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Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate (UFC) is an aqueous solution of products of formaldehyde and urea primary polycondensation.

Application:  UFC is used for producing urea formaldehyde resins, for urea production as a free flowing agent.

Production: UFC production is based on the catalytic oxydation of methanol to formaldehyde following by formaldehyde absorption with urea solution.

Physical and chemical features 



 Grade А

  Grade B

 1. Appearance

 Homogeneous viscous fluid

 2.  Mass fraction of total formaldehyde, % 

 59,5 - 60,5

 56,0 - 60,0

 3.  Mass fraction of total urea, %

24,5 - 25,5

  21,0 - 25,5

 4.  Buffer capacity, ml, no more



 5.  Mass fraction of methanol, %, no more


 6.  рН value 


 7.  Colour, APHA, no more



 8.  Viscosity at T0 (20±0.5)0 C, as per viscosimeter B3-246 (nozzle 4mm), c, no more


 9.  Density at 20оС, kg/m3 

  1257 - 1326

 10.Refraction index at 20оС 

 1,4429 - 1,4738

 Note - the manufacturer guarantees:
-  mass fraction of methylol groups no less than 25 %;
-  mass fraction of solid residue after ignition (ash content) no more than 0,3 %.


At low temperatures (up to -40°С) UFC turns into a paste (solidifies). When heated in accordance with TU requirements it returns to the initial condition.

Transportation and storage
UFC is transported by all modes of transportin accordance with the rules of goods carriage, valid for this mode of transport. 
UFC heating in winter time is done by heating water at temperature not more than 80 ?С supplied to a tank jacket or naturally in the heated building. It is not allowed to heat with live steam. 
UFC is stored in closed tanks made from stainless steel grade 12Х18Н10Т, aluminium, carbon steel with the following coating by epoxy resin at +10 ?С to +30 ?С.


UFC is loaded in railcars, model 15-1487-02, trucks with aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel tank shell with anticorrosion long-lived coating.

Manufacturer's guarantee
Guaranteed shelf life is six months as from the date of manufacturing.