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Methanol technical
Urea formaldehyde concentrate
Formalin technical
Concentrated low-methanol formalin
Pentaerythritol technical
Dipentaerythritol technical
Pentaerythritol technical micronized
Hexamethylenetetramine technical
Hexamethylenetetramine micronized
Caprolon (block polyamide 6)
Granulated polyamide 6
Sodium formate technical
Aqueous sodium formate solution
Aqueous urotropine solution
Crude methanol

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LLC Metadynea
LLC Trading Company Metafrax
JSC Karbolit
LLC Metafrax-Inform
JSC Gubakhatransport
LLC MetaTransStroy
Metadynea Austria GmbH
Metadynea Trading SA

Russia, Gubaha, Perm region, 618250
Обратная связь

Metafrax is One of the National Corporate Calendar Contest 2017 Winners


Company Metafrax is now an owner of the III grade certificate of the X Anniversary National Corporate Calendar Contest 2017. The company has got this award in the Informative Calendar category.

During the ten years period, the Corporate Calendar Contest that was founded by Perm Filial of Russian Human Relation Association transformed into the real art project. It’s got the permanent participants, reliable partners and loyal fans. Every year, the participants geography increases, the Anniversary Contest involved 57 companies from the different parts of the country – from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar and Ufa to Noviy Urengoi, Nahodka and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 11 companies from Perm, Gubakha and Solikamsk were the participants from Perm Region.

70 calendars were presented by the companies during the contest. The most of them can be undoubtedly called creative artworks made using the different techniques; folk and ethnic calendars printed on fabric, embroided, decorated with  wood and damascening, nano-calendars decorated with the glowing in the dark paint, calendars with the modern technologies (with thermometer), et cetera.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the contest, this year, the expert board and the steering committee established five more award categories. Metafrax Corporative Calendar that won the Informative Calendar category certificate is traditionally dedicated to the beauty and uniqueness of Perm Region, there is information about the Region Red Book flora and fauna.

For the first time, the Open Corporate Calendar Contest took place in 2008, in Perm. During its many years holding, 237 companies form 47 Russian cities took part in the contest. 80 of 476 contest calendars became laureates and more than 100 of them became diploma winners. In the framework of the contest, there is Art Lab where you can listen to lectures of the lead human relation specialists and get the unique opportunity to exchange your experience with the brightest representatives of corporate communications field.

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