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Russia, Gubaha, Perm region, 618250
Обратная связь

Senior priest Yaroslav Monchak, member of Gubakha's church: "Thank You for your good deeds"


Employees of "MetaTransStroy", a part of "Metafrax Group", carried out repair works in the church in honour of "Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God,  in Gubakha. The works were organized as a charity and involved qualified climbers.

- At the end of last year and during this year, "MetaTransStroy" performed partial repairs of the roof, external drainage and heat tracing system of the church, with the restoration of landscaping. We also installed walkways with polymer coating under the dome of the church, partially replaced the stained glass windows and double glass panes, performed window washing and plastering work under the dome, - said Alexander Gerovich, General Director of "MetaTransStroy" LLC.  

- Now our beautiful church will be in good condition. Our requests for help are never ignored. I thank Vladimir Alexandrovich Daut for the good deeds as well as all the workers of the enterprise that has organized and conducted these works, - as said to the "Mediacube" online news outlet by senior priest Yaroslav Monchak, member of Gubakha's church in honour of "Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God.

"Joy of all Mourners", the icon of the Mother of God, was built at the expense of donations from residents of Gubakha and patrons and was consecrated in 2007. A significant contribution to the construction of the church was made by the city-forming enterprises - "Metafrax" PJSC and "Gubakha's coke" JSC. The congregation had organised a Board of Trustees, which was chaired by Vladimir Daut, General Director of "Metafrax" PJSC. 

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