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Offsite meeting of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Metafrax" on the "Ammonia-Urea-Melamine" Complex


On March 20, within the framework of the scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, top managers of PJSC Metafrax visited the construction site of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine complex in Gubakha. Among other facilities of the complex, members of the Council inspected the foundation of urea prilling tower.

Сoncrete pouring into the base of the tower with the participation of the governor of the Perm region Maxim Reshetnikov and the leadership of Metafrax began on March 2. On March 19, specialists of the general contractor of the project - the company "Uralenergostroy" completed erection works of the base plate. Totally almost 2,000 cubic meters of concrete are laid in the basement. The urea prilling tower will be the tallest structure of future plant, its height will be almost 100 meters.

According to information by head of the construction of the AUM Complex Alexander Usynin currently at the construction site employs more than 150 people. Delivery the cast formwork for the construction of body of the tower to be in April, the construction should be completed in July of this year.

Currently work is underway to lay underground water supply and sewerage system. In the summer preparation of warehouses for temporary storage of equipment will begin.

The format of visiting boards of directors in the group of companies "Metafrax" operates upon a permanent basis. Recently, top managers visited the site of "Metadinea Austria" in Krems, near Moscow "Metadinea" in Orekhovo-Zuevo.

The investment project of AUM is included in the list of priority activities of PJSC "Metafrax", approved by the Board of Directors for 2018.

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