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Billion for the new houses


In autumn of 2020 Metafrax will complete the construction of the two more houses for Gubakha citizens.

In Gubakha, at the top of Lenina street there is ongoing construction of the residential area of the modern brick nine-story houses. In autumn 2019 Metafrax constructed and settled 4 nine-story houses with total area 26,8 thsd. square meters. In February 2019 the construction of the two more houses was started with 81 apartment in each. Their settlement is planned for autumn 2020.

The houses are being constructed by MetaTransStroy, the part of Metafrax Group. Now the construction workers are finishing the territory near the houses around fifth and sixth building, equip in the new houses roofs and heating systems, adjust the elevator performance, water supply systems and sewer, electricity and gas supply. In all the rooms the finishing works are being completed.

“The housing program is an important aspect of our social and HR policy. With all the complexities of the present time we pay special attention to it. The need for the quality housing is a priority, that’s why we help our employees with what they need the most. To construct the 6 houses the company provided 1 billion rubles”, informed PJSC Metafrax general director Vladimir Daut.

Metafrax step by step implements its housing program. The total area of residential buildings built by the company since 2002 is 60 thousand square meters, including the last 6 houses - 46 thousand square meters.

“Metafrax as a socially responsible employer develops the housing construction in Gubakha. For the first time in many years there is an integrated housing construction of the whole residential area. The company is constructing the houses in accordance with the unique design and finishing the area around the houses on the brand new level for our town. These skyscrapers embellished Gubakha, they were built considering the architectural concept of development and improvement of the town area” highlighted Gubakha town area head Nikolay Lazeikin.

The substantial part of the new houses is dedicated for the employees of the constructed Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex. The apartments in the new houses are received both by the young specialists of Metafrax and by the experienced employees. The apartments are provided to the company employees for rent, or they can be purchased with payment by installments

till 15 years. The employees have a right for an interest-free loan and discounts for the apartments purchasing. Part of the apartments in the new houses is foreseen for the town needs, including as well the families of the medical specialists and teachers.

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