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Обратная связь
The majority shareholders of "Metafrax" waive the dividends

Seifeddin Rustamov, the beneficial owner of PJSC "Metafrax", intends to refuse the dividends payment for 2019. It is planned that financial resources will be used to support the existing production and personnel of enterprises as well as investment projects for the construction of new industrial complexes and units that are currently being implemented.

- The situation of the global market of methanol and its derivatives is currently negative. The consumption volume is decreasing and product prices are falling. We are aware of our responsibility to our partners, employees and society; therefore, in difficult times of crisis, we focus on ensuring the business continuity and ensuring stability for our employees. In this regard, I have made a decision to suggest that the shareholders of "Metafrax" waive the payment of dividends for 2019 and suspend the development of investment projects that have not yet begun. Work on projects that are under implementation will continue, - Seifeddin Rustamov stated.

- The management team of "Metafrax" welcomes the responsible decision made by the beneficial owner. For our part, we have assured all suppliers of raw materials that the raw material component of the company's costs is not reduced. We intend to negotiate with banks in regards to reducing credit interest rates. Together with our partners - producers of methanol, we address the federal authorities with a request for state support measures. We also plan to bring a proposal to the Governor of the Perm region in regards to changing the terms of special investment contracts and providing possible support at the regional level, - said Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the company's Board of Directors.

"Metafrax Group" actively cooperates with the government of Perm Krai on the issues of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic and participates in issue resolution for reduction of coronavirus infection impact for the population in general as well as for the most vulnerable business sectors such as small and medium businesses. "Metafrax" sent financial aid to the Perm regional fund for social support of the population as part of a "Healthy Kama region" fund-raising charity event for the coronavirus control. The money will be spent on additional medical supplies, equipment, personal protective equipment and social support for the population.

Russian companies of Metafrax Group switched to the “day-off” operation

Starting from 30 March till 3 April the non-working days are declared in order to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well being of the Russian people. The relevant Decree was enacted by the country president Vladimir Putin. Metafrax Group management shares the concerns of the authorities due to the coronavirus outbreak in the world. Health, safety and well being of the personnel, their families and all the citizens are our unconditional priorities.

In the companies of the group the regulatory acts are endorsed governing their operation in this period. As per these documents, from 30 March till 3 April the days off are provided maintaining the personnel salaries. The work is ongoing only for the specialists, for which by the employment contract the shift work is foreseen due to the necessity to ensure the technological process continuity and support operability of the production. Part of the managers and specialists are switched to the remote work. The emergency centers are created to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

On the production facilities the preventive proactive actions were taken. The abroad business trips were cancelled, the personnel trips within Russia were limited. The meetings are held as the videoconferences. In all the companies of the group it was forbidden to be present at the work place for the specialists with external symptoms of ARVI. On the check-points of the companies there is a temperature check for all the visitors using the thermographic cameras.

“The government decision is aimed to decrease the quantity of the contacts for each of us between each other. We urge during these days-off to be as much as possible isolated from the environment. By keeping yourself healthy you protect your family, maintain the integrity of your department and operability of the company”, highlighted the board chairman of PJSC Metafrax Armen Garslyan.

Please be reminded about the proactive actions for the virus diseases, and follow strictly the recommendations!

Summary of the 1st selection stage for free education of pupils from Kizel coil basin territory in “Skolkovo”

Within the framework of stage it was necessary to write an essay “Who from entrepreneurs inspires me?”. Competition jury received 60 works for review from pupils of Gubakha, Kizel and Gremyachinsk. 33 persons passed in the 2nd stage. Competition jury evaluated the essay structure, argument presence, attention of authors and the topic coverage.  

The jury member, Deputy General Director for strategic development and investment project evaluation  of Metadynea company Levon Garslyan highlighted the importance that Russian entrepreneurs such as Oleg Tinkov, Pavel Durov and Tatyana Bakalchuk became leaders in selection of topics for essays: «Generally, I liked that the children indicated two important aspects in their works: necessity of hard work to be a successful entrepreneur and that entrepreneurs is a rare class of people ready to risk.  For me it’s a very conscious approach, considering that the age of authors doesn’t exceed 14-17 years. I ask the children to keep these two aspects in mind independently from competition results”.    

According to PJSC Metafrax advisor for Chairman of the Board Mariya Konovalova, the big importance has the geography of essay authors: “It’s important that to be candidates to win a grant from Metafrax for education in “Skolkovo” could pupils not only from Gubakha, but also from Kizel and Gremyachinsk. I’ll reveal a secret that participants from all three towns will be present in the next stage”.

Finalists of the 1st stage will be invited to attend and solve a case from Metafrax Group. In the near future, Skolkovo specialists will contact with participants of the 2nd stage and announce a topic and online-lecture speaker.  

Three winners Metafrax Group will provide with a grant for education in “Junior” Academy for startup program of “Skolkovo”. Remaining participants will get the priceless experience.

"Metafrax Group" plans further production development of flame retardants in the Austrian Krems

At the production site of the "Metadynea" company in the city of Krems (Austria) a meeting was held for the business review and further development issues of the industrial park. Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Metafrax Board of Directors, inspected the existing units and held a discussion with Ralf Toyer, Managing Director of "Metadynea-Austria" regarding the prospects for new investment projects implementation.

During the work trip, a decision was made to expand the production of halogen-free flame retardants - the components added to materials of organic origin to provide fire protection. These products, unlike flame retardants containing chlorinated or brominated organic compounds, produce less smoke when a fire occurs and are classified as safe and environmentally friendly.

The preparation for implementation of this investment project is planned to be completed in 2020. Other ideas for the chemical services development at the territory of the "Metadynea" industrial park in Krems are also being considered.

In 2019, high-tech capacities for the production of carboxylic acids and aldehydes were created at the "Metadynea-Austria" production site and a plant with the capacity of 7,500 tons per year was built. Investments for the project reached 10 million euros. The implemented project increased the range of manufactured products and provided the company with an expanded market share.  10 new jobs were created additionally in order to operate the plant.

- Creation of new production facilities and expansion of the product line is of strategic importance for "Metafrax Group". It strengthens our position as the largest participant in the specialised market and ensures the economic development of our presence areas as well as the well-being of the residents, - Armen Garslyan noted.

Metafrax Group plans to attract Perm REC to develop new production technologies

On February 20th, in the Perm Research and Educational Center "Rational subsoil management" (REC) a meeting was held on the issues of technology development planning for production of PJSC "Metafrax".

It was attended by General Director of LLC "Engineering and technological center "Metafrax" Nikolay Ilyukhin, Deputy General Director of LLC "Metafrax Trading" Oleg Gordienko, Director of ANCO Perm REC "Rational subsoil management" Pavel Ilyushin as well as representatives of Perm universities - Perm State National Research University and Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

- "Metafrax" is constantly working to improve the manufacturability and develop its product line. In collaboration with the Perm REC, we expect that the cooperation of universities, process companies and industrial enterprises aimed to create and implement new technologies in the industry will lead to practical results in the form of new projects for the development of our production, - noted Oleg Gordienko.   

As a result of the discussion, it was decided to start the joint development of production technologies that can be implemented at the "Metafrax" production site in Gubakha. In particular, the production technology of oil-field reagents via the condensation of formaldehyde and bases that contain a nitrogen atom is considered as one of the options.

- We are considering cooperation between "Metafrax" and REC in two directions simultaneously - "Chemical technologies" and "Ecology and safety of territories". The projects that we have previously discussed are able to solve current company issues and increase efficiency in these areas. At this point, we are holding a discussion with the dedicated experts of "Metafrax" in regards to a more precise task statement for the research teams that are united by the REC, - Pavel Ilyushin stated.

"Rational subsoil management" REC was created in 2019 on the basis of collaboration between the Perm Federal research center of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Perm National Research Polytechnic University and the Perm State National Research University in cooperation with enterprises of the real economy sector.

«Teacher of the year» from Gubakha will present «Soyuz» association at the regional contest

On February 26, awarding of the winners of the contest «Teacher of the year-2020» took place in Gubakha on February, 26.  The teachers from the towns of the «Soyuz» association from Gubakha, Gremyachinsk, Gornozavodsk, Chusovoy, Kizel and Alexandrovsk fought for victory. The contest wastraditionally held under the patronage of «Metafrax Group».

Teachers competed in seven categories. 48 people took part in the extramural stage of this contest, 36 of them were choosen for the intramural stage.

The absolute winner was Mrs. Elvira Krylova from Gubakha, the teacher of the supplementary education from the children and youth center "Spectrum". She will introduce the towns of the «Soyuz» association at the regional stage of the «Teacher of the year-2020» contest.

The awards were presented to the winners of the contest by the Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Region, adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PJSC Metafrax,  Mrs. Maria Konovalova, Deputy General Director of  the PJSC Metafrax for personnel and social affairs, Mr. Rashid Shakirov, Head of Gubakha’s Urban District, Mr. Nikolay Lazeykin, Head of the Educational Department  of Gubakha, Mrs. Natalya Shaidyllina  and Director  of the informational and methodological Center, Mrs. Larisa  Sizova.

- The contest is held in Gubakha not incidentally. Our town is the forefront in terms of educational development, and we continue to develop further. «Metafrax» together with the Ural College of Chemical Technology and schools of the town introduces new forms, including dual education, implements a joint project with Skolkovo for the youth of the Kizel Coal-Basin.  All these innovations are aimed to educate a competitive young generation, - highlighted Mrs. Maria Konivalova. 

"Metafrax" presents the "Wind of time" book in the Legislative Assembly of the Kama region

On February 20th, the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region held a presentation of Svetlana Fedotova's book titled "Wind of time". Armen Garslyan, chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax" and a member of the regional parliament, handed over a copy of the publication with his autograph to the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Valery Sukhoi for the "Parliamentary library" project. Another copy was presented to the State archive of the Perm region.

- This book is not only about the development of "Metafrax". Due to the fact that Svetlana Fedotova is a caring and extraordinary author, the book turned out to be deeper and wider. This is a book about love for your city, enterprise, and region. It is about how "ad astra per aspera", we are growing confidently, relying on the support of the population, the authorities of our country and the region for the benefit of residents of the cities of Kizel Coal Basin and the entire Perm region, - stated Armen Garslyan.

Valery Sukhoi thanked the author's team for their tremendous work and noted that he had already read the book "from cover to cover". 

- This publication makes us remember some pages of the Gubakha industrial center history. This is evidence of the formation and rise of our Kama region industry," - said the speaker of the regional Parliament.

Maria Konovalova, member of the Legislative Assembly, adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Metafrax, and Igor' Kireev, Director of the state archive of the Perm region, also took part in the presentation of the book.

- Our partners are not only production chemists, but also our associates – representatives of the Perm Polytechnic University, the Perm Opera and ballet theater, the Perm art gallery, the Perm Philharmonic, the "Dominant" theater and many others. These are the people with whom we work together to create projects that are significant for the region's residents. The book was created simultaneously with the formation of a new "Metafrax Group" brand.  And "Wind of time" reflects the philosophy and values of our company - innovation, responsibility and sustainability, - Maria Konovalova highlighted.

Simultaneously with the presentation of the book, the regional Legislative Assembly had opened an "At the chemical level" exhibition about the history of the chemical industry of the Perm region. The exhibition was organized by the State archive of the Perm region, PJSC "Metafrax", LLC "LUKOIL–Perm" and LLC "LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez".

«Metafrax» will receive the preferential loan of the Federal Industrial Development Fund

On February, 14, PJSC Metafrax and Federal Industrial Development Fund have signed the Contract for the  allocation of the preferential loan in the amount of RUB 500 Millions. This amount is  provided for the implementation of the investment project for the paraformaldehyde plant construction at the industrial site of «Metafrax» in Gubakha.

«Metafrax» started the project realization in 2019. The capital investments are amounted to RUB 5,2 Billions (excl. VAT). Considering the loan of the Federal Industrial Development Fund the enterprise is intended to put into operation the paraformaldehyde production plant with the capacity of 30 thousand tons per year. The start up of the object is scheduled for the second half of 2021. In addition, the investment project involves the construction of the formalin production plant with the capacity of 180 thousand tons per year.

Paraformaldehyde is an import substitution product. Currently it is not produced in Russia. The project implementation will not only completely cover the current demand of Russian market, which amounts to 7 -8 thousand tons per year, but it will also allow to send the product for export.

As explained by the General Director of «Metafrax» Mr. Vladimir Daut, the involvement of the loan of the Federal Industrial Development Fund is an successful cooperation example between an enterprise and the state.

- As a result it will help to start the paraformaldehyde production, which does not have analogues in Russia yet. New high-tech employment opportunities will be created. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with the Federal Industrial Development Fund on this project and hope for the continued joint work in the future, - stated Mr. Vladimir Daut.

The cooperation of PJSC Metafrax and Federal Industrial Development Fund started in 2018 on the platform of the international investment forum in Sochi. At that time Federal Industrial Development Fund had already big participation experience in the investments projects, including Perm Region. With the participation of the Federal Industrial Development Fund and Ministry of Industry and Trade of Perm Region PJSC «Metafrax» has prepared the documents to receive the loan in frames of the «Development projects» program.


The Supplier of the equipment and technology for the paraformaldehyde production will be Danish Engineering Company “GEA Process Engineering”. In order to provide raw material (formalin) for the paraformaldehyde plant with the capacity of 30 thousand tons per year, the project involves the construction of the formalin production plant with the designed capacity of 180 thousand tons per year. The licenser of the choosen technology for the formalin production will be Dynea AS Company (Norway).

HR services of Metafrax Group implement the brand philosophy in their daily work

A seminar for human resource specialists from companies that are part of "Metafrax Group" was held in Perm on February 13th. Its participants discussed the introduction of new "Metafrax Group" values into everyday life.

The group of companies continues the phased implementation of the new brand, which was launched in 2018. A single brand is intended to not only position Metafrax in the markets of its presence correctly, but also to introduce its basic values – innovation, responsibility, and sustainability — into the way employees act at all of the Group's sites.

While starting the seminar, Ivan Feoktistov, head of the human resource and organizational development Department of "Metafrax Trading" LLC, had stated that the implementation of a new brand should be a starting point to look at events with employees as well as meetings with schoolchildren and students from a new angle, in order to be an example of changing the company's philosophy.

The seminar facilitator - Dmitry Ambrusenko, a representative of the "Electric Creative" communication agency (Moscow), which was engaged in the creation of a new brand, highlighted the importance of rooting the brand philosophy in the life of enterprise teams and noted the high value of the human resource specialists' contribution in this process.

During the seminar, participants reviewed cases from Google, Coca-Cola and Beeline on how to breathe life into a new brand.

In the course of group work, the participants tried to translate values into a simple language that is understandable for everyone as well as tried to identify the principles that will turn new corporate values into a part of life.

The seminar was attended by human resource specialists from "Metafrax Chemicals", "Metafrax Trading", "Metadynea", "Metafrax Inform", "MetaTransStroy" and "Karbolit".

Students from High School of Economics presented their business plans to experts of Metafrax Group

On the 1st of February, at the venue of National Research University High School of Economics, the final stage of lecture courses “Chemistry without borders: search of investment projects” was held.  Second and third year students presented their business plans related to manufacturing of new products for chemical branch in Russia.  

Presentations were delivered by 8 teams. Topics for business plans were defined together with experts of Metafrax Group. Student works were evaluated by lecturer/specialists from Metadynea, Engineering and technological center of Metafrax and invited experts such as LLC Metadinea General Director Igor Spasskiy and research supervisor from HSE specialized department of Financial Market Infrastructure professor Nikolay Berzon.  Such criteria as project uniqueness, quality of financial and business analysis, team work quality and actual idea implementation in chemical industry were evaluated.

As per jury decision, students demonstrated their interest to the course topic and paid attention to recommendations of lecturers and experts.  The team № 8 became a winner. It presented a project about product manufacturing for transport infrastructure handling. All students received memorable gifts from Metadynea company.

The joint course of Metafrax Group and High School of Economics “Chemistry without borders: search of investment products” was started in November 2019. The course manager became Deputy General Director for strategic planning and investment project evaluation of Metafrax Group Levon Garslyan.   Specialists of Metadynea, Metafrax Group and Engineering and technological center of Metafrax toke on the role of lecturers and experts.

Gubakha citizens supported construction projects of new plants in Metafrax

On the 3rd of February, in Gubakha public hearings related to discussion of project construction for new plants of paraformaldehyde and formaldehyde in PJSC Metafrax were held.   More than 370 citizens of Gubakha and Kizel took part in them.

The project implementation will allow to create more than 40 working places and increase a tax liability volume in budgets of all levels starting from 2022 by 100 million rubles.  The investment volume is estimated at 5.2 billion rubles. It’s planned to finish the construction of facilities in the second half of 2021.

Paraformaldehyde is a product of import substitution, it’s not produced in Russia and imported from Europe and China. The construction of plant in PJSC Metafrax will allow to meet requirements of domestic consumers completely. Part of product will be supplied for export.

During hearings, issues of environmental safety for new facilities were considered. Academic experts from Institute of design, environment and hygiene, Independent institute of public environmental expert review and audit and Center of public environmental expert review shared their opinion. The formaldehyde plant will be equipped with modern gas-handling equipment, the production is foreseen as the non-waste one. The facility is designed to substitute old units. The sanitary protection zone will not change.  The threshold limit value (TLV) of none component will be exceeded.  

Managers of PJSC Metafrax and experts replied to questions of hearing attendees.  Finally, citizens participating in the meeting supported presented projects.

The equipment and production technology supplier for paraformaldehyde will be a Dutch engineering company GEA Process Engineering. The licensor of selected production technology of formaldehyde is Dynea AS (Norway).   

A counselling office, where you can get yourself familiar with projects and documentation related to environmental impact assessment of new plants, is opened in the central library of Gubakha (Degtyareva str. 9)

PJSC «Metafrax» starts an educational project in cooperation with «Skolkovo»

Last year the Management of PJSC «Metafrax» and business – school «Skolkovo» performed successful negotiations regarding provision of opportunity to the pupils from Gubakha, Kizel and Gremjachinsk aged from 14 to 17 to get training at the summer camp base of «Skolkovo junior» division. This is a training entrepreneurship program for upper-form pupils, in frames of which they gain practical knowledge and skills.

Mrs. Maria Konovalova, advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC «Metafrax», who took part in the negotiations on cooperation, said, that «Skolkovo» school is a community of people, united by common thoughts and tasks. They not only study together, but also meet after training hours, share ideas, support each other in various endeavors. A whole pleiad of successful people in the field of Russian business and politics coordinates the training, accepts projects that are created when being in school:

- The «Metafrax» team has a tutorial direction, so the program with “Skolkovo” will be implemented in mutual exchange format. We hold a competition, identify talented children who will be trained in the summer camp. And at the same time the representatives of our company perform advising in several programs of the business school programs.

The selection of pupils will be performed in 3 stages. Pupils will have to write essay, solve a case from PJSC «Metafrax» and complete a secret task from the “Skolkovo” business school. The results will be announced in May of this year.

The detailed information on the project is provided by link:

PJSC «Metafrax» will invest in the overhaul project of the resident houses in Gubakha

An agreement on overhaul of 26 houses in the center of Gubakha was signed on January, 31st. Its participants were the Government of Perm Region, PJSC Metafrax, regional overhaul fund and administration of Gubakha town.

It is planned to complete the works by the end of 2021. Their preliminary costs amounted to 560 Million Rubles. PJSC Metafrax performs financing of design and estimate documentation development.

 - PJSC «Metafrax» acts as an investor in this project. We do not separate enterprise, town and the Region, that is why we systematically invest in the urban environment development, improvement of the quality of life. In frames of the agreement we perform financing of the project documentation development for the overhaul of houses. A lot of work has already been done, a lot of calculations have been performed, the expertise has been organized. I would like to thank the Government of Perm Region, overhaul fund, administration of Gubakha town, all participants of the Project. This is a big event for Gubakha. As a result, town residents will receive not only updated houses, but also a modern public space in the town, decorated in the uniform style, - stated the Chairman of Board of Directors of PJSC Metafrax, Mr. Armen Garslyan.

The costs of the project works are about 10 Million Rubles. The overhaul itself will be paid by the overhaul fund. The Administration of Gubakha town will ensure payment 15% of the costs of the works for each house.

- For the first time in the history of Perm region the big Company takes part in the overhaul process of the houses. The Government of the Region, represented by the overhaul fund, will ensure the required control on the performance of the works. The Government of Perm Region is interested to spread this practice to other territories of the Region, - said the Deputy Head of the Government of Perm Region, Mr. Anton Udalyev.

- Our town is rapidly developing together with our local economic mainstay. Big scope of the works has been performed for the landscaping and public amenities, repairs of the roads. Now, thanks to the Region Government and the Management of PJSC Metafrax we start large-scale overhaul of the houses. This project will significantly improve the image of our town, - noted the Head of Gubakha town, Mr. Nikolay Lazejkin.

"Metafrax" builds a philosophy of production culture

The First Deputy Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Perm Region Elena Degtyareva visited “Metafrax” on a working visit. She highly praised the progress in implementation in the company of the national project to increase labor productivity and employment support.

With the “Metafrax” director of finance and economics Elena Vetluzhskikh, adviser to the chairman of the board of directors Maria Konovalova, chief mechanical engineer Alexander Eske and the representatives of the project team the head visited the repair shop of the company, which became the project launching site.

“Metafrax” became a part of the national project for increase of the labor productivity and employment support in September last year. In December, the results of the first three months of work under the program were summed up.

- The result of the project execution will be the optimization of repair processes; they will become more efficient, faster and easier, in production units it will become cleaner and safer. At the same time, having achieved optimization, we do not set our goal to reduce the quantity of the personnel,” said Elena Vetluzhskikh, project manager. – In the Perm Region we are far from the first to become a part of this project; dozens of companies today are implementing a production efficiency program. But I can definitely say that “Metafrax” was the first to optimize the repair processes. The repair workshop became the pilot workshop, in the future we step-by-step plan to introduce a production efficiency program in the power supply workshop and the workshop for maintenance and repair of automated control systems. Ideally, a culture of continuous improvement shall be the culture of our entire enterprise.

During the project execution time the company intends to form a special philosophy of the production culture. Top managers, chief specialists and personnel of the enterprise are actively involved in the work.

- At “Metafrax” a new approach to the organization of the work process is being implemented by increase of labor productivity with an emphasis on the work of the repair service. Execution of the project in the future will ensure the continuous operation of the entire complex, taking into account the newly commissioned capacities, in particular the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex. Thus, with an increase in the number of the serviced facilities, as well as maintaining the regular number of the repair service, the unit will be able to fulfill its tasks, comments Elena Degtyareva.

The 107 tons condenser is installed in the AUM Complex of the “Metafrax” Company

The instalaltion of 107 tons carbamate condenser was performed  in January at the Construction Site of “Ammonia-Urea-Melamine” Complex of the “Metafrax” Company in Gubakha. It is planned to complete all mechanical activities at site in 2020.

Preparation works to the main actions for the unit instalaltion started at the beginning of January. Lifting and instalaltion of condenser at an altitude of 44 meters were performed by the specialists of the general work contractor of the AUM Complex construction, “Uralenergostroj” Company and by the representatives of the subcontractors, using two cranes with the load capacity of 600 and 250 tons.

The construction of the AUM Complex is in an active phase. According to the CEO of Metafrax, Mr. Vladimir Daut, it is planned to start up the water treatment unit and the steam boiler in the first half of 2020. All mechanical works at Site will be completely finished in 2020. The Complex will be put into operation in 2021. 

The ex-Governor of Perm Region, Mr. Maxim Reshentikov visited the Construction Site of AUM Complex on January, 17.  This working trip to Metafrax was his last official visit as the Head of the Region, since on January, 21st,  the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin signed an order to appoint Mr. Maxim Reshetnikov to the post of the Economic Development Minister of Russian Federation.

Starting from the beginning of the project the investments have amounted for more than  54 billion rubles (including VAT). Currently the Object is more than 50% ready.