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The complex has become a school of professionalism


Traditionally, in columns of AUM Synthesis, we conduct AUM Complex construction chronicle, inform about equipment installation, briefly tell you about the constructors: contractors’ employees. It would be unfair to ignore successful work of Casale & Casale Project specialists. 

Edoardo Molina is a Site Manager of Casale Project Office. In addition to construction engineer competence, Edoardo also has International professional Welder and NDT (3 level) certificates. Construction supervision, design supervision and field engineering are main duties of his colleagues. 

We are going to open this publication series about our partners with brief story about Mr. Vincenzo Catania, Deputy Field Engineering Manager, Piping Field Engineering Group Manager. This modest and charming specialist is not a stranger to Metafrax: he was a manager Group Leader of piping engineers during Methanol Plant converter modernization in 2015. And his work had created the General success basis of this complicated modernization. 

«Vincenzo is an outstanding specialist. – Radik Vakhitov pointed out recommending the hero of the article. – At all projects where Mr. Catania took part, he proved himself as a reliable employee, experienced and responsible engineer». Radik had organized our meeting with him in the office. Vincenzo answered our questions after setting aside some time out of his busy working day. And then he was posing in group of his colleagues with great pleasure (please see the picture attached hereto).

- Why did you choose profession of chemist?

 - Chemistry has been attracting me since my childhood, when I was at school I carried out different experiments enthusiastically. But fundamental science I wasn’t really attract me. I had more interested in, practical application of my knowledge, to be more specific, engineering of different chemical units which produce commodities necessary for society. When I entered into university, I had been absorbing knowledges like a sponge.

 - How was your career going after graduation?

 - I had been an operator at a chemical plant near the city of Milan, producing soap for two years. Then thanks to Alfonso Di Donato, my friend, (we have graduated from the same secondary school in different years) I found myself in Casale. I have been working in this big corporate group already for 12 years with great pleasure since that time.

 I have visited different countries during these years. Aside of Russia, I was working in Canada, Venezuela, Romania, India, Czech Republic, Germany and Egypt. Speaking about the AUM Complex related Units I took part in L-40 (Melamine) plant detail engineering in India as a Field Coordinator in 2018.

 - To which extend Ammonia-Urea-Melamine facilities are under construction in Gubakha are really unique? Are there any similar facilities in the world?

 - This is the major actual Project, for Casale as of today. These are modern facilities and they are our first Project of their joint construction. We had only participated in facilities upgrading in the past. This project is a significant professional step forward for our company specialists and personally for me. Participation in AUM Complex construction is a matter of honor for me, I will gain an invaluable experience. 

Reference: VINCENZO CATANIA was born in Milano in November 1987, in a common family. His father used to be an excavator operator and his mother is a housewife., He graduated from the university in the city of Saronno, a small town North-West from Milano, qualified as a chemist engineer in 2006. He started his work at Casale in 2008. He was working and gaining experience with different customers at different chemical production facilities in the world.

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