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Synergy between science and the real economy


Armen Garslyan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax" and a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region, supported the initiative of Dmitry Makhonin, the head of the Perm region, to expand the competence of the Perm research and educational center "Rational subsoil management".

Within a comment to the "New Companion" newspaper, Armen Gayosovich noted that the developments of Perm scientists may play a significant role in overcoming negative phenomena in the region's economy.

- The REC already demonstrates real results of cooperation between science and industrial enterprises. "Metafrax", which is constantly working to improve the technological efficiency of production and develop its own product line, has extensive experience of cooperation with various research and educational organizations, such as PNRPU. However, the REC offered the company a new format of interaction, acting as an integrator of the scientific efforts of the University community of the Perm region, - stated Armen Garslyan.

As was reported previously, the center has prepared technical and commercial proposals for a number of promising projects for "Metafrax". On their basis, scientific teams will be identified, to whom further cooperation will be offered. In addition to REC specialists, employees of ""Metafrax" Engineering and Technology center" LLC as well as scientists from Perm universities - PNRPU and PSNRU – participate in the joint activities. The next step that is being discussed is the signing of an agreement between the Government of the Perm region and "Metafrax Group" regarding cooperation within the Perm research and educational center.

- This document will allow us to strengthen our cooperation and move to a new, deeper level of partnership, Armen Garslyan noted.

The agreement provides for a joint discussion of issues related to the implementation of the center's program of activities, provides an opportunity to support the research development, industrial development and introduction of new types of products and technologies to the Russian and worldwide markets as well as the modernization of existing and creation of new production facilities.

The document also provides for the creation of an improved training system for highly qualified scientific and industrial personnel as well as a number of other areas of cooperation.

The "Rational subsoil management" research and educational center was established within the framework of the "Science" national project under the decree of the President of Russia № 204 "Regarding national goals and strategic tasks for the development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024".

For more information read the "New Companion" newspaper:


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