven itself in operation and due to this fact the decision on purchase of an additional batch was made.

15-6880 reservoir truck is equipped with a running gear with an axle load of 25 ton-force, it has an increased carrying capacity of 73 tons and a boiler capacity of 88 m3. Due to such technical characteristics, an additional increase in truck loading can be up to 2 tons compared to the most common typical analogue in the network, while maintaining the standard length of the reservoir, which increases the methanol transportation efficiency. Thus, additional 160 tons of cargo can be transported in one train of 80 trucks manufactured by UWC. This means that it is possible to reduce the necessary reservoir park and the terminal operations cost.

In addition, the reservoir reinforcement metal protective cover ensures an easy operation and security of cargo from unauthorized access during transportation. Design of the boiler with broken axle allows to achieve the maximum complete drain.

Igor Chukreev, Head of Transport Division, PJSC Metafrax: “As part of the business development strategy, the company intends to significantly increase its production and sales by 2030. Separately, the investments budget provides for the transport infrastructure improvement and the step-by-step renovation of the railway fleet. Metafrax chooses reservoirs for HVAC produced methanol transportation because of their high efficiency".

Model 15-6880 was developed by the All-Union Research and Development Center for Transport Technologies and has been produced at TikhvinChemMash plant since 2016. According to expert assessments, methanol transportation reservoirs are extremely in demand over the next five years due to the significant amount of expired park withdrawals and increase of chemical plants production capacity.

New milestone of rebranding

On November 28 at the Metadinea Moscow office was held meeting to review the four milestones of the Metafrax Group of Companies rebranding project. Top managers of Metafrax, Trading House Metafrax, Metadinea Russia, Metadinea Austria and members of the project management team participated in the session. 

Experts from Electric Creative presented the results of research. They provided the description of the key trends in the chemical industry and the methanol market, analysis of the largest European and Asian chemical companies brands, the description of the situation on the Russian market as well as the communication practices used there. Also was presented an analysis of the Metafrax brand and the company's brand name.

Based on the results of the research, Electric Creative presented for discussion a positioning map with positioning hypotheses of the new Metafrax brand. There are two concepts to choose from, describing options of the Vision and Mission of the brand, its naming as well as possible models of the brand architecture.

Also during the meetings was presented a creative exercise “Brandbox”. It is a process part of the platform and strategy creation for the Metafrax brand and it will allow to capture the idea adopted and agreed within the Metafrax team in a set of images.

“A representative circle of participants allowed us to cover all the assets of the group as widely as possible. As a result, we’ve had a great discussion platform. Now the management team along with Electric Creative experts should finalize the project. Until the end of the year, we intend to approve the concept, brand architecture, naming and start with the brand design,” commented Maria Konovalova, head of the rebranding project management team.

Metafrax participated in the IEF-2018

The results of the first Interregional Export Forum were summed up in Perm. Over the two days, about three thousand participants and experts attended the forum’s events. Top managers of Metafrax attended the plenary sessions and discussion platforms of IEF-2018.

Oleg Mamaev, General Director of Metafrax Trading House participated in a business discussion on the topic “Localization of production aiming at creation of products for export: the experience of European and Russian companies”. According to him, such platforms are a useful tool for interaction between business and government. “The government is interested in the development of the Russian companies export potential. Metafrax has tremendous experience in this field. "

During the discussion, Oleg Mamaev shared the difficulties that Russian exporters have due to inconsistencies in tax legislation in Russia and in Europe. “Apart from export growth, the adaptation of Russian tax legislation to European law will attract importers and investors who are more willing to invest in the Russian economy seeing the transparent rules of the game.”

Economic and Finance Deputy CEO of Trading House Metafrax Oleg Gordienko and PR Advisor of the Board of Directors Chairman Maria Konovalova attended a meeting with the vice president of the Russian Export Center Alexey Kozhevnikov. “It is valuable that the forum allowed discussing business related issues with federal officials on the regional platform. I believe that communication with the heads of state structures of such a high level was useful on both ends,” noted Oleg Gordienko.

Oleg Gordienko also participated in the plenary session with the topic “Export potential of Russian regions: how to reach a new level?” with the participation of federal agencies deputy heads Vasily Osmakov (Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade) and Timur Maksimov (Russian Federation Ministry of Economic) as well as with regional governor Maxim Reshetnikov.

160 new apartments for Metafrax employees

On November 23 took place a ceremony of handing over the keys from new apartments to the employees of Metafrax. Two new addresses appeared at once on Gubakha map on Lenina street - houses 64 and 64 "a". New buildings are put in place and will soon be inhabited. 

The total area of ​​each nine-storey building is 7.9 thousand square meters. The buildings are of the same type, each with 81 apartments: 9 of one-room apartments with an area of ​​32.4 square meters, 54 of two-room apartments of 48.5 square meters and 18 three-room apartments with an area of ​​70.5 square meters. All apartments have improved layout, with plastic windows, balconies and interior decoration.

According to Armen Garslyan, Chairman of Metafrax Board of Directors the construction of the new houses is a significant event not only for the company, but for Gubakha in general. “If new houses are under construction in the city, then the city has a future. Considering the implementation of the region’s largest investment project - the construction of the AKM complex - this is the future of Gubakha for decades to come.

We also have social obligations to provide some apartments for accommodation of medical workers. As part of the KUB hospitals merger with the Perm hospital № 4, our common and main task together with the regional authorities is to attract here qualified doctors of narrow fields,” said Armen Garslyan.

New houses meet modern quality requirements, equipped with elevators and lifts for people with limited mobility. Turnkey finishing allows new settlers to live in the apartment immediately after the house completion. The Perm company Termodom Group was the general contractor for the construction.

Tall buildings connect with their own heating gas boiler house, which Metafrax built at the end of 2017. There is a playground in the courtyard.

The construction of these two houses is the next step of the company's active housing program. Within the long-term development strategy and the production requirements for qualified personnel, Metafrax intends to build four more nine-storey houses in Gubakha in the near future, two of which are currently under construction.

Employees of the future Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex will receive a third of apartments in new houses. Today the construction of the AUM complex is one of the company's large-scale investment projects; at least 400 employees will work on the new production. Thus, Metafrax not only creates new jobs, but also provides its employees with new housing.


In recent years, Metafrax has built for its employees four apartment buildings with a total living area of ​​more than 13 thousand square meters.

Solid position of Metafrax in the economy of Russia and the Ural region

Business newspaper Expert has published the annual federal rating TOP-400, which included the largest Russian companies. Based on the results of the financial performance in 2017 Metafrax Group of Companies reached the 273rd position of the rating. Compared to 2016, the group managed to increase the volume of sales by almost 8% reaching 45 billion rubles, the company's net profit also increased up to 7.6 billion rubles.

According to experts, the TOP-400 list over the past years has been stable, only one sixth of the participants being updated annually. Metafrax is considered as the "old-timer" of the rating with solid central positions.

The total revenue of participants in the rating in 2017 is 72.3 trillion rubles, which is 10.5% more at current prices than in 2016. Coverage of the domestic economy by the rating over the past decade has been slowly growing: by the end of 2017, the representativeness of the rating exceeded 43%.

Metafrax Group also maintained its stable positions in the regional rating of 400 largest companies in the regions of Ural and Western Siberia in terms of sales. In the study presented by the Expert magazine Metafrax Group has settled at 65 position. Thanks to a wise export strategy and favorable global environment Metafrax has managed to increase the share of export revenues in the revenue structure from 31.5% to 40.4% over the year, while total sales increased by 3.3 billion rubles comparing to 2016.

Aiming at the Middle East

On October 16 the top management of Metafrax held a meeting with the trade and economic ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, the head of Duwaya Investment, Mr. Abdulhamid Mohammed Duwaya.

Mr. Duwaya had a series of meetings with representatives of business leaders of the region and the governor of the Perm Region Maxim Reshetnikov.

According to Mr. Duwaya, the focus of Duwaya Investment is the search for investment projects in the fields of education and industrial production. During the meeting with the top management of Metafrax, the board of directors chairman Armen Garslyan and Mr. Duwaya discussed the prospects for cooperation in the sphere of Metafrax products supply expansion in the countries of the Persian Gulf.

“In fact there is no “Chinese economic miracle,” said Armen Garslyan, “There is a broad consumption market in this country and the presence of the biggest part of the European industrial players. The next promising market is India.

Based on the specifics of our business and the widespread use of synthetic resins in the construction industry, we are interested in growing, construction regions. Also solid entry to these regions with a reliable partner. In this context, the UAE and Duwaya Invtstment can become the prospect of entering the new markets. We are ready to consider even creation of a joint venture to enter the countries of the Persian Gulf, above all is guarantee of a steady demand.

The UAE has strong state and economic institutions that create a favorable investment environment. With the availability of powerful oil and gas resources the country is actively investing in new technologies, this strategy is close and understandable to us,” said Armen Garslyan.

Metadynea launched a new formalin production unit worth 1.2 billion rubles

Metadynea LLC, a subsidiary of PJSC Metafrax and one of the leaders of the Russian market of synthetic resins launched Formalin-2 production plant in Orekhovo-Zuevo. The new capacities will allow to provide necessary volumes of formalin to the company’s Moscow region plant and to increase the efficiency of the enterprise’s operation.

On October 2, a ceremonial launch of the new unit Formalin-2 took place at the production site of Metadynea LLC in Orekhovo-Zuevo. Production is designed to produce 55% formalin in the amount of 91 thousand tons per year, which will fully meet the internal needs of the enterprise in this type of product. In terms of 100% formalin, the plant capacity reaches 54 thousand tons annually.

The total project budget amounted to 1,205 billion rubles. The construction of the Formalin-2 plant has become one of the largest projects of Metadynea, implemented at its own expense.

The project started in 2015. In December 2017, a report was received on the compliance of the object with the requirements of technical regulations and project documentation, and in May 2018, permission for commissioning was received. The equipment on the site is produced by Johnson Matthey Formox AB, which is one of the leading Western suppliers of technologies for the production of formaldehyde.

“The new plant on Orekhovo-Zuevo production site has successfully passed all the tests. The design capacity of 280 tons of 55% formalin per day has been achieved, and the quality of the products corresponds to the warranty values. This gives us the opportunity to cover the internal demand for formalin by 100%, reduce logistics costs and thus offer consumers even more competitive products,” said Igor Spassky, General Director of Metadynea LLC.

“The capacity utilization of Metafrax and its subsidiaries is approaching the maximum level, so we are actively working to expand them. The increase of the volumes of its own formalin production in the Moscow region will make the site less dependent on the market situation and will serve as a guarantee of its stable operation. Metadynea is already included in the list of the largest producers of synthetic resins in Europe, and the launch of the new production will help to consolidate and strengthen the company's position,” said Armen Garslian, Chairman of the Board of directors of PJSC Metafrax.

Renewed brand of Metafrax Group will appear in summer of 2019

PJSC Metafrax, the largest Russian producer and exporter of methanol and its derivatives, starts the rebranding procedure. The renewed brand of the company will be presented in July 2019, a full-fledged launch of the brand is planned for the autumn of 2019.

Metafrax started the rebranding procedure. The contract for services rendering is signed with the multi-channel strategic communications agency Electric Creative.

The need for rebranding in the company is explained by the rapid expansion of business. The company is already the largest producer of methanol, pentaerythritol and hexamine in Europe. In addition, the subsidiary company Metadynea is on the list of the largest producers of synthetic resins in Europe.

The group's turnover is growing due to active investment policy, increasing production and sales, expansion of the assets portfolio. The revenue of Metafrax group has increased 3.5 times since 2011: from 13.2 billion rubles to 45 billion rubles by the end of 2017. It is planned that by the end of 2018 this figure will approach 50 billion rubles.

A large number of subsidiaries (both acquired and created «from scratch») presents the structure of Metafrax group. As a result, at the moment, the group includes 15 companies based in Russia and abroad. The group continues its active expansion to foreign markets: in 2017 the share of exports in the turnover of companies of the group exceeded 50%. Export deliveries are provided in 60 countries of the world.

- The decision to launch the project was approved by the Board of directors of the company in April. Today the project is fully launched, - comments Maria Konovalova, PR advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Metafrax.

At the initial stage of rebranding, it is necessary to develop a general concept for the project. To do this, a study of industry trends and competitive environment, interviews and other preparation works will be conducted. At the end of this stage, which is scheduled for the end of 2018, the brand name should be formed, and, taking into account the diversified business of the company, the architecture of the brand family as a whole.

- At the research stage, we will analyze Russian and foreign markets, business portfolios of companies of Metafrax Group, which will help us to understand the architecture of the family of brands. After the analysis, we will proceed to the creation of a positioning strategy and a brand platform. And only after that we will proceed to the stage of visualization and design, - says Beso Turazashvili, CEO of the agency Electric Creative.

The next stage, which is planned to complete in July 2019, will focus on the visualization of the brand: detailed design of the brand, the creation of a brand book, the development of a communication concept, and the creation of a brand website.

Maria Konovalova, PR advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Metafrax, was appointed the head of the working group on the rebranding project. The managing team for the project also includes members of the Board of Directors and top managers of the company.

Additional Information:

PJSC Metafrax is the flagship of the Russian market of organic chemistry with a worldwide reputation. It is the largest Russian exporter of methanol with a total export share of about 40%. The company's geography includes 60 countries.

The chemical division of the group of companies includes the head enterprise - PJSC Metafrax (Gubakha, Permsky Krai), Metadynea LLC - production of formaldehyde and synthetic resins (Permsky Krai, Moscow region), Metadynea Austria - production of formaldehyde and synthetic resins (Austria, Krems), JSC Karbolit - an industrial park of the "brownfield" type (Moscow region).

Trading companies of the group: Trade House Metafrax (Perm, Russia), Metadynea Trading SA (Geneva, Switzerland), SamyangMeta Ltd (Seoul, South Korea).

According to IFRS total revenues of GC Metafrax exceeds 45 billion rubles.

Group enterprises produce methanol, formalin, pentaerythritol and hexamine, urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC), synthetic resins, polyamide, sodium formate, etc.

Electric Creative:

BESO TURAZASHVILI - Founder and CEO of the multi-channel strategic communications agency Electric Creative. He graduated from New York University (NYU), built a career in branding in Wolff Olins in London and Dubai before moving to Moscow. Among his clients are VTB Arena Park, Dubai International Airport, Hyatt Group, Nestle, Dr. Reddy's, Cyient, Synterra Group, Sirius and others.

Coherence and efficiency as a priority

On August 23-24, the strategic session of the Metafrax Group was held for the first time in Demidkovo (Dobryanka, Perm Region).

Top managers of the companies-members of Metafrax Group and functional heads of the departments, including representatives of the Group’s foreign assets, gathered for the corporate forum MetaTeamEvent.

Metafrax Group actively increases production turnover, enhances commercial activity, expands the geography of its presence. Therefore, the purpose of the strategy session was to improve the coordination of the group’s enterprises, including their long-term development plans.

The extensive agenda of the two-day event included presentations with an analysis of the activities of all companies, including those recently included in the Group - the Korean company SamyangMeta and the Engineering and Technology Center of Metafrax.

“To me it also was a kind of team building session which will improve the internal communication a lot,” – says Dr. Ralph Peter Theuer, Managing Director of Metadynea LLC (Austria). According to him, the strategy session gave a general overview of the Group, and it was possible to get a better understanding what the different group companies are doing and focusing on.

Maxim Batuev, General Director of Karbolit, agrees with him: "First, I saw and made acquaintance with all the executives; secondly, I got an understanding of the trends and the dynamics of the development of the Group, and third, the session allowed me to identify some bottlenecks and hotspots in general".

On the second day of the work, the participants of the strategic session discussed key aspects of the current and prospective activities of the GC Metafrax: industrial security, legal, financial, personnel and corporate issues, PR, branding, security issues.

According to Simon Vikhnin, Director of Legal Affairs of PJSC Metafrax, it is a very rare opportunity to gather such a wide representation of interested executives: "A unique opportunity for the management to hold meetings and discuss issues they usually do not have enough time for at official events. The key issue is feedback and concrete implementation of the proposals based on the results of the session."

Following the results of the strategic session, a decision was made to expand and improve the efficiency of commercial activities and budgeting, and to create an information and analytical system. Another notable part was the presentation of the project to create a single brand of the Group of companies. The decision to start the project was previously made by the Board of directors of PJSC Metafrax.

According to the General Director of PJSC Metafrax, Vladimir Daut, such forums will become regular for the coordination of general plans and full understanding of corporate goals: "In the future, we plan to hold such meetings in different territories with a program of joint meetings and round tables, as well as the involvement of outside experts."

The companies of the Group are faced with the tasks of preserving sustainable development rates, developing optimal mechanisms for making internal decisions, optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency. "We must solve all thorny issues and eliminate the problems of our interaction in order to solve common problems," said Armen Garslyan during the discussion. "All the issues that are not resolved here and today will be brought to the nearest meetings of the Board of directors, working groups and committees, they will be properly assessed and a clear procedure for further actions will be defined”. The next strategic session is planned to be convened in six months.

Closing the first outbound strategic session, the Chairman of the Board of directors underlined that the Group of companies is growing, and the coordination tasks are becoming more complicated. "Therefore, at the end of the meeting, we should work out a common methodology for solving organizational, legal, communicative and economic problems," – said Armen Garslian. "All our efforts are aimed at improving the efficiency of production activities and business processes."

For the first time Metafrax and Metadynea Trading attended European Technical Coatings Congress in Amsterdam

This year congress took place during 26-29 June in historical building of former stock exchange (Beurs van Berlage) in the centre of Amsterdam.

For the first time this congress was co-organized by Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints
in European Countries (FATIPEC), The Oil & Colour Chemists Association (OCCA) and Coatings Science International (CoSI). It gathered more than 400 R&D experts in coatings industry from many multinational and mid-size companies from all over the world.

4-days congress was full of sessions (3-4 sessions on different topics were held simultaneously), topics were mainly dedicated to technical aspects of paint, paint raw materials as well as the most recent progress in coatings science and technology.

“This was a first-time experience of such kind for Metafrax Group, the only pentaerythritol manufacturer in Eastern Europe. It was very useful to meet and talk face-to-face with experts, who take final decision, which raw materials shall be used in currently developed products”, says Vasily Mikhaylov, representative of Metadynea Trading, marketing subsidiary of Metafrax Group.

“This event was very inspiring, as it broadened my horizon of understanding, in which finished goods our raw material is used and how important is to meet certain criteria for particular consumers - manufacturers of paints and coatings”, says Vadim Dik, deputy head of pentaerythritol and hexamine production units. “Launch of dipentaerythritol unit, which is expected still this year - requires discussion of numerous technical aspects with the users, this congress is a very well-represented platform for meeting many existing and prospective customers at a single place”, so Mr. Dik.

Metafrax supports Women in Art educational project held within Diaghilev Festival

Perm summarizes the results of Women in Art, an educational project that was organized within Diaghilev Festival with the support of Metafrax PJSC and its beneficiary owner Seyfeddin Roustamov. One of the project participants got the chance to implement her creative project on the big stage the next year.

The goal of Women in Art was to support girls who chose artistic occupations considered as non-traditional for women. The educational project covered such arts as opera and symphony conducting, production, and playing percussion instruments and clarinet. The Festival enabled the participants included in that project group to work hand in hand with many reputed artists and laureates of international competitions, among them Teodor Currentzis, Artistic Director of Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.

Program attendees had the opportunity not only to learn from the eminent masters, but also to develop their own projects. Metafrax paid particular attention to one of the presented designs: Fine Chemistry Project of Elena Frolova, a student of the production faculty from Moscow. Now, her creative project got a real chance for implementation with the assistance of Metafrax.

Seyfeddin Roustamov:

- Our company operates in the chemical industry, so we focused on how musical projects and experimental operas associated with all sorts of chemistry, such as human relationships, love, and philosophy, are born. We examined every project, and were impressed by Elena Frolova’s creation. Now she can implement her project and present it to the public in 2019.

Women in Art project ended with an open-air concert where the participants and other students engaged in the Festival’s educational program demonstrated to Perm audience their artistic skills and shared their inspiration for art. After the concert, Metafrax representative awarded Elena Frolova with the diploma for the best project and gave her a grant for implementing her creation during the next Diaghilev Festival.