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Обратная связь
Dmitry Mahonin, Head of the Perm region: "Metafrax's production culture is one of the best In the country"

As part of a working trip to the cities of Kizel Coal Basin, Dmitry Mahonin, the head of the Perm region, visited the production site of the "Metafrax Chemicals" company. Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company  and Vladimir Daut, its General Director, briefed the Governor regarding the implementation progress of the largest investment project in the Kama region for the construction of "Ammonia-Urea-Melamine" complex (AUM).

- At the moment, the construction of the main structures of the complex is being completed and the installation of complex process equipment is underway. The works are carried out at the maximum possible pace and in compliance with anti-epidemic requirements. Each day there are over two thousand people working on site, - said Armen Garslyan.

The scope of completed construction and installation works at the facility reached 70%. The unit readiness of the future complex is from 50 to 80%. The volume of investments reached 48 billion rubles, excluding VAT.

At the AUM complex construction site, the head of the region inspected the ammonia compression workshop, laboratories and the Central control room (CCR). Dmitry Mahonin also visited the CCR of methanol production and the enterprise museum, where he left a memorable entry in the Book of honoured guests.

- Metafrax's production culture is one of the best in the country and it is impressive. Investment in the AUM complex construction equals an investment in the development of the Perm region territory. I hope that all the upcoming plans will be implemented by Metafrax and I wish success to the management and staff. As a regional government, we are ready to go shoulder to shoulder with the company in regards to forming social infrastructure in Gubakha and providing tax incentives and preferences for new investments, - Dmitry Mahonin stressed. 

The total cost of the project implementation for the AUM complex construction is estimated at more than 58 billion rubles, excluding VAT. It is planned to create more than 400 new job positions. The design capacity of the plant will allow to annually produce up to 575 thousand tons of urea, 308 thousand tons of ammonia and 40 thousand tons of melamine per year.

Senior priest Yaroslav Monchak, member of Gubakha's church: "Thank You for your good deeds"

Employees of "MetaTransStroy", a part of "Metafrax Group", carried out repair works in the church in honour of "Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God,  in Gubakha. The works were organized as a charity and involved qualified climbers.

- At the end of last year and during this year, "MetaTransStroy" performed partial repairs of the roof, external drainage and heat tracing system of the church, with the restoration of landscaping. We also installed walkways with polymer coating under the dome of the church, partially replaced the stained glass windows and double glass panes, performed window washing and plastering work under the dome, - said Alexander Gerovich, General Director of "MetaTransStroy" LLC.  

- Now our beautiful church will be in good condition. Our requests for help are never ignored. I thank Vladimir Alexandrovich Daut for the good deeds as well as all the workers of the enterprise that has organized and conducted these works, - as said to the "Mediacube" online news outlet by senior priest Yaroslav Monchak, member of Gubakha's church in honour of "Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God.

"Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God, was built at the expense of donations from residents of Gubakha and patrons and was consecrated in 2007. A significant contribution to the construction of the church was made by the city-forming enterprises - "Metafrax" PJSC and "Gubakha's coke" JSC. The congregation had organised a Board of Trustees, which was chaired by Vladimir Daut, General Director of "Metafrax" PJSC. 

The construction of production facilities of the "Ammonia-Urea-Melamine" Complex enters the final stage

The scope of the performed construction activities in the production (ISBL) area of the "Ammonia-Urea-Melamine" Complex reached 70%. The main powers of the constructors are directed now to the installation of the process pipelines and electrical equipment, laying of electrical cables.

On the first terrace concreting of floors and basins under the pipe racks is being completed. Work contractors carry out electrical installation works on laying cables on the process pipe racks and inside the buildings. Lighting and grounding systems are being installed. Preparations have begun for hydraulic testing of ammonia unit pipelines.

The installation of process equipment has been completed and preparations for the difficult technological process have begun in the steam boiler area, namely – chemical cleaning of the pipelines by forces of the specialized Company   LLC «Sibtech» (Novosibirsk).

The installation of the low pressure pump house   and installation of process pipelines is going on for the urea unit. 85 of 149 items of equipment are installed in the high pressure pump house. 42 items of rotating equipment are released, piping of them is in progress now.

The installation of steel structures of the building is going on for the melamine plant.  The works for the zero cycle are at the final stage. The installation of concrete floors for the melamine pump house, concrete floors and basins for equipment is in progress. The Installation of equipment is also in progress at various elevations of the building.

The pump house of melamine is the most difficult object of the AUM Complex from the process point of view.  Work Contractors have already installed here   90 of 158 items of equipment. The installation of the drying and melamine filtration unit is going on. The melamine disintegrator was installed here in June. Constructors have started the installation of steel structures of the melamine transportation gallery.

Victor Suruda: ""Uralenergostroy"'s participation in the AUM complex construction is a significant event in the company's history"

Viktor Suruda, General Director of «Uralenergostroy» MC, visited the construction site of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex of «Metafrax Chemicals» company in Gubakha.

"Uralenergostroy" ("UES") is the general contractor for the construction of the ISBL area facilities (production facilities) of the AUM complex. During the trip, the head of the management company monitored the progress of construction and installation works at the site and discussed the completion dates for the construction of facilities. The head was accompanied by his deputy, Sergey Lozhkin, the Director of the Perm branch of the company as well as by Vladimir Pavlov, the project manager. Viktor Borisovich inspected the auxiliary boiler room, ammonia compression and synthesis areas, units for CO2 recovery from flue gases as well as urea and melamine units.

Following the visit, the General Director of "UES" stressed that the invaluable work experience gained in Gubakha while implementing a unique project will strengthen the professional qualities of the staff, will contribute to the development of the potential and the growth of the authority of "Uralenergostroy".

- The participation of our company as a general contractor of such a large-scale project is a significant event in its eighty-two-year history. Trusting partnership relations with the customer – "Metafrax" PJSC - will have a positive impact on the reputation of "UES" and will be the key to fruitful cooperation. And if "Metafrax" invites our company to participate in its new projects again, we will gladly accept the offer and guarantee the quality of work", - stated Viktor Suruda.

"Uralenergostroy" Management Company is one of the largest suppliers of construction and installation services for industrial complexes and generation facilities on the Russian market. The number of thermal power plants, GRES and nuclear power plants constructed by "UES" employees is approaching 40 facilities. Viktor Suruda, the Honoured Builder of Russia, was born in Sverdlovsk in 1942. From 1965 to 1988, he worked as a foreman, master, Deputy Manager of the "Uralenergostroy" trust and then became its manager. He has been a General Director of "UES" company since 2004.

Billion for the new houses

In autumn of 2020 Metafrax will complete the construction of the two more houses for Gubakha citizens.

In Gubakha, at the top of Lenina street there is ongoing construction of the residential area of the modern brick nine-story houses. In autumn 2019 Metafrax constructed and settled 4 nine-story houses with total area 26,8 thsd. square meters. In February 2019 the construction of the two more houses was started with 81 apartment in each. Their settlement is planned for autumn 2020.

The houses are being constructed by MetaTransStroy, the part of Metafrax Group. Now the construction workers are finishing the territory near the houses around fifth and sixth building, equip in the new houses roofs and heating systems, adjust the elevator performance, water supply systems and sewer, electricity and gas supply. In all the rooms the finishing works are being completed.

“The housing program is an important aspect of our social and HR policy. With all the complexities of the present time we pay special attention to it. The need for the quality housing is a priority, that’s why we help our employees with what they need the most. To construct the 6 houses the company provided 1 billion rubles”, informed PJSC Metafrax general director Vladimir Daut.

Metafrax step by step implements its housing program. The total area of residential buildings built by the company since 2002 is 60 thousand square meters, including the last 6 houses - 46 thousand square meters.

“Metafrax as a socially responsible employer develops the housing construction in Gubakha. For the first time in many years there is an integrated housing construction of the whole residential area. The company is constructing the houses in accordance with the unique design and finishing the area around the houses on the brand new level for our town. These skyscrapers embellished Gubakha, they were built considering the architectural concept of development and improvement of the town area” highlighted Gubakha town area head Nikolay Lazeikin.

The substantial part of the new houses is dedicated for the employees of the constructed Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex. The apartments in the new houses are received both by the young specialists of Metafrax and by the experienced employees. The apartments are provided to the company employees for rent, or they can be purchased with payment by installments

till 15 years. The employees have a right for an interest-free loan and discounts for the apartments purchasing. Part of the apartments in the new houses is foreseen for the town needs, including as well the families of the medical specialists and teachers.

Synergy between science and the real economy

Armen Garslyan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax" and a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region, supported the initiative of Dmitry Makhonin, the head of the Perm region, to expand the competence of the Perm research and educational center "Rational subsoil management".

Within a comment to the "New Companion" newspaper, Armen Gayosovich noted that the developments of Perm scientists may play a significant role in overcoming negative phenomena in the region's economy.

- The REC already demonstrates real results of cooperation between science and industrial enterprises. "Metafrax", which is constantly working to improve the technological efficiency of production and develop its own product line, has extensive experience of cooperation with various research and educational organizations, such as PNRPU. However, the REC offered the company a new format of interaction, acting as an integrator of the scientific efforts of the University community of the Perm region, - stated Armen Garslyan.

As was reported previously, the center has prepared technical and commercial proposals for a number of promising projects for "Metafrax". On their basis, scientific teams will be identified, to whom further cooperation will be offered. In addition to REC specialists, employees of ""Metafrax" Engineering and Technology center" LLC as well as scientists from Perm universities - PNRPU and PSNRU – participate in the joint activities. The next step that is being discussed is the signing of an agreement between the Government of the Perm region and "Metafrax Group" regarding cooperation within the Perm research and educational center.

- This document will allow us to strengthen our cooperation and move to a new, deeper level of partnership, Armen Garslyan noted.

The agreement provides for a joint discussion of issues related to the implementation of the center's program of activities, provides an opportunity to support the research development, industrial development and introduction of new types of products and technologies to the Russian and worldwide markets as well as the modernization of existing and creation of new production facilities.

The document also provides for the creation of an improved training system for highly qualified scientific and industrial personnel as well as a number of other areas of cooperation.

The "Rational subsoil management" research and educational center was established within the framework of the "Science" national project under the decree of the President of Russia № 204 "Regarding national goals and strategic tasks for the development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024".

For more information read the "New Companion" newspaper:


Oleg Mamaev: "We knew that the "tsunami" would come to us"

In an interview with online media outlet "RBK-Perm", Oleg Mamaev, General Director of "Metafrax Trading" LLC, spoke about the situation development of the methanol market during the economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, the results of the company's work and the expected measures of state support.  

According to Oleg Mamaev, the company's management already took care of the situation in the commodity and financial markets in the fourth quarter of 2019.

- We were preparing for the crisis, so we applied a new sales strategy. We began to sign contracts for the supply of products not only for a year, but also for two or three years. Sales plans have become medium and long-term instead of short-term. Thus, we have secured plans for the chemical products manufacturing for the group's companies, - said Oleg Mamaev.

As a result, the approved budget targets were achieved in the first quarter of 2020.

- We have observed how the situation was developing in China, conducted analysis and forecasts about how it might affect our markets. "Metafrax Trading" is not present in China's methanol market, but since it is the world's №1 consumer, we knew that the "tsunami" would come to us too," highlighted Oleg Mamaev.

Now, according to Oleg Mamaev, the important question is what kind of support the Russian authorities will be able to provide to the business.

- We expect that the state will understand the need to preserve the industry's enterprises. The reduction of tariffs for gas and rail transportation would substantially ease the pressure on methanol producers. The support for investment projects is required in terms of subsidizing the interest rate on loans. This kind of support is mutually beneficial to all parties. Successful implementation of investment projects significantly increases tax deductions of the companies into budgets of all levels. The second one is the modernization of infrastructure and the provision of benefits to enterprises and industries that invest in infrastructure, - stated Oleg Mamaev.

The full text of the interview can be found here.


A reference section for the "Labor productivity improvement and employment support" national project was created at "Metafrax

The results of the first stage of the project implementation for labor productivity improvement were summed up at "Metafrax Chemicals" company. This work resulted in the creation of a reference section for the repair of valves at the department of equipment maintenance and repair in process workshops (Repair Workshop).

75 employees of the company have been trained in the Federal center of competence in the field of labor productivity. Three employees were trained and certified at this center. They have trained more than 100 employees of Repair Workshop in lean manufacturing programs. The company has started further replication of the gained experience in all branches of the Repair Workshop.

- For our company, the participation in the project is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience. We plan to replicate it in all workshops of the company. We are learning the skillful production decisions, analysis of losses and flow formation, optimum interaction and use of the lean production tools, - said the Elena Vetluzhskih, the Project Manager and the Deputy General Director for finances and economy of  "Metafrax" PJSC.

The company's specialists are working on the project implementation in close cooperation with an expert from the Federal center of competence in the field of labor productivity and specialists from the Ministry of industry, entrepreneurship and trade of the Perm region.

- The implementation of this project will ensure stable operation of production, taking into account the placement in operation for new capacities, including the "Ammonia-urea-melamine" complex. As a result, even with an increase in the number of divisions served and preservation of the regular number of repair service employees, the department will be able to fulfill its tasks, – said Elena Degtyareva, Deputy Minister of industry, entrepreneurship and trade of the Perm region.

The priority Federal program "Labor productivity and employment support", which received the status of a national project in 2018, has been implemented in the Perm region since 2017. Participation in the project provides businesses with serious support measures. This not only refers to creation and development of lean production, but also to digitalization and automation of labor. Moreover, grants are provided for the training of specialists and creation of competence centres. About 80 enterprises of the region participate in the national project. "Metafrax" entered the project in September of 2019 and became the first company in the Kama region to start working on improving the efficiency of repair services.

"Metafrax Trading International" and "Metadynea Austria" companies reach planned targets in the 1st quarter of 2020

Last week, the working meetings of the heads of "Metafrax Group" were held as video conferences to review the businesses of "Metafrax Trading International" and "Metadynea Austria". The participants discussed the results of the companies' performance in the first quarter of 2020 as well as reviewed various forecast scenarios for the second quarter and the current year.

Based on the results of operations in January-March of 2020, the companies achieved all of the planned values – both in terms of volume and profit.  According to Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax", this indicates the correctness of decisions made earlier based on the situation analysis for the commodity and financial markets. As a result, the companies met the economic crisis of 2020 in a more prepared way.

There is a significant decrease in demand for products in the entire chemical industry in the second quarter of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A set of anti-crisis measures is being taken in order to mitigate these consequences for companies of "Metafrax Group".

- We continue to work on all investment projects that were launched earlier. We temporarily suspend the implementation of projects that have not entered the active stage – at all production sites, including the site in Krems, Austria. At the same time, we are trying to respond to the challenges of the time as quickly as possible. Thus, the "Metadynea Austria" company established the production of an ethanol-based disinfectant in April. The production of almost 700 tons of highly demanded antiseptic is planned in April-May. Therefore, we are involved in solving issues related to lessening of the epidemic consequences  and at the same time - we are increasing the capacity utilization of the company in a difficult period for the economy. We are also working with the government of Austria for provision of possible measures of state support to the enterprise in terms of credit provision to maintain liquidity and to subsidize part of the expenses for staff salaries, - Armen Garslyan informed.

Mr. Armen Garslyan: The construction of the paraformaldehyde and formalin plants at Metafrax site will begin in one month

During the meeting of the Head of Perm Region Mr. Dmitrii Makhonin with the heads of big enterprises of the Region, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax" Mr. Armen Garslyan reported on the progress in the implementation of investment projects of the Group of Companies in Kama Region.

- All our previously started investment projects are being implemented. As recently as in one month the work will begin on the construction of paraformaldehyde and formalin plats at the Metafrax site. The contracts with the suppliers of the equipment are concluded, equipment will start arriving in the third quarter, - declared Mr. Armen Garslyan.

Also the construction of «Ammonia-Urea-Melamine Complex» (AUM) is continuing in Gubakha.

- Works are going on as fast as possible. More than 2,000 people work daily on the construction site, - stated Mr. Armen Garslyan and thanked the specialists of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor and the Perm Region Government for their assistance in organizing measures to ensure the safety and health of the personnel at the site.  

Construction of the AUM Complex is included in the permitted list of objects of the regional Ministry of Construction, work on which should not be stopped. As a result of the startup of the new production, more than 400 new qualified working places will be created.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metafrax told  the Head of the Perm Region about the problems, that  faced  the  industrial enterprises of the chemical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and disclosed  a number of proposals on possible measures to support them, including areas of bank lending, rail transportation and gas costs in the domestic market.

- Perm Region is an industrial region, and the driver of its development are industrial enterprises. Therefore, it is especially important now to help them to ensure stable operation and implementation of investment projects, - highlighted the Head of the Region Mr. Dmitrii Makhonin during the meeting with industrialists.    


The investment project to establish production of paraformaldehyde (30 thousand tons per year) and formalin (181 thousand tons per year) at PJSC Metafrax is estimated to the amount about 5.2 billion rubles. The realization of the project will create more than 30 additional working places.

The supplier of equipment and technology to produce paraformaldehyde will be Danish engineering Company - GEA Process Engineering. The licensor of formalin production technology is the Dynea AS Company (Norway).

A special investment contract was signed in June 2019 for the project realization to construct industrial formalin and paraformaldehyde plants in Gubakha.

In addition, an agreement was signed with the Federal Fund for Industry Development with the participation of the regional Ministry of Industry and Trade, to provide a loan for the project.

The revenue of «Metafrax Group» in 2019 exceeded 54,5 billion rubles

According to the results of 2019 the revenue of «Metafrax Group» for IFRS amounted to 54,6 billion rubles. As compared to 2018 this value decreased slightly (by 3,5 % or by 2 billion rubles). Gross profit of the Group amounted to 14,5 billion rubles.

The volume of capital investments in the fixed assets and in assets under construction amounted to 31,1 billion rubles. The main areas of the capital investments are the following: construction of the «Ammonia-Urea-Melamine Complex» - 26,8 billion rubles, construction of the carboxylic acids and aldehydes production plant at the industrial site of «Metadynea Austria» - 0,4 billion rubles, construction of four nine-story houses in Gubakha – 0,4 billion rubles; renewal of the rolling stock of tank wagons for methanol transportation – 0,3 billion rubles.

The value of the noncurrent assets of the Group increased by 40,5 % and amounted to 70,9 billion rubles as of 31.12.2019. The increase was due to the capital investments in the fixed assets and in assets under construction.

According to the Chairman of the Boards of Directors, Mr. Armen Garslyan, the Company evaluates the financial results of the year 2019 positively, linking a slight decrease in revenue with a drop in product prices in the 4th quarter:

«The Company started to prepare in time for the market changes, that took place in the second half of the year. We have carefully analyzed the situation on commodity and financial markets and were ready for the crisis phenomena. The adjusted sales strategy is focused on medium- and long-term contracts. Thank to this we were able to achieve the planned budget targets at the yearend 2019.

Currently, the Group of Companies has also implemented a package of measures to stabilize the financial and economic situation, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The operatively adopted complex of measures gives a guarantee of stable production and economic activity. We have kept the Company teams and the production facilities operational.

Of course, the economic crisis of 2020 has affected the financial indicators. According to our analysts' forecasts, the situation will gradually stabilize by the end of the year. PJSC Metafrax is included in the list of systemic companies. This gives us not only the opportunity to receive government support, but also obliges us to remain a driver of the growth of chemical industry.

We look forward to a further balanced position of the authorities and business partners in order to overcome current difficulties with the lowest costs».

The complex has become a school of professionalism

Traditionally, in columns of AUM Synthesis, we conduct AUM Complex construction chronicle, inform about equipment installation, briefly tell you about the constructors: contractors’ employees. It would be unfair to ignore successful work of Casale & Casale Project specialists. 

Edoardo Molina is a Site Manager of Casale Project Office. In addition to construction engineer competence, Edoardo also has International professional Welder and NDT (3 level) certificates. Construction supervision, design supervision and field engineering are main duties of his colleagues. 

We are going to open this publication series about our partners with brief story about Mr. Vincenzo Catania, Deputy Field Engineering Manager, Piping Field Engineering Group Manager. This modest and charming specialist is not a stranger to Metafrax: he was a manager Group Leader of piping engineers during Methanol Plant converter modernization in 2015. And his work had created the General success basis of this complicated modernization. 

«Vincenzo is an outstanding specialist. – Radik Vakhitov pointed out recommending the hero of the article. – At all projects where Mr. Catania took part, he proved himself as a reliable employee, experienced and responsible engineer». Radik had organized our meeting with him in the office. Vincenzo answered our questions after setting aside some time out of his busy working day. And then he was posing in group of his colleagues with great pleasure (please see the picture attached hereto).

- Why did you choose profession of chemist?

 - Chemistry has been attracting me since my childhood, when I was at school I carried out different experiments enthusiastically. But fundamental science I wasn’t really attract me. I had more interested in, practical application of my knowledge, to be more specific, engineering of different chemical units which produce commodities necessary for society. When I entered into university, I had been absorbing knowledges like a sponge.

 - How was your career going after graduation?

 - I had been an operator at a chemical plant near the city of Milan, producing soap for two years. Then thanks to Alfonso Di Donato, my friend, (we have graduated from the same secondary school in different years) I found myself in Casale. I have been working in this big corporate group already for 12 years with great pleasure since that time.

 I have visited different countries during these years. Aside of Russia, I was working in Canada, Venezuela, Romania, India, Czech Republic, Germany and Egypt. Speaking about the AUM Complex related Units I took part in L-40 (Melamine) plant detail engineering in India as a Field Coordinator in 2018.

 - To which extend Ammonia-Urea-Melamine facilities are under construction in Gubakha are really unique? Are there any similar facilities in the world?

 - This is the major actual Project, for Casale as of today. These are modern facilities and they are our first Project of their joint construction. We had only participated in facilities upgrading in the past. This project is a significant professional step forward for our company specialists and personally for me. Participation in AUM Complex construction is a matter of honor for me, I will gain an invaluable experience. 

Reference: VINCENZO CATANIA was born in Milano in November 1987, in a common family. His father used to be an excavator operator and his mother is a housewife., He graduated from the university in the city of Saronno, a small town North-West from Milano, qualified as a chemist engineer in 2006. He started his work at Casale in 2008. He was working and gaining experience with different customers at different chemical production facilities in the world.

Construction specialists of Metafrax celebrate Victory day with another success

On May 9th and 10th, the last heavy–weight units were installed at the urea plant - two 30-ton vacuum separators and a 37-ton scrubber.

At the construction site of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex in Gubakha, work is carried out in a continuous mode. By the decision of the Ministry of construction of the Perm region, the AUM complex construction is included in the permitted list of objects, on which works should not cease. Here, "Metafrax Group" is implementing one of the largest investment projects in the Perm region. As a result of a new production facility launch at the group's parent company, "Metafrax chemicals", more than 400 new qualified job positions will be created.

On May 9th-10th, three heavy-weight process units were installed at the construction site of the future production facility. The work was performed by high–altitude installers of the Sredneuralsky installation department of "UEM" using a 500-ton Liebherr crane. The length of its extended arm for lifting multi-ton process devices to a 60 meter height was 85 meters.

The progress of work was personally supervised by the project manager for the construction of the AUM complex, General Director of PJSC Metafrax Vladimir Daut. On Victory Day, May 9th, installers erected a 30-ton vacuum separator № 2. The work was carried out under difficult weather conditions – in Gubakha, the air temperature on this day was a record for May 9th – +31 degrees. The next day, on May 10th, the vacuum separator № 1 was lifted to the elevation of 49.8 meters along with the 37-ton scrubber.

"Metafrax" has registered new trademarks

As part of the procedure for introducing a new brand, in September 2019 "Metafrax" filed an application for trademark registration of: «МЕТАФРАКС ГРУПП» and "METAFRAX GROUP". The trademarks were published on the Rospatent website on April 16th. The company plans to start labeling products with a new trademark in the near future. Work is underway to register the "METAFRAX GROUP" trademark abroad.


The trademark passed all the necessary checks for "freedom-to-operate" as a result of which the company has received two Certificates issued by the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent).

Thus, "Metafrax" obtained the right to use the trademarks for labelling chemical products, polyamide, advertising purposes, and other products according to the International Classification of goods and services.

Trademark registration guarantees Metafrax that third parties will not use the «МЕТАФРАКС ГРУПП» and "METAFRAX GROUP" trademarks. For consumers, the presence of these trademarks is a guarantee of the delivered products' quality. Since 2015, the quality management system of PJSC "Metafrax" has been certified for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard.

The company is also working to register the "METAFRAX GROUP" trademark abroad in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. The procedure is expected to take from 1.5 to 5 years.

"Metafrax" has started the implementation of the new brand in September 2019. Its creation was carried out for a year and a half. The unified brand is designed to not only position "Metafrax" in the target markets correctly, but also to implement its own philosophy: mission, values, and vision of the future. "Metafrax Group" became a single trademark of the holding.

More than 400 thousand people watched performances of Perm theaters on TV

The interim results of the "Theater on the sofa" cultural project, which is implemented by "Metafrax Group" in collaboration with the "Vetta 24" TV channel, have been summed up.  According to the TV company's data, about 400 thousand residents of the Perm region watched performances of theaters in the Kama region during April. 

In April, as part of the project, "Vetta" aired performances of the Perm academic "Theater-Theater" such as "House of Bernarda Alba", the musicals "Vinyl" and "Dwarf Nose" as well as productions of the "Dominant" youth studio-theater (Gubakha) "Where are you going, clouds", "Provincials", "Black monk", "Tales of mountain masters" and "Starfall".

- Thanks to the "Theater on the sofa" project, we are solving the same problem as in the framework of our annual festival "Secrets of mount Krestovaya" - beautiful performances of Perm theaters become as accessible as possible for the widest range of viewers. I believe that the opportunity for the whole family to spend their free time enjoying the work of great artists is priceless. And I am very glad that the project has shown its relevance, - stated Maria Konovalova, adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Metafrax, head of the organizing committee of the "Secrets of mount Krestovaya" festival.

Lyubov Zaitseva, the Artistic Director of the "Dominant" youth studio-theater, highlighted the importance of the project for the theater's creative team.

 - The informational and creative field of the theater has been created and the theater has collected numerous positive reviews from the audience. Audience feedback gives us confidence that our creative ideas are in demand. We thank "Metafrax" Group of companies and "Vetta 24" TV company for the opportunity to show it, - noted Lyubov Zaitseva.

Yegor Mukhin, the Commercial Director of the Perm academic Theater-Theater, has also thanked the theater's partners "for expanding the virtual auditorium to several hundred thousand spectators".

- The team of the Theater-Theater continues to create while being in self-isolation. We are sure that the theater cannot be closed – it is inside us. Despite all restrictions, during this time the Theater-Theater has become even more open, closer and accessible to the audience, - said Yegor Mukhin.