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Granulated polyamide 6 is made by caprolon processing (block polyamide 6).

 Granulated polyamide 6 is produced for casting of the industrial-use parts applied in machine industry, motor vehicle industry and other fields of nation's economy.


Physical and chemical properties



1 Appearance

granulas from grey to yellow-brown color

2 Number of foreign particles per 100 g of product, pcs., no more


3 Granula size in mm (length)


4 Moisture mass fraction, %, no more


5 Viscosity ratio, no less


6 Mass fraction of extractable substances, %, no more


7 Mass fraction of unhewn granulas with length up to 20 mm, %, no more


Note: Reference parameters of the product are given in Table А.1 of Appendix А ТU 2224-027-00203803-2012

Transportation and storage:

Granulated polyamide 6 is transported by all modes of transport in closed transport facilities according to the rules of goods carriage valid for this mode of transport.
The transportation of granulated polyamide 6 by railway is done in single wagon loads and containers in accordance with "Technical conditions of housing and securing of goods in wagons and containers".
Granulated polyamide 6 is stored in sheltered well-ventilated storage facilities, protected from atmosphere precipitation and direct sunlight.


Multiwall laminated paper bags net weight 25kg;
PP bags with plastic liner net weight 25kg;

Manufacturer's guarantee:

Guaranteed shelf life of granulated polyamide 6 is 1 year as from the date of manufacturing.