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Pentaerythritol technical is a monopentaerythritol with the impurity of dipentaerythritol, polypentaerythritol and pentaerythritol formals.

Application: it is used in production of paint-and-varnish products, graphic printing paints, lubrication oils, pentaplasts, for nitration and other purposes.

Production: Pentaerythritol technical is formed by acetaldehyde and formaldehyde condensation in alkaline medium.

Physical and chemical features

 Item   Norm for grade
 A    B
 High grade  First grade
 1.  Appearance White crystal powder
 2.  Mass fraction of monopentaerythritol, %, no less  98.0 95.0  98.7
 3   Melting point, оС, no lower  258 245   259
 4.  Mass fraction of water and volatile compounds, %, no more  0.1 0.2  0.1
 5.  Mass fraction of ash, %, no more 0.0015  0.01  0.0015
 6.  Colour of a  melt on АРНА,  hazen units, no more  100  200  100
 7.  Mass fraction of hydroxyl groups, %  49.7-50.0  49.4-50.0  49.8-50.0
 8. Mass fraction of a product going through a sieve with a mesh 01К, %, no more 7  no norm  3
 9.  рН of pentaerythritol aqueous solution with mass fraction 5%   5.0-7.0   5.0-7.0   5.0-7.0

Transportation and storage
Pentaerythritol technical is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules of goods carriage, valid for this mode of transport.
Pentaerythritol technical packed in bags is transported in closed transport facilities.
Pentaerythritol technical packed in big bags is transported both in closed transport facilities and open transport facilities with additional protection from direct sunlight.
Pentaerythritol technical is storedin closed well ventilated warehouses protecting the product from atmospheric precipitates, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the floor and at a distance of no less than 1 m from the heating units.
Pentaerythritol is allowed to store packed in containers at open area under cover or without it, with additional protection from direct sunlight, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the ground.

Multiwall paper and bitumen-impregnated or laminated bags net weight 25kg;
Plastic bags net weight 25kg;
PP bags with plastic liner net weight 25kg;
Big bags net weight 500 – 1000kg.

Manufacturer’s guarantee
Guaranteed shelf life of pentaerythritol is 2 years as from the date of manufacturing.