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Formaldehyde technical is a colorless transparent fluid.

Application: Formaldehyde technical is used as a raw material in manufacturing of plastics, paints, synthetic resins and adhesives, tanning agents, insulation materials , disinfectants and medicines, textile auxiliary materials , as a disinfectants in agriculture as well as in many organic synthesis.

Production: Produced by contact conversion of methanol in to formaldehyde with the subsequent absorption of formaldehyde by water.



Colorless transparent fluid. Formation of slime or white sediment soluble at 40oС max. is permitted.

Mass fraction of formaldehyde, %Appearanc

37,0 + 0,5

Mass fraction of methanol, %

от 4,0 до 8,0

Mass fraction of acids in terms of formic acid, %

от 0,02 до 0,004

Mass fraction of residue after calcinations, %

не более 0,008

Mass fraction of iron, %

от 0,0001 до 0,0005

Transportation: In railway and truck's tank cars provided with aluminum and stainless steel boilers.