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The aqueous urotropine solution is produced during technical urotropine production process.
For product purchase please apply to: via e-mail: or by phone +7 34248 9-25-89, fax +7 34248 4-72-27. The Ms. in charge: Svetlana N. Zotikova.

The aqueous urotropine solution is used for production of the urea formaldehyde resins, petrochemical  products.

Physical and chemical features

Parameter Norm Analytical method
Appearance Transparent fluid with colour from light-yellow to brown As per 5.3 TU 2478-039-00203803-2015
Density, at 20°C, g/cm2 1,110 – 1,135 As per 5.4 TU 2478-039-00203803-2015
Urotropine mass portion, % 30 – 45 As per 5.5 TU 2478-039-00203803-2015
Formaldehyde mass portion, % below 1,0 As per 5.6 TU 2478-039-00203803-2015
pH value 8,9 – 9,0 As per 5.7 TU 2478-039-00203803-2015
Remark – according to the customer’s approval it is allowed to supply in winter time the aqueous urotropine solution with urotropine mass portion up to 50% and density up to 1,140 g/cm3.


Transportation and storage

The aqueous urotropine solution is transported in bulk in special tank containers via railway, in tank trucks and covered motor transport according to the cargo transportation norms valid for the mode of transport.
The aqueous urotropine solution is stored in tanks made of stainless steel of 12X18H10T grade, carbon steels with subsequent epoxy resin coating. Packed in medium weight containers for mass products the material is stored in covered storages protected against direct sunlight.


Manufacture’s guarantee

The material shelf life – six months for the manufacturing date.