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The focus on the investments in production development

The annual general assembly of shareholders was held at "Metafrax".

The 28th of May at the annual general assembly of shareholders of the JSC "Metafrax" the Board of Directors was elected. Oleg Gordienko, Vyacheslav Grachev, Vladimir Daut, Dmitry Kravchek, Victor Mayer and Natalia Startseva kept their positions on the Board. Armen Garslyan was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The shareholders approved the annual reports and financial accounts, as well as deals that they were interested in. JSC "UKey-Audit" and JSC "KPMG" were approved as the company’s auditors for 2015.

Also during the annual assembly the shareholders decided not to pay out dividends on the company’s ordinary shares because of the results of 2014. It was connected with the necessity of financing the enterprise’s ambitious investment program, and with volatile economic environment.

- This year the company’s investments are planned to be 2.5 bln RUB. It is a record-breaking amount, which is almost 2.5 times higher than last year's figure. The difficult situation is also observed in the banking sector of the business credit. Thus, we cannot risk the company's investment program, - says Armen Garslyan, the chairman of the board of directors “Metafrax".

Net profit gained as a result of 2014 will be directed at financial support of current operations, investment financing and at social needs. However, the board of directors of the company does not rule out that the situation could change by the end of this year.

The Board of Directors of JSC "Metafrax" summed up the company’s results for Quarter I of 2015

At the meeting on April 17, the Board of Directors of "Metafrax" examined a question of the company’s budget implementation for Quarter I of 2015.

From January to March of 2015 the plan of all the company’s budget targets was realized. During this period products at the cost of 4.66 bln RUB were manufactured. It is 1.16 bln RUB or 33% more than the last year.

The company's revenue for January-March 2015 was 4.445 bln RUB. The amount of sales in comparison with last year increased by 1.034 bln RUB or 30%.

The share of exports in total sales was 41%, against 46% in January-March the last year.

The company’s investment budget for that period was 475.1 mln RUB. The company’s social expenditures reached 41.1 mln RUB.

For Qarter I, 2015, actual methanol production was 266 KT, it corresponded to the same period last year, formalin production - 89.1 KT (increase by 10.4%), UFC production - 45.7 KT (decrease by 5.7%).

According to preliminary data, in Quarter I of 2015 net profit calculated under RAS amounted 1.593 bln RUB. It is 431 mln RUB, or 37% more than the corresponded period the last year.

 - Increase of net income and revenues is connected with increase of production’s and sales’ amount, favorable pricing environment and a little bit with positive exchange difference at the beginning of the year.

In Quarter I the company was operating at 100% load on the entire product slate. The commercial activities were stimulated. In addition, the negative expectations of the prices’ fall and the market contraction were not fulfilled, - said Armen Garslyan, the chairman of the Board of Directors.

Results of the program "Zvezdny - Jubileiny: there is no shooting here"

Clothes and material items at the cost of more than 400 thousand rubles were collected by combined efforts of "Metafrax” employees and citizens of Gubakha for immigrants from the Donbass during the program "Zvezdny - Jubileiny: there is no shooting here".

As a result of the charity program winter outerwear, bed linen, blankets and towels, heaters and dish sets were handed to refugees from towns and villages of Donetsk and Luhansk. Also personal care and household products, kettles, irons and other things which are necessary for people’s everyday life were passed.
- All these things were bought by the funds which were raised by “Metafrax" employees - said Nikolay Vorobyov, assistant of the enterprise’s general director. - Many things were received from Gubakha’s citizens:  people brought items to the office of the party "United Russia".
- Among other things, the company "Metafrax" bought dining tables and chairs, stools, beds, gas stoves and plumbing equipment, - said Irina Belunkina, the head of Yubileiny rural settlement’s administration - Large families will receive everything first of all, then families with children and single refugees. We know what they desperately need. Everything that was brought will be handed exactly to the refugees.

According to various sources during the program about 410 thousand rubles were spent on all needs of the refugees who settled in Jubileiny. The company "Metafrax" allocated 260 thousand rubles to the purchase of items, appliances, equipment and kitchen utensils. The company’s employees collected 100 thousand rubles and the fund "Deputy's concern" spent 50 thousand rubles on the refugees’ needs.

 - Now it is important to execute all documents for future immigrants’ citizenship and formal employment. The company takes over the preparation of notarized documents’ translations. We also provide people with transport to go to the regional center for the formal procedures’ organization. In addition, preliminary agreements with Anatoly Makhovikov, the first deputy chairman of the regional government, are reached to conduct cosmetic repairs in the refugees’ apartments, - says Armen Garslyan, the chairman of the Board of JSC "Metafrax".

Metafrax proceeds with the housing program for employees

JSC Metafrax has been implementing the own housing program for more than 10 years. In the next 2 years the company is intending to invest about 80 million Rubles into this area. It is hard to keep the qualified personnel amid global competition and the management of the chemical holding realizes this very well.

"Undertaking its own mission Metafrax changes the view of the town" - says Vladimir Daut, General Manager.

-          Vladimir Alexandrovich, what made Metafrax think over implementation of its own housing program?

-                      We started home construction activity knowingly. More than 10 years ago in partnership with JSC Kamskaya Dolina we built the first house. The general contractor was our company Metatransstroi which dealt with industrial construction only before. Bricks were delivered by Meakir. Then we built one more house and understood we could do it in a quite professional manner.

Looking at things from afar, we could seem to "poach". There is a secondary housing market in the town but let's have a look what houses are these ones. The most part of these houses was built in the middle of the last century. They got distressed. So what? Shall we make people live in them? Nowadays people choose where to live and work analyzing a lot of factors. One of them is a possibility to live comfortably and with pleasure. The providing of corporate housing is especially important for young professionals for who own housing becomes a determinative factor. And we cannot but consider it. The Metafrax employees deserve the best.

-          How many houses are you planning to build?  

 -                     This year we've started the construction of one house. Of course, we will not manage to put it in commission this year. It's scheduled for 2015. This house will have comfortable apartments with loggias and double-glazing windows. In total 42 apartments, 18 of which are one-roomed and two-roomed, 6 are three-roomed. The project also provides for a children's playground and a parking place.

 Making analysis of the demand for housing among our employees we should build two more houses as minimum. The specialists prepared their proposals and that is a question of future.

 -          What construction technologies are you intending to use?

-   The project is quite interesting, as a rule, we build brick houses. This time we provided for the individual heating system - there will be a gas boiler in each apartment that will allow to control temperature in the flat. This means there will always be hot water in the house. The equipment is modern and everything is very cosy. The summer showed how important it is in our climate to have a possibility to switch heating in time.     

 -          What are the terms for the Metafrax employees to get an apartment?

 -          We give apartments by right of ownership on favorable conditions with instalments for 10-15 years  depending on work experience. Also, the business units are supposed to be quoted in such a way that the departments' managers distribute the housing between specialists they are interested in most of all.

 -          You undertake quite serious obligations...

 -          This is a proper approach, thus we care of the future generations. In soviet times there were no discussions about social responsibility. Each enterprise was aware of the role it played in its employees' lives and invested money in kindergartens, schools, built houses. To build a profitable production is just a half of a deal. The most important is whether it develops area and people living here.

-          Your construction project can probably be supposed as the biggest one in Gubakha.

 -          Today no one except us builds block of flats in Gubakha. That is why all our projects attract attention of the citizens. Mainly, like in Perm region on the whole, the individual housing develops in a city - people themselves decide what their house should be like. And this is not bad. Moreover, we are going in this direction as well. For example, we have a project for building townhouses. But for time being this is a forward thinking approach.    

We are very well aware of the fact that Metafrax, as the enterprise, defines the picture of the future town - what Gubakha should be in 20-30 years. And that is a huge responsibility.   

Metafrax became a partner of the Perm engineering and industrial forum

Technical assignment for new industrialisation is the main results of the engineering and industrial forum held on November 6-7 at the Perm fair.

Engineering and industrial forum held in Perm that involved federal experts and establishment  representatives not only stated the level of economic development in the region but also defined a cooperation vector for both education establishments of  the region and traditionally strong industrial segment in Perm region, including chemical industry.

One can say that engineering forum defined "the technical requirement" for the new industrialization in Russia. In particular, there are some solutions proposed to solve such problems as lack of qualified engineers and modernization of production. There are already some own programs working in the region that were appreciated on the federal level.

Mikhail BABICH, RF Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to Privolzhsky Federal District:

- Today everybody is busy with preparation and further development of young scientists. Perm region today is a leader in this field. This experience will be used and useful for the whole country.

The lack of engineers is a pressing matter for most sectors. The modern system of preparation of high-demand young specialists got the name «dual education». In the soviet time there was an institute of mentoring that helped manage this task as well as a state order for graduates distribution. The experience of the past was adapted to realias of today's life. Nowadays, coming to the plant, a young specialist works under experienced employee, takes an individual training course on preparation and development. Thus, an educational establishment and an enterprise jointly prepare a specialist according to a business order.

Most of the forum was devoted to the dual education system. Its prototype in Perm region was created more than 10 years ago by JSC Metafrax top management. Alongside a powerful modernization program there was a system started for preparation of competent staff for high technology production. Exactly at that time the Ural Chemical and Technological College was opened in Gubakha. One could read about it at the company mount when VIP guests headed by  Olga Golodets, Deputy federal government, were walking around the exhibit display.

ARMEN GASLYAN, Board Chairman of JSC Metafrax:

-  Creation of the Ural Chemical and Technological College on the basis of the Technical school was not easy. At that time educational establishments were closed throughout the country. Today the system works successfully, graduates of UCTC are indeed of high demand. 630 college graduates of different years work at Metafrax - this is almost the third part of the whole personnel. This is the best indication of real effectiveness of dual education system.

The preparation of main personnel of the company starts at school: there are academic competitions for school children in their regions, the infrastructure of the educational establishments is improved. There are computer classes and chemical laboratories at school.

A future chemist is followed at all stages: field trips, occupational guidance, development of joint curriculum. The core specialists at the enterprise are invited lecturers of field-oriented subjects at college.

Mikhail VOROSHILOV, the operator of conversion at JSC Metafrax methanol production plant and invited teacher of UCTC shared his experience in dual education during forum:

- I teach at the college from January 2010 with great pleasure. For me this is an opportunity for professional growth and communication with potential employees. The cooperation works well: most of our trainees, graduates from UCTC, already work at the plant or in the company group. And employment of students takes place before they finish college, which meets their needs making a flexible curriculum.

After finishing UTCT like after finishing school a young specialist has a real chance to graduate from higher education institutions with the profession-oriented speciality.

The company cooperation with high education institutions suppose three party contracts on students education, today it's about 100 people who study with Metafrax support .

Agreements signed between the company and education institutions and faculties provide for serious research and development activity.

All this joint work aims at providing the company with qualified personnel with an opportunity to plan staff need for a long-run period.

It means the shortage issue of highly-qualified technical personnel can be successfully solved in case of cooperation between business, education institutions and local authorities. Support from the federal center is one of the key factors of effectiveness, what was confirmed by RF Minister of Energy, Alexander NOVAK, under the frame of the forum:

- I would like to thank the governor Victor Basargin for arranging this forum. Personnel preparation is a very topical issue. I hope companies, enterprises and high education institutions will share their experience during discussions at the forum - how to combine an order and industry needs in highly-qualified personnel. As well as to receive concrete proposals allowing us to solve this task to the best advantage.

JSC Metafrax Board of Directors summarized work undertaken within 9 months of 2014

On October 27, JSC Metafrax finalized the results of the company activity for January - September 2014.

For this period JSC Metafrax manufactured the market products to the amount of 9 360 mln.RUB. - that is 261 mln.RUB or 3% more than the corresponding figures of last year.

The sales revenue was 9 388 mln.RUB, 326 mln.RUB or 4% more than the corresponding figure of 2013.

The share of exports in sales was 38,3 % (-2,9% compared to 2013 г.) The wage supplements of the company reached 117 mln.RUB.

The methanol yield in January - September of the current year was 695 KT that is 61 KT less than the corresponding figure of last year. The decrease is connected to the shutdown and the first stage of the reconstruction aiming at 10% capacity increase.

There were 261 KT of formalin produced (increase by 12,5%), 147 KT of UFC (+6,6%), 17 KT of pentaerythritol (+1%).

According to preliminary data, the net profit for January-September was 2 658 mln.RUB and this exceeds the corresponding figure of last year by 174 mln. RUB or 7%.

 - Under the current uncertainty of foreign economic conditions, increase in the rate of foreign currencies we see stability in the enterprise activity in accordance with the budget figures. Financial and economic projections till the end of the year anticipate moderate growth of figures against 2013,- commented Armen Garslyan, Board Chairman.

At the special meeting held on October 24, the shareholders of JSC Metafrax confirmed the payment of interim dividends for 6 months of 2014 in the amount of 3 Rubles for an ordinary equity share with the nominal value 1 Rub.

In total, 978,4 mln.RUB were paid as interim dividends for 6 month period of 2014.

Annual Meeting of Shareholders took place at Metafrax.

On May 28 during the annual meeting there was a decision made to pay out distribute profits at 2013 year-end in the amount of 3 Rubles per equity ruble share.

The company has already paid out the interim dividends for 9 months of 2013 in the amount of 3 Rubles per equity ruble share.

The payments demonstrate a constant dynamics. The dividends of the company for 2012 were 4.1 RUB/share (3.1 RUB for 9 months and 1 RUB at the year-end), for 2011 - 0,5 RUB, for 2010 - 0.35 RUB.

Thus, the total amount of dividends for 2013 increased half again as (+46%) compared to 2012.

According to Armen Garslyan, Board Chairman, the significant increase of dividend rate is first of all linked to the record financial and economic performance data:

"The company has a coherent and clear dividend policy, first the shareholders invested into the company development, now the results of these investments reflect the financial outcome and the company is ready to increase dividends. With further increase of financial statements we intend to continue this policy".  

The total amount of interim dividends for 9 months of 2013 and yearly dividends for 2013 are 1.956,8 million Rubles that is 60,5 % of net profit of 2013 (3.234 million Rubles), the rest amount which is 1.277 million Rubles (39,5% of net profit) the shareholders forwarded to the current production activity, investments and social needs.      

The shareholders elected Board of Directors. Oleg Gordienko, Viacheslav Grachev, Vladimir Daut, Dmitriy Kravchek, Victor Maier and Natalia Startseva kept their positions in the Board.

Armen Garslyan has been again elected as Board Chairman.

By the decision of Board of Directors during the April meeting Vladimir Daut was again elected as General Director.

The shareholders meeting also approved the annual report and book accounting, the company charter in a new revision, as well as deals of interest. The auditor for 2014 will be ZAO UK Audit.

Metafrax and Perm State University confirmed the cooperation in writing

On May 23 on the eve of the professional holiday Metafrax signed the Agreement on cooperation with the eldest higher education institution in the Kama region - Perm State National Research University. 

Three faculties represented the University - a faculty of economics, a faculty of law and a faculty of chemistry. The Agreement became a part of the program of Metafrax Group staff development. Research chemists with the applied skills are the specialists always required at Metafrax. «Piece-goods», lawyers, should accompany the company at all business stages. The economists are expected to stay ahead, do modelling of the economic system and forecasting activity.

The 5 year agreement program includes the expert investigation of the curriculum and the program development for students practical activity; interregional conferences; the target preparation of students and post-graduates; case championships, master classes and guest lectures from Metafrax Group leading workers.

Special attention is paid to the joint scientific research. In particular, the company together with the University is planning to do R&D in urotropin, pentaerythritol synthesis as well as in polyamide production. 

"Nowadays we realize that we need to drastically change the vector of holding development - go to the research and development" - Armen Garslyan, Metafrax Board Chairman, said.  "Mastering the production of high tech and unique products is the only possibility to move to a new level. There are plenty of products including in our branch that are used but not produced in Russia for lack of technologies. In order to create them the investments to science are required, namely, put targets and develop technologies of the products which are not manufactured in our country yet.  A breakthrough effort is needed today and we have all the resources required".        

Perm State National Research University will be the base for the company research and development. The directions of cooperation are research works, analyses of education programs for I&I applications, preparation of future chemists. The faculty of chemistry is ready to provide enterprise workers with highly-accurate equipment and make company products analyses jointly.

The Parties believe the Agreement will become a basis for applied research activity to complete exact tasks, adapt technologies, develop product recipes including those that can be produced at the plant.  

Igor Makarikhin, President of Perm State university:

Here is a case of the leader in chemical industry of our country and this means very complicated technologies, therefore it will be a hard but interesting work.  I believe we will justify the confidence of our partners and mange with this target. The cooperation plan will be made between the relevant departments of our university.