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Urotropine technical (hexamethylenetetramine) is received by gas-phase and/or liquid-phase condensation of formaldehyde  with ammonia.

Urotropine technical is a crystal powder of white color.

Application: it is used in plastics industry, in production of explosives, rubber and lacquer film, in medicine and food industry, in analytical chemistry; as dry fuel.

Depending on mode of manufacture and application area technical urotropine can be of 3 types: 
С -  polydisperse (with crystals of different size); 
СТ - stabilized polydisperse; 
МК - stabilized micronized (with a particle size no more than 0,1mm). 
Urotropin technical, type  «СT», is produced by adding  to the urotropin,  type  C,  the inorganic or organic stabilizer.  The adding of stabilizer is  to reduce the product caking. 
Technical urotropine of MK type is made from urotropine of СТ type by crushing to the required particle size.

Physical and chemical features 

Item   Norm for type
C CT     MK
 High grade  First grade
 1 Appearance White crystal caking powder White crystalline little caking powder White crystalline caking powder
 2 Mass fraction of amines, %, no less 99,5 98,0 96,5 96,5
 3  Mass fraction of water, %, no more  0,5 2,0  0,5  0,5
 4 Residue after ignition, % 0,01 0,01 3,0 3,0
 5  Permanganate time, min, no less 20 20  - -

 6. Residue  after calcination on the sieve with the mesh size to be 0,1mm, %

- - - no more 1

 7     Content of the stabilizer, %

- - 0,5 - 3,0 0,5 - 3,0


1.  For the Urotropin technical, types  CT and MK,  containing  the additive of inorganic stabilizer, the value 4  to be  in accordance with the value 7.

2. The value 5 to be defined as per the Customer request.

PP bags with a plastic liner net weight 25kg;
Multiwall moisture-proof paper bags net weight 25kg;
Big bags net weight 500 - 1000kg.

Transportation and storage
Urotropine technical is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules of goods carriage, valid for this mode of transport. 
Technical urotropine carriage by railway transportation is done by single wagon loads and container shipments according to Regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by rail considering Technical conditions of placing and fixing of cargoes in wagons and containers, GOST 22235. 
Transportation and/or storage under conditions of higher humidity, as well as putting pressure on products result in caking. 
Technical urotropine is transported in closed transport facilities. 
Technical urotropine is stored in covered accomodation with relative humidity of no more than 60 %, protected from direct sunlight, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the floor and at a distance of no less than 1 m from the heating units.

It is not recommended that big bags and unit loads are put on top of each other.

Manufacturer's guarantee
Guaranteed shelf life of urotropine of types C and CT is 3 years, type MK is 1 year as from the date of manufacturing.