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Обратная связь

Metafrax supports Women in Art educational project held within Diaghilev Festival


Perm summarizes the results of Women in Art, an educational project that was organized within Diaghilev Festival with the support of Metafrax PJSC and its beneficiary owner Seyfeddin Roustamov. One of the project participants got the chance to implement her creative project on the big stage the next year.

The goal of Women in Art was to support girls who chose artistic occupations considered as non-traditional for women. The educational project covered such arts as opera and symphony conducting, production, and playing percussion instruments and clarinet. The Festival enabled the participants included in that project group to work hand in hand with many reputed artists and laureates of international competitions, among them Teodor Currentzis, Artistic Director of Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.

Program attendees had the opportunity not only to learn from the eminent masters, but also to develop their own projects. Metafrax paid particular attention to one of the presented designs: Fine Chemistry Project of Elena Frolova, a student of the production faculty from Moscow. Now, her creative project got a real chance for implementation with the assistance of Metafrax.

Seyfeddin Roustamov:

- Our company operates in the chemical industry, so we focused on how musical projects and experimental operas associated with all sorts of chemistry, such as human relationships, love, and philosophy, are born. We examined every project, and were impressed by Elena Frolova’s creation. Now she can implement her project and present it to the public in 2019.

Women in Art project ended with an open-air concert where the participants and other students engaged in the Festival’s educational program demonstrated to Perm audience their artistic skills and shared their inspiration for art. After the concert, Metafrax representative awarded Elena Frolova with the diploma for the best project and gave her a grant for implementing her creation during the next Diaghilev Festival.

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