Russia, Gubaha, Perm region, 618250
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Sponsorship and charity


Starting with the date of enterprise foundation our company goes actively into sponsorship and charity.

In the first place we contribute to the future that is our children.

The company furnished a financial assistance to the Union Children's Fund and Perm branch of the Charity Fund, supported to buy expensive medicines and to treat disabled children. In 2002 PJSC Metafrax became the backer of the II International Forum "Adults for children. Happy children are the national heritage" that was hold under the patronage of the President of Russia. The children of Gubakha are no doubt in the "support list": comprehensive and music schools, vocational schools, orphanages are regularly supported by Metafrax. In 2004 the company finished a big project of computerization that is to computerize the comprehensive schools in Gubakha.

We do our best to keep our past in mind.

Our company supports social organizations of disabled people, Great Patriotic War veterans, Chernobyl veterans, Afghanistan veterans, and regularly supports coal miner veterans of the former Kizel coal basin.

We are responsible for those who live nearby.

For the last years the RF Sberbank branch building and oxygen plant equipped with import facilities for the hospital were built in Gubakha, the Victory Park was reconstructed. In 2008 the construction and decoration of the Icon of the Mother of God "Consolation of All the Afflicted" Orthodox Church were completed and the foundation for a new mosque was also underbuilt.