Russia, Gubaha, Perm region, 618250
Phone:+7 (342-48)4-08-98,
fax +7 (342-48)4-71-72.

General information

PJSC “Metafrax” is one of the dynamically developed chemical companies in Russia, the largest producer of methanol and its derivatives.

Since the last 20 years after going public "Metafrax" has transformed from mono-production enterprise to the multi-industry group of Companies with the assets placed in the Urals Region and far beyond it, with annual turnover exceeding 20 billion rubbles and total number of employees of more than 3 thousand.

«МЕТАFRAX» comprises a group of Companies. The main enterprise "Metafrax" is situated in Gubakha, Perm Region. The group also includes the oldest chemical plant "Karbolit" situated in Orekhovo - Zuevo and modern synthetic resins production plant "Metadynea" located at two sites: in Moscow Region and in Perm Region. This group also consists of formaldehyde and synthetic resins production plant «Metadynea Austria», located in Krems (Austria). The construction assets of the group include "Metatransstroj", "МК «Chemstroj", "СК"Chemspetsstroj" Companies. IT services are provided by "Metafrax-Inform" Company.

The range of products being produced by the Company is various: formalin technical, pentaerythritol technical, urotropine, urea formaldehyde resins, urea formaldehyde concentrate, polyamide, products of polyamide, technical sodium formiate, technical pentaerythritol filtrate. Products and feedstock produced by PJSC "Metafrax" are used in the production of plastics, paints, synthetic resins and adhesive, tanning agents, insulation materials, disinfectant agents and medicines as well as in most organic synthesis processes


2008 - 7 886 MRbls.

2009 - 5 479 MRbls.

2010 - 7 762 MRbls.

2011 - 9 134 MRbls.

2012 - 11 011 MRbls.


Present “Metafrax” is the leader of Russian market with the world name. Share of Russian market of formaldehyde is more 70%, urea-formaldehyde concentrate is about 80%, polyamide is above 60%, urotropine is more 55%, and the single producer of pentaerythritol in Russia with the share of market more 85%.

“Metafrax” is the largest Russian exporter sharing the export of about 50%. Geography of the Company deliveries includes UK, Finland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Brasilia, Australia and other more 20 countries.


“Metafrax” is a continuous development Company carrying out the modernization of the existing capacities and integration of the new modern production plants. “Metafrax” gets involved in the work of well-known companies such as Methanol Casale, Perstorp Formox, Dynea Chemicals, Persico, Porner Engineering, J. Matthey, KBR, to realize the investment projects on site.


PJSC “Metafrax” follows the principles of honest and mutually beneficial partnership with the consumers and suppliers. PJSC “Metafrax” uses the most advanced technologies in its activity taking care of environment.  PJSC “Metafrax” aims to be a dynamically development, well governed Company, and occupy the leading position on chemicals market both in Russia and Europe.


Intelligent strategic planning, reasonable balance of the processes and marketing strategy combined with personnel and social policy of the Company allows to PJSC “Metafrax”  to remain the leader in chemical industry and be recognized far from Russia, to be the Company with the priorities of dynamic development, continuous process improvement and high social business responsibility.